This is my everyday. Carry for the past month of the samsung galaxy z503 galaxy watch for classic to complement it and that fold edition s pen. Every day for one whole month, let me share my experience. I cant hold up somebody calling me in the middle of my man, who is this man. I cant wait to tell off hello who it is. Tim apple man come on player. I know you think its just full on apple season and its really not player its still samsung season. I got a review to make a holler player. Dont call me in the middle of my review of me, trying to tell the people about the z fold. Another man im just betting, i beat tim apple again, hello, tim. You got ta, oh, oh, what up coco, how you doing player? Hey, look man, this samsung z403. Oh, i think you got one with this one player. Let me tell you this is the most innovative. This is definitely my most favorite piece of smartphone tech for 2021. Thus far, we still got some phones coming and things to test listen play. Relax. I want to tell you something: did you see that post on twitter? I think you need to go. Look at that now, all right, you guys! I want to share my one month with you guys. I want to talk from a real life user experience perspective im, going to talk about the cons, the caveats, the pros, but all from user experience real world scenarios.

Real truth to the z fold, three, and also the conversation as to what the z for three actually is and how it fits into this area of smartphones, because it is ahead of his time and with that being said, it being ahead of his time and its. Not quite its time, the reason why its not its time 100 fully is because there are some cons and caveats like battery. The reason why so many people are controversial on the battery is because look at this device in this build. You guys imagine how much is on the internals of this device, yet they tried their best to keep it as slim as possible. Although this is thick boy once you close it, i dont know how samsung can, but they do need to improve the battery life, because at the end of the day, theres phones out there s21 ultra iphone 13 pro max. These are the top tiers to date. That are crushing it in battery. We still have to see what the google pixel 6 has to offer in that area as well. But you get my point: you can spend less and get more in the life of battery in terms of other devices on the market, but cj its the galaxy z4. This innovation is ahead of its time 100 thousand percent. True, which is why you pick your poison? Are you here to be ahead of the curve and to experience whats unfolding right now, like you get that you got that right, right, unvoted, yeah! No! Okay! If you are willing to take a leap of faith into you know the new world of smartphones, then thats, something you have to deal with and thats the battery of the z fold.

Three another con thats gon na come with that in comparison to the offerings of the market. Is the camera now ive mentioned this in all of my videos but heres the reason why im gon na just break it down and simple? I could get an iphone 13 pro max and pay less than i did for the zfo3. I could get the s21 ultra stay within the samsung system and pay less than i did with the zfo 3 and get an extremely far superior and better camera experience from these two devices versus this one. This thing comes in at eighteen hundred dollars and when you pay that type of buckaroo and premium a player wants his delivery im, not saying the z43 doesnt deliver, i have to be honest and point out the caveats and the reality and the truth, like literally i Took a photo in the lighting conditions, literally right before i turned on this video with the front facing camera on all three of these devices. Put them up on the screen. Take a look at them see the differences, see the performance now again, im right in front of a really nice professional light super bright im, showing the best of the best that the zfo3 has to offer, but it can fall short in other situations. I also took a selfie in that same setup with the rear facing cameras, just the standard wide rear facing camera, which is the typical camera most people will use you get to see.

This is ideal top tier lighting conditions, the zfo 3 isnt just terrible the worst ever un competitive its just not as good well roundedly. If that makes sense, because this is well lit, when you step into low light thats, when things can fall apart, thats, where you see the inferiority or the the thats, where you see where the z for three cameras can be extremely inferior, ive seen comments of people Saying they couldnt deal with the cameras theyre going back to the s21 ultra and so forth. Again pick your poison, who buys a z phone for the cameras. Some people want cameras its as simple as i dont understand why people think, just because they dont want cameras or they are willing to take the camera hit that others have to be willing to take that. No, its think about it. Its a broad spectrum of people, which is why, if youre gon na pack, a 1800 big boy and youre gon na put it out to the public for the masses, it has to check a lot of things across the board and with that being said, the 1800 Price tag case in point im able to bring the s21 ultra or the iphone 12 pro max. We still havent got the pixel 6 yet or pixel 6 pro i cant wait same thing goes within the camera department. All right, you know the pixel gon na crush the xefo 3. When it comes to photos and stills, we got to see what that video is going to be like, but i can pay less for all of these other devices and get a very well balanced.

