This video is like the discount that i have got on this phone and everybody is getting it not only me and you can get a maximum discount of around uh. You know 11 12, 000 rupees also on this phone and this phone, which is supposed to be priced at 27 000 people surviving it for 15 to 16 000. So for me, this uh has been uh taken at 32, 000 and, of course, theres a good deal. Uh grab, if you want to buy a future ready, 5g 4, along with the finest processor, and also a good camera quality and a decent performance. Then this phone is a must buy so basically Music. It used to get around two and a half hours to get charged, but this one uh gets charged uh around, like 40 percent of time. For what that previous phone, which was of mis about it, was taken have same device which is originated from the color os and which is uh quite stable and performing quite good, so this phone made a fingerprint sensor. It works nicely. The cameras cameras has a good good. You know, features are different types of filters and some creative ai modes, which are very cool to get pictures on with Music. You know um. If you prefer to put earphones and play games on your phone, then i think you should go with this uh real me, x7 max 5g bands in around 7pm. Everyone is looking forward every uh mobile operator for uh, looking forward for that band.

So if that band uh comes into the india, then uh support yeah. So you definitely supported earphones Music. You can buy that also, but for this one uh, if you are getting this phone in sub 20k, then i am im just suggesting you to never look around uh just go with this one. You will definitely be you know, liking it in case you are trying to use this phone for more than a year, so i suggest you to go for a gigabytes of variant of this one 128 gigabytes of ram. Sometimes i dont want that to happen. So you 000, so in still, this is quite perfect, so you can go with this inquiry and also uh. We are getting this uh case a transparent case with this phone in the box as well. Uh simulator will simulated or in case you have any more queries on this uh. Please put your comments in the comment section below. I will definitely reply. I reply to each and every comment that i have got on my channel uh, sorry for the delayed video uh. So i will try to get maximum videos to you, uh and also there is a big million days coming in uh, and also some amazon sales are coming in in the first week of the october. So uh. If you want to choose a phone, some phones are getting launched in during that period.