If you own an iphone 12, this is unlikely to be your next phone, but if you own an older iphone such as an iphone 10r or an iphone 10s, this could be your next handset on paper. Youd be hard pressed to find a reason why apple didnt call this the iphone 12s. The design is largely the same. The specs dont look hugely different and there arent many headline grabbing new features. However, everything on the iphone 13 is just a touch better than it was before, and some elements are significantly better. The highlight of the iphone 13 is its battery life. Previously iphones havent been synonymous with strong battery life, but during every day of our testing with the iphone 13, we found it hard to run out of juice. This isnt the best battery life weve ever seen on a smartphone, but it is the best weve ever seen on an iphone. The iphone 13 features the new a15 bionic chipset, which is incredibly powerful and its paired with four gigabytes of ram. We found it was able to run multiple apps and do any tasks we wanted to quickly and efficiently. If you need a little bit more power, you may want to go for the iphone 13 pro, as that comes with six gigabytes of ram theres, a new duo. Camera for the iphone 13 that improves clarity and images theres. Also, the introduction of sensor shift optical image stabilization, which was previously only available in apples pro max handsets and thats a big deal for those who want to be able to shoot quickly without losing the subject in a blur.

Even the screen on the iphone 13 is a touch better than what weve seen before, if youre upgrading from an iphone 10s or a phone before that youre going to notice a huge difference here, if youre upgrading from an iphone 12, its just going to be a Little bit brighter, but its still a big improvement. One thing to note that the new 120 hertz refresh rate isnt available on the iphone 13.. If you want that super fast screen, refresh rate youre going to want to opt for the iphone 13 pro or pro max, that wont be a big deal for everyone. But if youre looking for a super smooth screen when playing games or scrolling through your twitter feed, you may want to go for one of those other handsets. Another reason to opt for the pro is that that features a ceramic shield on the rear of the phone for the iphone 13. The ceramic shield technology is only available on the front screen. Ceramic shield is apples, own durability, technology. It was introduced with the iphone 12 and it makes a return here for the iphone 13.. What does it do? It essentially makes the phone four times more drop resistant than previous iphones. That dont feature the technology. This doesnt mean you should drop your phone just to see if it works, but it is a big improvement if you do end up dropping the handset youve also got five color options for the iphone 13.

. Those are blue midnight, star lights, product, red and pink. When it comes to storage, it starts with 128 gigabytes. That means theres no more 64 gigabyte flagship, iphone thats a big step up, and it means a lot more storage on the base version of the phone. If you want more space, youll be able to buy the handset with 256 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes of storage. If you need more than that, look towards the iphone 13 pro or pro max and if youre looking for a smaller phone, you should look at the iphone 13 mini, which features very similar specs to what weve spoken through here, but its in a much smaller package. The iphone 13 starts at 799 or 779 pounds thats 1349 in australia. If youre going for one of the top options, youre gon na be looking at over a thousand pounds, a thousand dollars and near to two thousand australian dollars.