Apple versus samsung well be comparing their two new models: the for samsung. That would be the s21 ultra and for the apple it would be. The iphone 13 pro max well be comparing uh their characteristics and some basic functions that uh have been improved, so lets get started. So we took a closer look and we were able to these great characteristics that makes uh these two brands, like the favorite of our users uh, we notice uh general things that they have in common uh, like, for instance, similar to iphone 13 pro max the samsung Galaxy s21 ultra does not have a micro sd slot, so thats right guys, the micro sd slot has left. It has left us um but like lets not be worried, because although samsung has always used this micro sd slot for its previous versions of the phones uh now along with uh iphone, they implemented a bigger memory, factory memory that would be that iphone would be one. Third byte of memory and for samsung would be 512 gigabytes, so this is a great improvement since uh before, although um the memory has been good, it hasnt been as great as this new memory for these two new models, so thats great um were also comparing and We were able to uh check and confirm that both phones, uh are 5g compatible, meaning that both phones can connect to a 5g internet. We were also able to check and confirm that both have ip68 certification, meaning that both are resistant to water so like.

This is great for our users who, like to uh travel like who are adventurous and like taking risks, because the phone can get wet and nothing will happen, although we do recommend to after it gets wet um to dry it so like it, doesnt uh malfunction later On okay, so uh, taking closer look to both of the phones, we were also able to um notice some differences um. So, although both are great phones uh, we checked and confirmed that uh iphone lags on screen size uh, with a 6.7 inch screen compared to samsung 6.8 uh screen size so like, even though its dot one inches its still uh like something to take in mind. Also, we need to highlight the fact that samsung has, for the first time ever implemented a stylus in one of its s series um. That is a huge improvement for uh this company and uh. The the reason why we highlight this is because uh iphone uh its a big hit for it, because iphone has never implemented a stylus uh from the factory in a new phone like its always uh, something that you need to buy extra for iphone so like this Is a huge improvement for samsung and a big hit for apple um? We also uh need to take an account that uh, not everything, is good for samsung, because uh iphone has uh upgraded and implemented a new um technology that i think uh. Our users will love, uh were talking about the new 3d camera.

Yes, thats right, even though uh at the s21 ultra of samsung has a camera with 108 megapixels. We believe that the 3d camera of the iphone 13 pro max will overshadow its rival. So we cannot assure uh which phone is the best, but we can confirm that these are features that can cause the enormous addiction we have weve been having um for the phones over the last decade. Uh, when i mean been having, i mean all of us all humanity, because, as i mentioned previously, 64 of humanity, uh has a phone so um. We invite our viewers to uh check more about these two incredible smartphones. Keep in mind that uh, you should uh decide for which one to go to based on your needs.