Sorry, i had to stop the video here. Its not fair, though shooting the sequence that youve just seen was not easy at all. This dji m5 gimbal is not any seeking board to use. In my opinion, this gimbal is only good for anyone who shoots vertical video, and you see the selfie camera the front, the tick tocker type of crowd. But if you are a content creator who shoots with the rear back lenses which happen to be the better lenses by a long mile, this is not a gimbal for you. I i dont know what you might have read online or what reviews you watched on youtube. This is not a great gimbal well, this is not even a good gimbal. I shouldnt say on camera what i really think about this gimbal, but stay tuned and ill. Show you why Music, when you look at the om5, who do you think dji designing for who do you really think theyre targeting with this selfie stick gimmick extension whatever you want to call it? If you check djis page for the om5, you can clearly see who the intended target audience is. This should already give you an indication as to whether this is a gimbal for you or not. Not only that, but look what happens when you put this thing up. Okay, it defaults to the vertical mode. Why? Because this gimbal is designed and targeted to people who use vertical, filming and also the selfie camera so who needs this selfie? Stick exactly you guessed it right.

Anyone who creates content using the front facing selfieless, but i get the feeling that if you watch in this video, you probably dont fall into that category. So what is good about this gimbal then well, its lightweight ill, give you that you can easily fit in your pocket, its much smaller than the previous version. The om4, the clamping mechanism is a nice feature. It makes it easy to balance and pop the phone on and off, and the memo app is really well designed, intuitive still far from perfect and if youre on android, you limit it to just 30 frames per second, which, in my opinion, renders the whole thing using On the other hand, if youre an iphone, you have no issues with frame rates, so i guess this could will be a turn off for any android users unless you use a third party app like filmic pro and given the fact that you can now switch modes On the gimbal itself, its probably the best and only option you have is, that is if you want to shoot at 24 or 60 frames per second, and you are on android. The time lapse feature is really nice, but its nothing different than what mom stole the gimbal software these days and thats it really honestly. This is as good as youre gon na hear it, because this gimbal is not something that you would consider if you interested in getting even just half decent results.

Where do i start Laughter, i many times wonder if most people reviewing this gimbal or any of the dji or gimbals for that matter have actually ever used them for anything than holding it to camera while doing the review, because anyone who uses this gimbal and knows How even half a decent gimbal should operate? Can ordinary furnace recommend this om5? Why look the most basic move you should be able to do with a gimbal is to go up and down without any restrictions in movement whatsoever. That is what a normal camera gimbal does. As you can see here, you can go from the ground up without any problem, but now with the om5. No, this is literally impossible. I have never understood by gimbal manufacturers, and this is not just dji – have settled for this design with a bracket right behind the phone. It makes it impossible to operate the gimbal the right way unless the gimbal is intended to be used with the selfie camera, and in that case then it does make sense. But if you want to use the gimbal with the rear lenses and operate it, the way a normal gimbal should be forget it. You cannot physically do it, and this is the most basic gimbal move that you can do Music. If you want to do this type of move, you need to turn the gimbal sideways and twist your wrist as you move up in a weird and unnatural way and honestly thats not how you operate.

The gimbal the whole thing of going sideways is a joke. Really come on. Imagine now that you want to mount the gimbal on a pole or monopod to get gibbon double shots or ultra low angles. Well, thats, just not gon na happen. The whole design thing is completely backwards. Twisting your wrist to get the right movement to go from low angle to normal height, its really difficult, and it requires a lot of practice because its just not a natural move that you can easily do and getting the right motion. We need a lot of takes. One thing i give credit to dji is that they have tried to solve a really irritating issue with the om4. If you were using the gimbal in a slight angle and you double tap the back button, it will reset it back to the default position, which was always tilted. This drove me mad, and at least i can say that now they sort of solved it. Sometimes it does keep the camera at the right angle other times it doesnt totally randomly, but at least its an improvement from the info saying that you still have a very narrow, tilting range. So, even though you are better off than with the om4, you still have to deal with the issue of the gimbal going off tilt or balance when you try, even the smallest move. I put up this lack of tilting range is very frustrating, especially when you try to do any creative shots, because getting it to the right angle to lets say going from the ground up, sometimes out of nowhere.

