So is this the new top dog now and is it worth upgrading to im, will for gsm marina and lets find out in our rog phone 5s pro review, asuss rog series phones are designed entirely around the mobile gaming experience and the 5s pro is the latest Iteration of that, in most respects its the same as the previous models, but it brings a new chipset and a more responsive screen. Lets start with the display, like before its a 6.78 inch amoled with a 1080p resolution, a super fast 144hz refresh rate and hdr10 plus support, but this time around instead of a 300hz touch, sampling rate is 360 hertz thats supposed to bring down touch latency to just 24 milliseconds, this should add even more responsiveness to your touch, input, controls and potentially give you the extra edge in competitive games im, not so sure. If the difference is that noticeable, while playing compared to before, but at least it looks good on a spec sheet. More is better right and its not just a touch. Latency thats different asus has managed to make this screen a bit brighter at around 510 nits maximum with a slider and a boost to 840 nits in auto mode and bright sun. The colors are a bit less accurate this time around, but if you play with the color settings you can adjust for that. The other major difference on the rog phone 5s pro is the chipset rather than a snapdragon 888.

It brings the new snapdragon 888 plus its for the most part, the same as the non plus version, but has a higher clock. Speed on its prime cpu, core graphics tests dont demonstrate a significant difference with the new chipset, which makes sense, but when it comes to the cpu performance, things are a bit complicated. You would think the higher clock speed would result in better scores, but the snapdragon 888 was already quite power hungry and put out a lot of heat and the plus is even more so in benchmarks. We see that in single core cpu tests, the rog phone 5s pro comes out on top of the previous model, but in multi core tests it actually does worse, perhaps due to power or thermal limitations. The 5s pro does have a respectable thermal management system carried over from the previous models, including an active cooling fan, but there is even more heat to manage here and in our thermal throttling test. Sustained performance is notably worse than the vanilla, rog 5. Dont. Get me wrong: the snapdragon 888 plus is flagship tier and the 5s pros performance is respectable even for a gaming phone, but it would have been even better, at least in benchmarks, if it packs some extra measures to fight the heat charging. Speed is the same as last year: the battery is split into two cells that can charge simultaneously and with the bundled 65 watt adapter, we were able to charge the phone from zero to 71 percent in half an hour, even though the rog 5s pro has the Same 6, 000 million power battery as its predecessor, a new chipset, could lead to a difference in battery life.

But overall this isnt the case here. It earned the same solid endurance rating of 110 hours in our tests. In most other respects, the rog phone 5s. Pro is absolutely the same as the previous models ill go over the features briefly here, and if you want to go more in depth, you can check out our full rog phone 5 review. The 5s pro brings a familiar gorilla, glass and aluminum design with a gamer style, aesthetic. It injures edgy pro theres a contrast, pm oled screen on the back that can give alerts or show off your custom logos. You have air triggers on the corners Music, uh, Music, a little more expensive, Music, Music, soon, Music, Music, Music, anything distinctive about this phone than it has been in previous years, Music, Music, like so many others now id like to see the other colorways, which are apparently Matte, maybe that would change my mind but yeah. Why did you not send me a mat one thats? What i want to know. You know what this reminds me of this Music, even the newly centered here, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. 11T. Pro is a swish as pretty much any smartphone out there: boston, snapdragon, 888 power, crazy, fast 120 watt charging support and a beefy 108 megapixel rear camera sensor, some other smashing specs. Considering this thing starts at just 599 quid, which is, of course a fraction of the price of a samsung s21 or an iphone 13.