What do i mean by that? Well, all previous ipad mini models followed the exact same design language from 10 years ago, but this one finally breaks the mold and visually its now, almost identical to last years. Ipad air. It has the same modern, aluminium, build with flat edges and equally sized bezels same power button with embedded touch id a usb type c port. Finally, and a magnetic apple pencil dock theres, no keyboard connector on the back, though hi im rob with phone arena and youre watching our review of the 2021 ipad mini. This small tablet came out recently and its starting price is 4.99, but if you get it with optional 5g and its maximum storage of 256 gigabytes expect to spend up to 800 in any case, everyones first impressions when they see and hold this new tablet are essentially Wow, this looks so cool and small, it feels light and its perfect for one handed use, and indeed it feels light and perfectly sized like a notepad which makes me believe this would be a great note taking device for students but because of its small size. Some things had to be moved around. For example, the volume keys which would usually be at the top here are now weirdly on the side, because if you get an apple pencil in your docket theres, really no more space for volume keys up here. So adjusting with where the volume keys are takes some time, but now lets look at the display, which is arguably the only thing we can really complain about.

At first glance, the new ipad mini has a decent if unimpressive 8.3 inch ips screen with good sharpness and colors its visible outdoors, although its 500 nits of peak brightness is less than the 2021 ipad pro or the iphone 13.. So if using it in direct sunlight, youll be seeing smudges in fingerprints more so than the actual picture, by the way, like all modern ipads, this one has fingerprint resistant, oleophobic coating according to apple, yet it collects all the fingerprints in the world like nobodys business. I was really hoping: 2021 would be the year apple improved on this, but its not anyway theres. Another issue with the display the jelly scrolling effect when scrolling through text in portrait mode instead of the entire screen scrolling evenly the picture actually warps cartoonishly, as if half of the screen cant catch up with the other half. I tested this against other ipads and concluded that this display quark appears only on the ipad mini 6 and only in portrait mode, its likely that many users wont be bothered by it or wont even notice it, but its worth mentioning, because it does bother me now That i see it whether or not this is something apple can fix with a software update, well have to wait and see, but i doubt it generally scrolling aside, this is a perfect screen size for one handed use, combined with the ipad minis comfortable weight of just 293 grams, its extremely convenient for reading and jotting down notes with the apple pencil now lets turn this tablet around and look at the situation at the back.

Unlike previous ipad mini models, the 2021 ipad mini here has a camera bump on the back inside, which is a single 12 megapixel wide camera with autofocus. With that main camera, you can record videos of up to 4k 60 frames per second, which, at least on paper is quite impressive for a tablet. 4K video recordings come out, satisfyingly sharp and theres a good level of stabilization, although there is also a notable motion blur effect when moving around. Thankfully, when you switch down to 1080p 60fps motion, blur is much less present. Plus, recording in this format will take much less of your storage on the front of the tablet for selfies facetime and video calls. In general, we have an ultra wide front facing camera with center stage. Support and ultrawide is the correct word. This camera can capture so much, which is exactly what makes center stage possible center stage is a feature that only the new 1021 ipads support, which automatically follows you. If youre moving around during video calls, you can use center stage on facetime skype, zoom, facebook, messenger and other video calling apps and when its cool, you can also disable it. If you want, unfortunately, when holding this ipad mini in landscape, its 12 megapixel front, camera is still positioned in the center of the left. Bezel, not the top bezel meaning youd likely have to hold it in portrait during video calls its very easy to block it. With your hands, otherwise so yeah like on other ipads.

This is not the perfect front. Camera placement, but in terms of camera quality, the new ipad minis front camera is very solid, especially of course when taking photos and videos in good lighting for a tablet where the standards are pretty low. Pictures come out reasonably sharp and detailed. Now lets talk about something very important to me: speaker quality, despite its small size, the ipad mini 6 packs quite a punch when it comes to sound like the 2020 ipad air. This new ipad mini has 4 speaker grilles, but only 2 speakers, one behind each bottom. Grille now again, thats not perfect placement, because you can cover them when holding the tablet in landscape, but on the plus side, unlike any previous ipad mini model. Here, we finally have true stereo sound, as the two speakers are on opposite sides of the tablet. Sound is also reasonably full and loud with clean highs, mids and even a hint of upper base. You will likely be more than happy with how movies youtube videos and games sound on this ipad mini and speaking of audio with this ipads redesign. The headphone jack is finally gone from the ipad mini series, after apple removed it from all other modern ipads, except for the budget. One now lets talk about software. The ipad mini 6 comes with ipad os 15, which has plenty of new features for the apple pencil. Should you choose to get it? Those include quick note which allows you to take notes at any time by swiping from the bottom right corner to the center or scribble, which lets you handwrite into any text field.

Instead of having to use the touch keyboard, the safari web browser has been redesigned to be more compact, with the search bar and tabs combined inside one row, which is welcome on the ipad mini small display, where every inch matters in addition, ipad waste lets. You add more than just icons on your home screen. Widgets are here and can be moved around freely. Speaking of the home screen on this particular ipad, there are some notable margins between the left and right edges of the screen and the area where the actual icons and widgets are, which is odd. Those are much smaller, almost unnoticeable on the 2020 ipad air, for example, but on the ipad mini 6 and some other ipad models like the budget ipad. Those margins got big on ipod s15, perhaps as a result of the new home screen, widget support so yeah. There is some wasted screen space here in terms of performance. The 2021 ipad mini is packing apples, a15 bionic chip, while its no m1, like on the ipad pros apple, definitely didnt skimp on raw power. Here, the ipad mini is by far the fastest small tablet. You can get right now. Needless to say, the ipad mini crushes all the heavy tasks you may want to do in it without breaking a sweat, whether youre video editing photo editing drawing on photoshop with lots of layers or gaming. You wont experience any lagging or other issues. Multitasking works flawlessly too, as underwhelming as it may still be.

On ipod s15, you can open two apps in split view, with more in slide over the latter being sort of a pop up carousel of apps. You can switch between at any time apple advertises this ipad as having all day battery life, which translated from marketing speak means. You can only expect a single day of battery life now thats, not too surprising. This is a small ipad, with a five thousand million power battery, similar to the battery size of some big phones and considering the raw power we are dealing with here. A single day of battery life is pretty respectable. If youre applying to take this little guy and use it for school or work, it will carry you through the full school day or work day, just be ready to charge it overnight. In conclusion, this is the best premium small tablet you can get right now for reading jotting down, notes, gaming and pretty much any use case where you find the bigger ipads unwieldy and your phone too small. This ipad mini is for the more special use cases where size really matters, but you know best whether you can find it useful and what, for in any case, thanks for watching, subscribe and check out the full ipad mini 6 review at phonarina.com for more details.