For this year, first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look for before buying the best smartphones under 300.. Well put the links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below subscribe to my channel and click on the bell. Lets get started number five, the oneplus nord n100, how much of the unique oneplus flavor remains intact in a sub 200 budget phone just enough. It turns out the oneplus nord n100 is the firms cheapest phone today, but it keeps the companys stylish android skin impacts in a few perks from pricier rivals. You get a smooth 90 hertz screen here, along with fast 18w charging for a beefy battery that can last for two days. The nord n100 also doesnt, look like a clunky bargain basement device, still theres. Only so much that software polish and a couple of hardware perks can enhance a 180 phone and the nord n100 suffers from sluggish performance in his mediocre cameras. It still feels like a cheap phone for the most part, but its usable, and these premium benefits give it as slightly grander allure than your usual budget handset. The much improved nord n10 5g is strongly recommended if your budget can stretch to 300. But if not. This is still a pretty solid handset for the price number. Four, the samsung galaxy a50 is a sleek and attractive mid range phone that manages to retain much of samsungs design, flourishes and features from higher end flagships.

It has a big screen. Minimized bezels, though its made of plastic, the screen is a bright and colorful 6.4 inch super amoled panel that looks almost as crisp and clear in samsungs flagship panels under the hood youre looking at an exinus 9610 chipset with four gigabytes of ram, its not the most Powerful processor but itll do decently for browsing and opening apps it even handle games reasonably well. The triple camera sensor array on the back also proved to be surprisingly good, though it wont be as detailed as higher end phones number three. The googles, pixel 4 is the best smartphone you can buy for less than four hundred dollars. Building off of the momentum from the surprisingly great pixel 3a, the sequel costs fifty dollars less, but is an even better handset pairing, improved design in a better screen with the solid performance, excellent camera and all day battery that google delivered the last time around. Once again, the flagship quality camera is the secret weapon. Affordable phones usually feature inconsistent cameras that wilt in low light, but the pixel 4 will give you a good result in nearly any scenario, including at night via the night sight mode, given the price. Its no surprise that the base model pixel 4 lacks 5g support and doesnt have some other perks, such as multiple back cameras or wireless charging, but its a tremendous value for a phone with no major flaws. Number two: the nokia 7.2, is the successor to the mid range nokia 7.

1. It keeps some of the design flourishes, but comes with revamped specs and some new features. The design is attractive with a glass black and a number of sleek attractive. Colors bezels are minimized along the side and theres a fingerprint sensor on the back. The screen is a 6.3 inch 1080p panel with 403 pixels per inch making for a crisp display its hdr10 compliant, letting you support compatible content for better colors and saturation under the hood. You have a qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor, its a mid range chipset, but it works well with android 9.0 pi. The four gigabytes of ram is also enough for a reasonable level of multitasking and it can handle games like asphalt. 9., camera quality is also solid, with a triple camera setup on the back, which includes a 48 mp main sensor, an 8mp ultrawide camera and 5mp sensor for depth, data on portrait and backup shots all in all its a great phone in a nice package number one. The moto g power is the phone for everyone who doesnt want to be tied to a charging, cable or tote around a portable charger. The phone builds on the features and capabilities of the moto g7 power, adopting a big screen to go along with the big battery front and center. You get a 6.4 inch hypes display with a camera cut out in the top left corner. The display resolution is 2. 300 x 1080 pixels, which works out to ‘9 ppi making for a crisp display for multimedia gaming and browsing under the hood.

The phone is no slouch either. It comes with a snapdragon, 665 processor, 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. This is a fairly decent, mid range processor, giving you the ability to run most apps, do some multitasking and even handle some games. Camera capabilities are impressive for the price consisting of a 16 mp primary sensor, 8mp ultra wide and 2mp macro. It can record 4k at 30fps and boasts a 16 mp selfie camera, but the real selling point here is the 5000 mah battery. According to motorola, the runtime should be enough to last three days without needing to recharge. You get 10w charging, but no wireless charging or waterproofing.