Normally they come with android 10.. This model here comes in two variants. We get the three gigabytes of ram and 64. this one. It is also available with four gigabytes of ram and 128, which is the one inside of this box, and it comes in two different colors. We get the blue color and the gray color. I got the gray inside it supports dual sim and, of course, a tf card up to one terabyte. We have a massive battery of 5150. It has a 6.53 inch display 720p with about 291 ppi lcd panel as well. We get a three camera setup on the back: a 16 regular sensor, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel macro lens together with an 8 megapixel front facing camera. Then, of course, we get here the lte bands, but now the special part about this phone is yet to be known so inside here you guys can see that i took already that plastic wrapper, so it comes with a protector, as you can tell, which is always Appreciated, since these phones are kind of rare here in the usa, so it comes with this little case right here silicon case you can get another one, i believe theyre available on amazon. If im not mistaken on the back side. Here we can see, we have a very nice finish here. This is glass by the way and it has like a glaze uh feel to it its like a like a raspy feel, but at the same time its soft, then here we can see the beyond dreams.

A lot of people like this, some people, dont thats, okay, we get here the umidigi logo as well and on the back side here is where everything starts becoming. I would say a little bit different, so we have the three camera setup. Okay, we got the led light right there, but check this out guys. We have a built in thermometer. Yes, it has an infrared thermometer and it could take your skin temperature or body temperature and also surface temperature aint that cool and again. This is something that you dont see on every budget phone out there, at least in 2021 so far, and this one has it and im talking about this phone its about a hundred dollars. So keep that in your mind, guys on the side. Here we have the volume rockers up and down together with the power key, and this is also a fingerprint scanner towards the bottom side of the device. You get the microphone usb c, with the loudspeaker, its only a single speaker device on the left hand side here, which is another feature that again you dont see on every budget phone. This is a dedicated shortcut key, so you can program it or remap it. If you want to call it that way to any other application that you wish to have so in this case, for example, have one press opens tick? Tock, a double press opens the camera and theres another one, but i kind of forgot.

I believe if you hold and press it, it opens another application, so you can do about three, and here we have the sim tray now on top. This is a feature that well has vanished for most smartphones, especially the ones coming out in 2021, and it has to do with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. This one still has it on the front here we have the display that i already mentioned with a 720p resolution and the water drop notch on the top here. That is carrying that a megapixel sensor, so we do have also an ear speaker very tiny right above the camera, and it comes pre installed already with a screen protector. So there we have it for the phone inside of the box. Here we have the manuals. Okay comes with a little sim ejector tool, the manuals and thats about it. We get the regular wall charger now, theres. A little issue with this or a little complaint is that. Well, we have a massive battery and this is just a standard charger. It takes a long time to charge this device. It takes roughly about almost two hours so coming from fast charging phones thats a little bit slow. So here we have the usb c, cable and ive used it, of course, to test the device and thats all we get inside now. In my opinion, another cool feature or something that i just found out about the umidigi a11 – is that they are claiming that this is not a phone compatible with verizon.

Well guess what guys i just popped in my verizon sim card and the phone supported verizon dont. Ask me how dont ask me why, but it does support verizon, so im, assuming that maybe has to do because of the lte bands are supported by the way. This is not a 5g device and it comes with almost a stock android 11. So here we have the display and you can tell that the colors, even though this is not an amoled or an oled display, it does look quite cool and right there. You can see already that it has red my verizon sim card right here, guys a lot of people always comment and ask me if theres any phones that work with verizon well here you have it so lets, go ahead and, of course unlock this. So we just started the phone lets enter my code and so the first thing i want to test here. I have registered my face, but let me see if it does work quite fast right now i have the camera in front of me. There you go, you can see that it didnt lock. It takes a moment there we go, you can see thats, because again i have the camera in front of it, but it does work quite well and of course here we have the fingerprint so from being asleep. Lets see how long it takes it takes roughly about a second second and a half approximately lets.

Try the right thumb. You guys can see that it is about the same, but if i wake the device, its actually a little bit faster. So if i press it, you can see that its actually a little bit faster, but if i just put my finger on it without pressing it, it takes a little bit longer, but it doesnt fail guys so far i would say out of every 20 tries, maybe It fails one because it was my mistake and thats about it so again here we have that water drop notch on the top, and you can see right there, the ear speaker we have the camera and right above it. We have the ear speaker right there and so this phone, the only little downside, is that well, they did a pretty good job, keeping it almost bezel less, except for the bottom. Here we have a big chin, so this is the operating system and so something they did. I dont know why they do this by default. Is that if you go here into you hold and press any empty corner, you go into home settings and youre going to launch your style. They had it on home screen. So what this does is that it doesnt give you the app drawer, as you guys can tell you, can swipe up and it doesnt give it to you. So again, if you hold and press here, you go to home settings, you go to launcher and change it to default.

Now we have an app drawer on here. So one of the first things i did just for reference purposes is that i went to unto the benchmark. I downloaded this directly from the browser and i perform a test now. This is just something that i do as a reference. It doesnt mean the phone sucks, but this score it does a little 90 000 and right now, flagships are scoring almost 700 000 approximately. So this is a low score. This phone is mainly meant for phone calls web browsing, maybe some basic game playing, but nothing hardcore. This is definitely not a phone for that if youre looking for something to play, games all the time and to just have it where you want to max it out and just do a lot of strong stuff with it. This is not a phone for you. This is mainly a phone with a long battery that will last you the entire day, if youre just surfing the web, making phone calls and doing things like you know, just simple things. So again, i have used this device now for the past couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, i do have here most of the applications that i use on a daily basis and the phone is not disappointing whatsoever. I did perform here the geekbench 5 benchmark as well, and this one also did, i would say, more towards the poor side lets go into history, so you can see right here.