Smartphone experience that were used to thats a reality, the last and final con that ive been speaking on and just this is real life real world usage. The design of this is cutting edge, its the future, its something new, but with that comes a new challenge of how do i carry this thick double smartphone device around comfortably and in the best you know use case granted. You can still throw this in your pocket, but you feel it a lot more. Its a bigger, bulge and stuff like that lets just keep on topic and its not as comfortable in the pocket for everyone. Everyone, doesnt, wear baggy. You know i mean g unit jeans, some of us can rock skinny jeans and literally are skinny, so the skinny jeans fit and theyre, not like hugging your thigh to death. At the end of the day, i wear clothes that fit. I still will rock this. In my pocket, ill put it in my back pocket and so forth, but its not convenient, so i went on the search to find other ways to carry it. I picked up this uh dope little side pouch from coach. You know me: it has really nice premium. Leather on it and it fits the z fold as well as my iphone, because i carry two phones with me. Mind you. This is why carrying is a big thing to me and im able to just clip this on my belt loop im good to go boom.

Nice solid solution. I also opted in for the man bag, the man purse, the murse, whatever you want to call it and regardless of how you feel about it, some players arent confident in asexuality. I guess they dont know how to be able to accept the convenience of a crossbody bag without feeling like it challenges their masculinity. Granted. There are more masculine options out there. I aint tripping plat. I got this back from a coach, the outlet. That is because you know players is all about saving that dollar and i love it because i can wear it crossbody and why would i want to be able to wear crossbody when im wearing basketball shorts? I wear basketball shirts on a daily play. I love basketball shirts when i want to wear my basketball shirts or, like my sweatshirts and shorts, that dont have the belt loops on them or any type of pants that have a belt loop. I can just do a crossbody bag and im good to go its all about the convenience and come on player. I walk it on my back, basically relax, so yeah man, a plan be out here with his mercy and his man bag in full effect. Okay, quit. Judging the player im still a player, so i found my way getting creative just to be able to carry the xefo3 comfortably. Because to me, this isnt the uh most ideal, smartphone that you want to carry around, but it is pocketable and you can do it and also.

I need to be able to carry this s pen, which it does fit in here with the s pen and on the side back, which i have to be wearing jeans or jean shorts with and same thing goes for the crossbody bag. I did have one of my players in the comments section tell me about this company um and its like a holster type of thing, but im gon na be honest. It wasnt for me personally, but for those of you who are looking for other options and youre afraid of you, know offending your masculinity, hey player, because the player is confident over here. We doing our thing so after you hop over those few hurdles that i spoke about in those couple of cons. You come to the reality of what is the galaxy z fold 3, and you have to understand that this is taking the tablet world and user experience. As well as the smartphone world and user experience and its meshing that into one innovative package, which is just next level, the fact that you have a small tablet, as well as a smartphone all packaged into one, is everything. Now. Innovation is in this design, even though its a little bit more to carry im willing to deal with it just to partake on this brand new, innovative iteration of a smartphone. Now another thing i have to talk about in my one month: use of this galaxy z43 is the fold edition s pen, im an avid galaxy note user.

So the way you got me into even thinking about picking up a galaxy z403 is by putting the s pen on it. I absolutely love this s pen. It is the way that i navigate on the bigger display of the xevo three, if im pulling up instagram, whatever im scrolling with this boom, get me out of there. Oh wait, get me back. Get me out of there come on. You know what i mean: im scrolling through twitter, whatever im answering yall comments. Matter of fact, let me hold on cant show too much sensitive information, but when im getting at your comments im right here, s pinned up, you know hitting the hearts. I, like the swipe type with the s pen, the s pen is literally everything to me and navigating samsung devices. It was everything on the galaxy note and its the same sentiment on the galaxy z43. Now. Is it really a galaxy note replacement im going to talk about that, because you know i made a comment in a previous video, but we got to address it because my mind just might have changed the biggest caveat and drawback with the s pen, which is absolutely Dope and phenomenal is, i dont want to sacrifice a bulky case, a ugly case nah or anything of that matter, just so that i can carry this s pen around conveniently, which is why i opted in for the crossbody bag or the little pouch that i picked Up player im not rocking that samsung case nah, we dont want to talk about that one another beautiful thing about the samsung galaxy z43, its the display.

