They sent me the ub edge series with built in screen protectors for the new iphone 13 smartphone series. We have the 6.7 inch iphone 13 pro max 6.1 inch iphone 13 pro and the 6.1 inch iphone 13 standard variant. Do not have these cases for the mini as of right now that may happen down the road, but this is what we got going on and as far as the information thatll be down below in the description area, you hit the link. Itll. Send you on over to amazon to the actual sub case store over at amazon, and it is there that youre going to see a lot more information and those all important price points. Now price points may vary depending on color and size. So please do your homework. Okay, what were going to do is unpack the cerulean blue for the iphone 13 pro max. Just give you a good look at the packaging down here we have some information sub case military standard drop protection on the back iphone 2021 6.7 inch edge. Cerulean blue got some information here: shock resistant layer, design, accurate cutouts, perfect gripping scratch resistant trust me. I have used a lot of these cases from sub case, and everything will be perfect even though were using dummy devices in this review. So lets go ahead and put that over there and take that out of there its a good looking case got some film. Protecting your brand new case.

Put that down there for just a moment. Lets go ahead, get a close up here. You got an installation guide so if youve never used this type of case, just read all the information and you do have this qr code before you open this packaging. Please scan the qr code for watching installation video, so you can watch it as well or you can do what i do in this video. You want to take your thumbnail right down in here and youre, going to separate the frame from the back part of the case. Lets go ahead and go back out. You got your built in screen protector lots of film here protecting this case here, while its being delivered to you got all the cutouts in the appropriate places for the front display and a recessed area right there for your earpiece and speaker, hard plastic, polycarbonate frame and The back of the case, hard plastic polycarbonate, see through back, and you have this hard plastic frame here as well, so you got the frame that goes over the top of the display, and then you got the frame of the case on the actual back part. This parts going to fit into here and im going to show you that in just a second, so what were going to do is take the frame over the top. Just like that, and then i take a flat surface put the bottom in to the back part of the case.

Then i just work my way up its that simple, very simple and were going to do a close up here. So you can see where your mute switch is going to be volume up volume down very nice and your power button and theres that recessed area for the speaker, earpiece area and all the cutouts right there, where that notch is going to be that 20 percent smaller Notch is what theyre saying at the bottom speaker: cutout, lightning charging port cut out and they might cut out there yeah thats good. Looking look at that! Look at that flat edge right in there and right here. That just looks really really good and look at that. Huge cutout, its going to allow you to take great quality pictures, shoot great quality. Video lots of lip lots of depth got a little bit of lip right here surrounding that clear back. So if you want to set it this way, you can do that. Please use your discretion flat surface surface if its a little bit rough, but if its really really rough, i would probably yeah its going to scratch up the back its up to you on the front. Look at all that lip wow and then you have these corners. That extend out a little bit on all four corners, see that that is really really cool. Nice yeah im digging that look at that. So with all of that lip with that frame and these little areas that extend out probably the best way to go.

Is that way with all of these cases, whether its for the 13 pro max 13 pro or the 13., so yeah? All of these are going to be exactly the same as far as look more so these two and then on this guy, its just because of the camera layout there, because you only have two and there we go with all three of those. So lets get a look at the peach for the iphone got cerulean blue for the iphone 13 pro and the black for the iphone 13 pro max. Here we have the peach ub edge case for the iphone 13 huge cutout lots of depth to protect those cameras. Digging that color power button there and on the side here we got the sub case brand name, speaker, cutout, lightning, charging, port cutout and your mic area there. That is just really really nice. Lots of lip built in screen protector to protect the beautiful amoled display on your iphone 13. love the peach and the gray, both those colors coming together. To give you a really really good look but remember its about protecting your investment, but its always nice to have a good looking case as well its a two in one right there and over here we have the cerulean blue love. Those areas right here that extend out love that and on the front there, all the cutouts on the built in screen protector and the recessed area right there for the speaker, that is nice thats.

A great looking color. Look at that yeah im loving that im loving that all right and then we have the iphone 13 pro max. I think the cerulean blue is my favorite for the 13 pro max. I would sport that yeah lots lots of fingerprints there youre not going to notice that, when your display is on by the way perfect fit everythings going to be perfect, you will get wireless charging as well. Any questions please leave that down below in the comment section. Dont forget to hit that link in the description area that will send you on over to the sub case amazon store. So you can see all of that information that you need to know about these cases and those important price points, but trust me youre going to get the protection that you need for your investment, your brand new iphone, 13 and whatever one it is that you brought In so with that, god bless you all.