I already opened this x70 pro and i have to say the camera performance on this. One is incredible, but uh. If we talk about this pro plus again, both are camera centric, smartphones and, as you can see, both of them have zeiss optics and again. This is the elder brother. I would say this is the flagship uh. What do you say? Smartphone from vivo, and this comes with the snapdragon 888 plus, so the flagship processor from qualcomm. This comes with the diamond city. 1200. Ive already opened this up ill show you that, but first lets do the unboxing of this one, and one thing that i found really interesting on this one is that it has a quad camera setup that we have seen on a lot of smartphone and all the Four cameras are very uh, useful, its not for gimmicks or something, and the biggest thing is that all the four cameras actually have optical image stabilization. I have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of smartphones very high end smartphones, also, for example, they might have one lens. That is ois, maybe max of two, but this one has all the four lens have optical image stabilization. It also has that gimbal functionality and stuff so uh. They are like truly touting this one as a ultimate camera, centric smartphone. So i will be adding a lot of samples. Dont worry ill, also include the samples of the uh x70 and guys i dont know the pricing and but based on the specs.

What this one has again. These are going to be premium expensive devices. I dont know: what is the pricing so ill? Add it as you can see, these are the units, so they have marked out the pricing, so i dont know that ill. Add that in the description so lets open this up – and this is the elder brother x70. Pro with the snapdragon 888 plus thats, the flagship from qualcomm, so so again, as you can see, this is right away, highlighting that the camera is the speciality of this one. As you can see, it says pro plus camera is highlighting and it says open up. So, okay, so this whole thing just comes, i okay, i think so we have to slide this or like what ha. So we just open this up like this. So here is the device it said just take this out wow i like the build quality and uh guys. The back is actually glass uh and its a matte color glass. So no fingerprints, uh thats the same even for this one. This is also mad, but, as you can see, the color difference is slightly different. This is obviously bigger, slightly bigger the uh plus one. So lets open this. Let me keep the to the side and again i, like the packaging. The quality of the packaging is very nice, oh, so you get a nice case also, this is nice, so a custom nice case that they have came in this is a nice touch, as you can see.

So, even if you put the case, it does not look bad at all, so a nice case, i would say generally i dont like to use cases with phones, maybe ill use this one. This doesnt look very weird, though anyways so youll have the sim ejector tool and all those things uh safety and whatever yeah some paperwork. Your sim ejector tool over here – and this will be your uh type c – cable ill. Just keep it. I wont open it. You also get a headset and a massive power, brick that you are getting with this. This is usb type, a to type c that youre getting, and this is vivo flash charge guys. So let me keep this to the side and by the way, guys, this plus version also supports uh. What do you say? Wireless charging up to 50 watts with a special wireless charger. Let me give you a physical overview. First again, the the body is metallic. Guys again its a premium handset uh. We also have ir blaster on this one. So thats a nice thing – and here again this is metallic. This is the power up, and this is your uh. What do you say power on off but volume – and this is your power and the bottom will be your speakers again uh this one. The plus version has stereo speakers uh and your main uh sim uh cards will go over here. Youll be dual sim: guys: no storage, uh expansion, obviously yeah and uh here.

Actually we have nothing on this end, so everything is on this end and guys it looks very, very premium in the hand, the in hand feel is good. It feels like a premium handset and a front facing camera is actually 32 megapixel on both of them. Both of them obviously have an amoled screen guys, and these are like sort of their uh flagship devices. I like this, what they have done here with the back and here lets talk about the camera on this one. The main camera, as you can see it, has that zios branding and that desires coating is also there, for example, on very high end sony cameras or lenses. You used to see that t marking thats there. So if go engineer, in fact, they say the main lens is actually made by so uh im, also very curious to see how itll be the camera performance. They say. Camera performance is really good indoors outdoors in all lighting conditions. In fact, it also has that gimbal functionality. So let me just do one thing and ill just set this up and then we will continue so guys. Ive set up this device also and, as you can see, i also have the x70 pro. This is the x70 pro plus first lets uh quickly talk about the differences. Obviously, as you can see, the plus is slightly bigger. This one has a 6.7 inch screen and this is also an amoled screen with 120 hertz.

This is also 120 hertz uh, but this is having a dynamic. What do you say? Uh uh refresh rate, and it can go as low as 1 hertz to 120. Yes, you heard it right. 1, hertz, 220 hertz. So you can definitely keep it. 120 hertz. You dont have to uh worry about that. That is a special thing on this one, and both of them actually guys actually have this. If you notice curved screens, they are curved amoled screen. Some of you actually like that its the curved android screens youre getting on both of them. This is full hd plus, whereas this one, if you go, this is actually quad hd again, as ive told you, this is a flagship. Everything is top notch on this one. So they havent compromised anything if i go to weight, if i go to display yes here, as you can see, you can set to ive set it to quad hd, but you can go to that full hd plus also – and if you go to this thing, that Is known as refresh rate, you can force it to 120, but ive kept it to smart switch, thereby when there is no motion or anything, it will drop down to one hertz to get that great battery life. So we have that and that gesture navigation and all these things and again the ui layout – has become a lot cleaner. This is fun touch os 12 on both of these devices, so the ui elements are the same and left.