For me, i told you guys, yes, its a bit reflective if youre keeping up the videos. You know, if you have it, you need to go back and watch my other zfo reviews. The display is a bit reflective, which is the biggest caveat to it, but thats the price of innovation. Again, the price of stepping into the new world of foldable devices, its still in the a development stage until it can get as polished as these glass sandwiches have gotten these glass sandwiches are at the plateau. Like i dont see glass sandwiches getting any better. Like i mean theyve, pretty much done everything that they can to innovate and redesign those, which is why the zfo 3 is the next best thing: foldable phones, the z, flip and things like that, its the future of smartphones, in my opinion, its the display for me Dawg, once you go seven inches, you cant go back. I know that sounds wild, but im serious. The screen real estate you get on the samsung galaxy z503 is everything. It is absolutely everything to me and anyone who can appreciate the bigger displays like this just adds to consuming content watching videos scrolling your social medias. It just adds to the experience because it takes it to the absolute next level. I love big displays, as you can see, a player wear glasses and i need to be able to see and the bigger the display the better. It is for me.

So if youre into big displays, the zfo3 might earn a special place in your heart, as it has done in mine. Another thing around the zfo3 in this one month that ive discovered is. I can do just about literally everything from my z fold three. Why? Because its a tablet, as well as a smartphone, this seven inch display running business applications web browsing mediums whatever you can do it all here on this device, its like the ideal business, companion, slash phone and you got ta love. That combination, because you can do all of your smartphone needs and executions eight games, it has speed, it delivers. You got s pen support, i can sign a contract, i can do all of my business stuff and my personal leisure content creation content consumption. All of those things, the fact that i can run my business consume entertainment and do everything that i would do on the tablet. All within one device is everything now earlier. I mentioned that i am a samsung galaxy note user through and through once a note user. Always a note user. On my last video, i made a comment. I said that the galaxy z5 can be a note replacement for a lot of people, and this is true theres. A lot of galaxy note: users who have switched over to the z fold, life and theyre, not going back. I see that comment over and over, but i have to correct myself because honestly, when you balance out everything that i mentioned like the pros and the cons, especially with the cons, the one thing that the galaxy note was always to the samsung lineup, the biggest the Baddest and the best so for any smartphone to come and take the place of the samsung galaxy note.

It has to be the biggest the baddest and the best in all categories and the z fold 3 is not yet that we need that battery life. We need a place to store the s pen in the body and then maybe we can talk about the crown or the true galaxy note replacement being a reality in the z fold, four or five or however long its gon na. Take you guys to get it right samsung, but you have to get it right. My name is cj. This is cj unplug and if you havent, you need to join the unplug family, its simple you hit that subscribe button right there, its been one month later, my user experience, my real world use cases with this samsung galaxy z503 has been absolutely phenomenal. Its innovative its forward thinking but its not perfect, they say if you cant beat them, then you join them. Thats no option i dont join. I always beat them for those out there who know. As a apple user player, i aint went back to my apple watch. Sisters, samsung galaxy watch it classic. I was faking had to find me now. Im on b skating, like im grinding l, hit me said its all about the time. If you want the vision get to spin it, my mama told me trust in god its never limits. Now, im on the scoreboard running up the digits i put in work, you know im up to get it early.

Bird gets the worm in the yankees bags under my eyes, and you know, wont, complain, im tired im on goal for that grip. Ten toes till they swallow for that grip. Ten toes till they slow those days, those ls – i could sleep right now.