The single core 144 and the multicore was 835., so nothing very special or nothing to brag about, but now heres the cool part about this device. We already tested the face recognition and the fingerprint but check this out guys if i double click here, it opens the camera. Look how quick this button is. If i single press it, it opens tick, tock, okay and if i hold it for a few seconds, lets see it opens amazon. Yes, of course i like to shop a lot, so it opens amazon, so you can tell you can program this. If you go here into settings, lets go ahead and check that out right now and by the way i have the dark mode activated. If you go here into display, you can do so by just clicking here this little toggle just flick it to the side and it goes into dark mode, its my preferred method of viewing phones. Otherwise i get a headache but anyways. Here we have things like smart key, and so this is the one that you can remap. So, as you can tell for single click, i have tick tock. You can change this to any other application, as you can tell it could be the ones that you just downloaded and thats a pretty nice feature again for a phone that only costs. This much were talking about 100 bucks guys and its giving you four gigabytes of ram 128 gigs of internal storage and so on and so forth.

But now of course, when it comes now to the gaming side, this phone is just going to handle some basic gaming. So for right now i am testing here beach, buggy and yes, its going to run great because these games dont require heavy cpu usage and for that reason, this being the g25 by mediatek well thats, exactly what its going to do its just going to handle some Basic games, nothing special dont, even try it, because you might be disappointed, i mean it might do it, but its just going to lag quite a bunch and its not going to be anything enjoyable. Then we have here the camera. So the camera, like i said before we have a 16 megapixel main shooter on the back side, together with the ultra wide. By the way we have this little toggle here we click on it. It gives you that ultra wide a megapixel and then we have the macro lens, so they all work as intended guys, but the quality is not going to be a flagship level. This is just going to do the job for basic pictures. The macro lens does work, but you have to tweak it a little bit and play with it until you get that perfect photo and then you just shoot it, and you can see the logo here, how big it looks now from this picture, and i would say, Thats quite cool, so again everything works as described, but its not going to be that quality that you guys might be looking for, for example, like 4k recording, this doesnt have 4k recording.

If you go into videos, we go into settings at the max that we can go its a 1080p quality. You can tell in this video that it looks a little bit shaky. I tried to hold it as steady as possible, but the video are not stable. It doesnt have electronic image stabilization and it doesnt have optical image stabilization either. So here we have the front facing camera again just basic stuff 1080p, and it does have wide angle as well. You can do a picture here. You can do video at 1080p. Like i said before, you can do portrait as well, very cool, but again it is just a functional camera that will take basic photos. Now when it comes to the loudspeaker, as i said before, this is a single speaker. So im gon na be playing a gemini man clip here in 4k. Applause. Music Applause stop right there who are you i dont, want to shoot. You fine dont, shoot me mind. If i shoot you okay well guys there, we have it for the sound quality coming into this device and, to be honest with you, it is not something impressive, its just another, again speaker basic quality. That will not give you stereo sound, of course, because we only have one functional at the bottom and thats pretty much it. But now, when it comes here to the call quality, the phone does quite well things that we are here getting boys over lte or also known as hd voice, and that is working properly.

So when making phone calls, people thought i was just using the regular iphone 12 pro max that i normally use and they didnt complain. But now, when using the loudspeaker, they did complain that there was like background noise, a lot of background noise. So i would just say that use a bluetooth device or use it regularly, just bring the phone to your ear and youre gon na have a much better experience, but other than that the phone does perform quite well with phone calls. Another cool part here about the umidigi a11 is that it has somewhat uh, i would say, pretty cool customizations like, for example, you can change your widgets here from the notification and in this case i added here screen record start in which youre going to start recording Your screen by just tapping on here very easy to do. If we go here into the task killer as well, we can take a screenshot. You can see the tugboat right there at the bottom, so you dont have to be pressing two buttons at the same time. Another cool feature here with the human dga 11 is that if you hold and press here, the volume rock goes up and down it will call the emergency services you have to enable this on settings. I believe i saw it on here – im not 100 sure, but lets go here into where it says smart assist and lets go into emergency rescue.

You can see it right there guys. So it says right here the instructions to use the emergency rescue door in an emergency. Please press and hold the volume up and down key for three seconds. It says it right there, so these are again features that do make a difference, and i just love it guys: a budget phone not really for gaming, not the best for camera, but its still a functional phone with decent features. Okay, so now we have one more feature to test and thats going to be the infrared thermometer. I left this for last, just because i had a lot of fun with it, and so this is one again. The features that i would say is one of the main highlights of this device versus the competition out there. So lets go ahead and open this application called thermometer, and this is my last reading and its best for just reading, like your skin stuff, like that. So right now we have it on people here. So what we got to do is just place that sensor just put it on your skin, like so, and click on measure and thats, my temperature guys 96.6. According to the phone now, we know that kova is still running around, especially with that delta variant, so this is a good way to measure your temperature with your own device and not having to worry about getting a thermometer. You know this is in case. You want to use this on a daily basis.

This is very cool. You cant deny it its a very cool phone for about a hundred dollars guys. So, with this being said, let me know down below what you think about the yumi dg a11.