Now i see much more in the finest detail, i capture earth and all its beauty. I see action Music, i see drama Music and i see it in the finest detail: Music moments of inspiration, Music and the first steps. Music im still awake for the first light Music. I am the oneplus 9. Music meet the lg velvet 5g, truly designed to impress with a 3d arch that fits beautifully in your hand with att 5g youll get next level power for the experiences you already love level up your photography with the water droplet inspired camera, Its 48 megapixel ai, enhanced camera takes true to life images. There are wide angle and depth lenses and a 16 megapixel front facing camera for fabulous, selfies Music and take photos in a variety of light conditions. With night view, lgs immersive asmr feature provides amplified sound for recording video or use voice bokeh to zero. In on a specific, sound powered by a 4300 milliamp battery youll stay entertained all day and power up with wireless and fast charging capabilities. The lg velvet designed to impress gofind series pushes the boundaries of technology to constantly create new possibilities, now were doing it again. Awakening your senses with the new find x2 series crafted from highly durable ceramic. Every curve is deliberately designed to feel like an extension of you for a visual experience. That brings you closer to reality. Weve incorporated a 120 hertz ultravision screen that makes the screen smoother than ever.

True billion color display refreshes seamlessly to present every vivid detail so real that youll feel like youre. Actually, there, the best in class 01 ultravision engine turns even normal frame rate videos into high quality presentations, while the sound stereo system awakens a stunning cinema. Like experience into your hands, the find x2 series also introduces a revolutionary ultravision camera system that features a larger custom made sensor and all pixel omnidirectional pdaf technology. Even in low light conditions, you can switch and lock the focus between foreground and background seamlessly live. Hdr. Video recording captures videos with sharper detail in bright and in dark, while the periscope telephoto lens easily turns every photo into art from any distance. Our 65 watt supervooc 2.0 flash charge again pushing charging speed beyond the imaginable the unique component configuration was designed for the era of 5g weve set a mission to use technology to awaken your senses, and now the answer is right in front of you. Oppo find x2 series Music Music. This is your new mate future technology is now introducing huawei mate 40 mate 40 pro and mate 40 pro plus its got the most powerful care and chipset ever Music. Take the best photos any time of day against backlight and low life Music see further with 100 times, telephoto zoom make your wide angle. Shots picture, perfect, Music, video, your world with ease, more stabilization, more perspective and a lot more intelligence, Music, bringing you color and definition.

Thats, second, to none its front camera smartly fits everyone in and puts your selfies in slow mo. It responds to your gesture and even to your eyesight tap to work with your matebook need more windows. Yes, one more and one more get super fast charging with accessories packed with advanced technologies. It brings you an experience like no others Music.