The phone goes crazy and it starts spinning on the wear. What this is because, when you angle the gimbal sideways its so easy for it to go in loma, which means that it spins the mobile upside down and from this position going up. Well, it spins again its already bad enough to get the whole sideways motion right, and on top of that, you have to worry about something like this. I hardly see anybody talking about these issues when reviewing this gimbal, and these are problems that you will experience its. Not if or maybe no no, no, you will experience that Music. Listen to what happens when you turn this gimbal on okay, can you hear the background noise? This is the sound of the motors inside and its always there can you imagine how much worse you would get when you add the filter and a lens on top. Honestly, you tilt is the you pan. Is there you touch the phone to browse its there. You put it on a standby, the sound is dead. I dont hear a single person talking about this or even raising this issue. Absolute jokes, honestly. This is really loud and i bet a lot of people, if not most people at some point, if not always, will use this gimbal and record sound using the phones microphone. We all know that the onboard mics on phones, absolute crap and yes, you should always try and record sound using the external microphone.

But lets be honest here. There are so many instances where you would use a gimbal and record sound directly to the phone itself. This is one that really shocked me, because it means that any ombre audio will have this noise baked in, and there is nothing you can do about it. This will catch a lot of people, of course, as if you didnt have enough to worry about but hold on, because there is more. The selfie stick is the one element in this gimbal that baffles me. Unless you accept and understand that this gimbal is designed for people who uses selfie sticks the selfie lens and primarily uses vertical video, you might be excited the possibility of having that extra length for creative shots, because this gimbal has such a tiny tilting range. The moment you do any movement either up or down the whole thing goes out of whack and your framing goes up. This is obviously, unless you use the front facing camera and in that sense the selfie stick makes perfect sense for bloggers who dont know dont care. Much about the fact that the selfie lens quality is abysmal when you compare it to the main white lens at the back of the phone. I totally dig the fact that its easy and simple to have a built, in extension, rod that you can easily extend out and get a good talking to camera vlogging setup. What i have an issue with is that even the 23mm focal length selfie lens on the extended pole, its still not quite wide enough.

If you want to genuine, why do you need to use the rear, wide or ultrawide to do that? You need to mount the phone facing back and there is no way of monitoring what the frame is. What would have been a really useful feature is a way to flip the gimbal around, rather than just using the selfie. Stick that way you use the selfie stick with the real lenses. That would be quite good, even better the out of the gimbal itself. You get a small one or two inch lcd screen like the pocket, twos tiny lcd screens, so you can actually monitor the rear lenses when using the selfie stick. I know its probably really hard to do and it would probably mean a higher price tag, but that, in my opinion, would make the selfie stick really worth it and ok. Yes, you now can do low angle quite comfortably where you record a flow level, but if you didnt want to do a shot going up from ground level, you will have to bring the gimbal up upside down holding the selfie stick. That is just not the right way to use so operate the gimbal. I think the concept behind the magnetic mount or clamp is brilliant, its really easy to use and makes balancing the phone fairly easy. But what happens if you lose? It drop it or misplace it and thats something that can easily happen and because you only get one mount, if you lose it, you pretty much stack.

You cant use this gimbal period. There is absolutely no way of mounting this phone its as simple as that and trust me losing forgetting or misplacing things, especially this small happens more often than you think. I love the concept, but what they should have done is provide a magnet option or adapter that you can fix on the mount itself permanently and for it to be max safe and given the fact that they alienate android users by providing an app that they cant. Really use they may as well go all in with iphone, because that is likely to be the phone that most people will be using with this gimbal. It would make things so much easier Music. You still dont get any adjustments on the stiffness of the motors, which i find incredible because they expect people to use heavy phones like the 12 pro max or like the new iphone 13 pro pro max. Look its not the same to use the gimbal with a phone on its own, the attaching lenses or filters the more weight you put the more adjustments you need to do to the motors to run well. This is just the loose of physics and it should be a no brainer. The om5s gives you adjustments for the control joystick, but nothing on the actual motors, and let me tell you the slowest setting on the job wheel is not really as low its virtually impossible to do a slow panel tip.