If we go, we have the google pane uh thats the same case even on this one, and one thing to note is that there is a little bit of bloatware. That is there, as you can see, amazon this by juice thing was pre installed game space, and here, if i go down some spotify and stuff, so there is a little bit of junk fare, but you can uninstall that and yeah. So you can remove that stuff. For example, lets say i dont want this baiju thing. I can yes uninstall that app, so you can install most of the junk that is installed. But one thing to note is that uh, if this browser app just go here and a notification, as you can see, a lot of things are enabled just remove this. I uh. So that way, you wont get that necessary notification, so thats what it is and again its an amulet screen. So you have this uh. What do you say in display fingerprint scanner and, as you can see, that works very well uh? Of course we also have this. Always on display – and here also on the regular one – it works the regular one uh, because its a little bit lighter in terms of what you say: uh weight. This is 184 grams, whereas this is 213 grams, because its having that four ois motors on this one and its obviously a bigger uh device and guys to give you an idea.

Uh here are the specs for this x70 pro plus for your reference and, as you can see, its powered by the flagship, snapdragon, 88 plus and other specs are here uh, whereas if we move to this x70, pro uh here are the specs for the x70 pro This is part where the diamond city, 1200, soc and again obviously therell be a price difference between both these device. This is their true flagship, and this is also actually pretty good. In fact, i would say in terms of camera, both of them are actually doing a very, very good job in terms of camera. I think so thats the big thing, but one thing uh. I would say what they have done: special on this uh x70 pro plus. They have actually a special chip, thats a graphic chip thats made by vivo itself uh. They call this the professional imaging chip that this one has that enhances its camera. They say so im also very curious about the camera. So let me quickly just show you the camera interface. Then i will show you actually a lot of camera samples with the same again uh. The layout is very simple: uh we have the ultraviolet one x and all these things as you can see the ultra white one x – and this is the 2x – that we have thats thats, also known as the portrait mode, and we also have the 5x again guys. This is all optical, nothing, digital trickery, or something like that.

Of course, you can zoom in even more like this. If you want so that option is there again, the camera options are really good and again, as the processor is the snapdragon 888 plus its the flagship. So nothing and again you also have the zeiss mode over here, as you can see size, natural colors. So if you use the size natural colors, sometimes when we take outdoor shots or something like that greens etc get very boosted, they sometimes look natural. They say that they are optimized with science, so if you use that you wont get that other options are also there all the options, the pro mode and all things again, its a camera, centric, smartphone, guys and again, a video also. You have a lot of options, in fact, in video this has gimbal stabilization. Even this one has gimbal stabilization, and by default i tested it. It works very well but again, if you want even more enhanced, you can click here and you can go to this ultra one also uh, so thats, actually a really nice thing. Actually, let me uh show you some of the samples with this and ill show you that one and if i go to the selfie again, we know a vivo is really good and selfie. So thats the same case – and here you can click here in the portrait mode and adjust the background blur that you want so some outdoor samples for this regular shot.

This is 2xzoom, and this is that 5x optical zoom – and this was that ultra wide human subjects also come out really good. This is the portrait mode by default. It is having 2x zoom, but you can also shoot portraits in this one x zone and this is the regular shot, and i really like the portrait mode on this one. Its done really well, as you can see here, are some of the shots of my wife and the portrait mode really does a good job, some outdoor shots, and it was around sunset, guys, regular shot. This was that portrait mode with 2x zoom, and this was the portrait mode with one xo again. This is the regular shot, and this was that ultra white, as the lighting was getting dull. I just took some uh shots off for some flowers around the area. As you can see, and they came out good – the sun had just set so took some sample shots. The lighting was pretty dull. This is the regular shot. This was that portrait mode, and this was the portrait mode with 2x and some more sample shots and, as you can see, the lighting started to becoming very very dull now. But when you have human subjects, as you can see, it brightens up the whole picture. So, even in done lighting, the pictures come out curd to give you an idea about the focal length of the zoom. This is that 1x zoom.

This is that 2x zoom option. This is that 5x zoom option. And finally, this is that ultra wide moving to the front facing camera again, as you can see, the front facing camera performance is also good. I also like the portrait bokeh mode, the background blur is very natural and you can actually adjust the amount of blur that you want now lets. Look at some of the video samples and first, the gimbal mode, actually guys im running to see how good is the stabilization of this gimbal thing im just running and if i just walk its very, very stable, but you guys, let me know in this gimbal mode As you can see, im just you can do these actions like this very jerky movements. Im doing then also its looking very cinematic guys recording a quick sample uh. This is in the regular video more from the rear facing camera lets. Just move out and im just walking normally, and this is outdoor, so it should be very bright, looks like it handled the exposure, fine and im just going to walk around and guys. This is in the normal mode, not even that full stabilized or the gimbal ultra mode or something then also as you can see, uh. The footage has good amount of stabilization, guys recording with the front facing camera of this vivo x70 pro series and, as you can see, im just walking around and uh looks like the video is actually pretty good, but you guys, let me know how is the video Recording with the front facing camera, guys recording with the front facing camera, and there is a movie in the settings mode, so we are just using that one and you guys, let me know how is it its about six oclock uh the sun as well sets very Soon so guys, certainly a camera centric smartphone, i would say in terms of camera, what vivo has done with this? One is just incredible: not only the uh.

What do you say pro plus, but even the samples that we got with the regular x70 pro were actually really really good. Even the front facing camera was very, very good, as you saw with this, but this one i would say the camera on this one is very, very good if youre a camera lover – and if you have a chance to check this out, will really love that, if You get a chance to play around with the smartphone in a store or something do that and i think so youll be impressed with the camera. If you are specific about the cameras and stuff like that, and also according to vivo, as this is a review that i got a document, they say that when youre buying these phones, these are again supposed to be the premium lineup of phones. So they also have something known as exceptional care that is known as vivo x care that you get with these smartphones both these smartphones. So you get priority treatment. In fact, if you go to vivo stores also and service centers theyll be separate queue and lines for uh these premium smartphones. So you get that special okay, so guys this was the x70 pro plus and the x70 pro.