The joystick is just way too aggressive. I dont understand why they cant implement a setting to adjust the easing and ease out. So when you start the movement or end it it does it really slow and smooth. For some. This may not be a big thing, but if youre gon na be investing your money on a gimbal expecting to create really smooth shots, youre gon na get very disappointed. Now, like everything in life, can you work around this and create amazing looking shots? Of course, you can like everything in life, there will be people who will sway by the way in five like its the best gimbal out there Music. The memo app is probably the best thing. This gimbal has got its very well implemented and its quite intuitive. I think dji has done a good job here. That is as long as your phone is an iphone. If you use an android phone well, you still cant shoot on any other resolution other than 4k at 30 frames per second, and that to me, if i was on an android would be an instant turn off even better. You get no option whether on an iphone or an android, to shoot with a flat color space. You get the color space that the memoir offers and does that, take it a little given the fact that pretty much any decent third party app offers faculty space. These days, i think its baffling, to say the least, that dji doesnt know if it is with om5 back to what i said earlier, probably because the tick tock generation who are the people, i think this gimbal is designed for dont care about color spaces or things Like that they just want to press a button and off you go Music now.

This is something that theyve got right in previous models. You had to change the gimbal modes through the memo app, but now you can do it through the buttons on the gimbal itself. Youre gon na give dji credit for that, but there is always about. Although you do now get support for 10 bit hdr within the memo app itself, you have no histogram or full scala to make sure that youre exposing correctly come on this dji seriously. Even the tiny pocket 2 has at least a histogram. Surely this cant be that difficult to implement is it. This is why i think that other than for time lapses, youre most likely going to be using this gimbal with a third party app like filming pro, because they give you much more control and visual references than the memoir. Its a shame because i do like the memo app, but ultimately its still lacking some very basic features. Now in terms of slow motion, you do get the option to record at 240 frames per second, but in 1080p not 4k, and this is worth keeping in mind. It looks okay, but you can see that its way softer than if you went to film at 4k 60 frames per second, i keep saying the same with all the dji products that use the memo app are not very slow. I think slo mo is for outdoors. Only and for close ups and not for white shots, and how about the tracking, you might ask well its definitely improved from the om4.

But the issue have with all these gimbals and the tracking they do is that they always keep the subject in the middle of the frame. You always end up with this massive headroom over your head and it just doesnt look natural personally. I hate it when they do that. Why cant they not give a way to adjust the headroom in the shop ive, never quite understood the logic behind it and it cant be that difficult can it. You do get some gimmicky features thrown in like the face adjustments. Beauty, whatever they call it again, totally geared for the vertical tiktoka or instagram user. I find it completely useless and in fact i honestly have a real issue with this, because with so many young kids growing up with the stress and all sorts of mental health disorders because of social media pressures on the way they look and with this huge media Backlash in the fashion industry, about image retouching and how fake retouched images are seriously affecting young boys and girls growing up. I actually find this feature an insult, and it would be the first thing i would suggest dji to remove, but once again its clear how this gimbal is targeted to the gimmicky features like the dynamic, zoom or stories, are things that i honestly cant see. Many people use it id rather dj. I use the engineers time in developing the gimbal, and the memo are better rather than wasting time on features that are pretty much points i mean.

When was the last time you ever saw in a shot or used for that matter, the dynamic zoom come on, so who is this gimbal for well clearly for anyone shooting vertical instagrammers and tick tockers that type of crap? If you plan to use this gimbal for creative standard, horizontal filming, like films, corporate filming youtube, filming and that sort of thing, this gimbal is, in my humble opinion, and being polite, inadequate Music. I have affiliate links below for the gear that i use, but i dont believe in this gimbal so im not providing a single link to it as a matter of fact, id actually be rather upset. If i ever make a dime out of anyone buying this gimbal, because i honestly believe that theyd be wasting the money, it would also be rather hypocritical of me. After such a global review. Please dont buy this gimbal. Do yourself a favor.