Starting to see these mobile phone gimbals start to show up in a lot more peoples hands now this is the dji om5, the newest model, in their om phone gimbal range now, at first glance, the main difference between this and the last years model. The om4 is its a lot smaller 25 percent, smaller to be exact and theyve shaved off a whole hundred grams, from its weight going from ‘0 grams of the om4 down to 290 in the om5, its relatively the same as the om4 still having the same magnetic Phone clamp for ease of use, the magnetic mount other than a few aesthetical changes is the same as last years model, so they are interchangeable, so you can use them on both device Music and it folds away into a nice compact form factor that you could easily Put in your bag or your pocket, the same three axis motor control, which did i say, can hold even heavier phones, this time around its got a thousand milliamp hour battery, which they say can last for about six and a half hours. The buttons and the controls are relatively unchanged, except now there is a mode button on the side which acts for power and switching some settings. The joystick is pretty much in the same place except theyve gone for this tactile clicky button design this time around, which i think makes it a little easier to use, as you can be a lot more sure about what direction youre pushing it now the size and The weight is absolutely insane the om4 i thought, was pretty light and small and portable, but this is a whole another level.

You wouldnt think itd make a lot of difference, but this is so much lighter than the om4 that it feels so much less of a burden to walk around. You dont really realize how much that little bit of weight was adding to the usability of the gimbal. Now, removing that extra size and weight makes it, i guess a tad less ergonomic, but i guess its so light now that that doesnt really matter it still has ergonomic shaping to it. So its not terrible, but maybe its a little less, of a firm grip in your hand, but for this kind of weight you wouldnt really have to worry about that. The biggest change between this and the om4 is that it has all of these features. All of these upgrades, but it also has an extension rod built right in this. I could see allowing for so much more versatility with your filming on your phone as you can get those much higher shots and emulate sort of uh drone site like shots and get really low to the ground and get some really cinematic movements through the grass. It also allows you to have a much wider field of view when filming vlog style, stuff filming two camera, as you can get a lot more of that background in your shot and its less of a real close up on your face. Now the m button on the side is used for powering on or off the device by holding it down, a simple tap will switch between photo and video mode.

Double tap: well, send it to sleep and tapping it four times will send it into fpv mode, which is a lot more responsive and will adjust more to your hand, movements and less of that smoothing effect now thats the hardware of the device, but really where dji Always shines in their products is their software, and this is no exception. This time around its got a thing called shot guides built into the dji memo app. The shop guides will use ai to detect the scene youre in and it will suggest shots and movements. You can make and record them to your device and after that it will use all those shots youve made and edit them together automatically into a nice little clip for you to share on your social media feeds. I see this as a great way for first timers to dip their toes into video making, as it does all the work for you, but along the way you are learning the kind of shots you can do with a gimbal like this. So yeah it is a cheaty, easy way of making a little bit of content in an environment youre in, but then i see it more as a gateway into filmmaking as a whole, especially for younger people and people that have never done it before. But most people have a phone and can pick up a little gimbal like this and really up the quality and their knowledge of filmmaking.

Now, obviously, its not going to be incredible, looking footage and stuff, it all depends on how good your phone is and an ai can only get you so far out of the way there now, on the other side of the software. Now it comes with a brand new update to their active track. It is far more responsive on this gimbal. It can track you much faster and its much better when it loses you picking back up as soon as it sees you in frame again. Obviously, you can track objects as well, and the ability now to use the trigger to trigger active track makes it far more useful and easier to use, as you can just point it at your subject, tap the trigger and it will start tracking or if youre, in Selfie mode, pointing at your face tapping the trigger it will detect your face. Itll know to automatically track your face, no more needing to tap the screen and draw a box around what you need to track in an awkward way. You can do all the controls from the controller itself. On that note, the trigger is also used to double tap, will recenter hold it well, put it into a lock mode, so itll stay, looking one direction and a tap and hold will put it into sport mode, which is a little bit like fpv, but even faster Responsiveness when youre doing really fast, paced shooting now, of course, all the cool shot effects come back with this gimbal like the dolly zoom, hyper zoom effect and the twisting inception style shots and, of course, the photography effects such as panoramic, where well take a load of Images and stitch them all together to make a really high resolution image and the cloning effect where you can clone yourself several times in a scene or automatically, maybe theyre even more versatile.

Now, because you have this extended arm, so you can get really low or really high, while also using the same effects. Even now, you might be a little less incognito walking around a bit looking like a tourist but being able to get super low and super high and wide gives you so many more creative choices stories makes a return as well, which i guess is the predecessor to The new shot guides where it will take a bunch of the clips, youve recorded and edit them automatically into a little montage, and you can put music and if you wan na, you can put the dji logo on, for example, if you really wan na shout, i Have a dji, obviously it being dji setup, is super easy. You just download the app turn on the gimbal. It will automatically detect it and connect straight away, and then you can do all the cool effects and stuff the app pairing is pretty much seamless. It will just detect the gimbal and connect automatically and you just hit go and youre ready to go along with the gimbal uh dji also released a new optional accessory, which is a brand new phone clamp, but its not just any phone clamp theyve added these two Light bars to it, which you can change between three different brightness modes and between three different color temperatures. This makes shooting at night actually doable and integrates directly into the gimbal system, so you dont have to have some weird accessory dangling off the device.

Somehow it uses the same magnetic clamp as the other clamps, so it is interchangeable even with the old om4, as well as the om5. Finally, the last point on the new hardware is, as you can see, this one comes in white to me. It looks a little bit pink, but i quite like that its like an off white pinky hue, but it does still come in the good old dgi grey. If you did want to go for more of that look now, i cant really say too much to fault this tgi just every time they release a device. Surprised me, as i dont really see many ways they can make the devices better, but they still innovate and they add features that i didnt even know we needed, such as this extension rod. I didnt even think this would be possible now its not a perfect design as when youre extending or unextending the rod. You do kind of have to put pressure on that bottom motor, which feels a little bit like youre, forcing it which uh isnt great, but otherwise it feels super sturdy like you, dont have to worry about it, feeling flimsy at this distance, as this rod is really Feels really tough and rigid, and to get a little bit of a different angle, you can angle it up or down. Obviously, dji software is always unrivalled when it comes to these kind of things. Manufacturers like xeon and that make amazing hardware, but the software is always a little bit lacking its like the amount of stuff you can do with djis gimbals like this isnt, the first phone gimbal to have an extension rod, but its just djis implementation and then linking With their software makes it so much more versatile and usable and user friendly, so beginners who know how to use a phone can just tap a few things, and it will tell you exactly how to make some really cool shots and, finally, the weight bringing it down.

I, as i said before, i didnt think they needed to drop the weight, but holding this for an extended period of time. You realize, especially if youre, going on a hike or saying, makes this so much more usable but yeah. If you frequent instagram stories or instagram reels or youre the next up and coming big tiktok creator, or even if you just happen to shoot content from your phone and thats your preferred method, the dji om5 is a great way to up your game and also have A little bit of fun, while youre doing it its so super and easy to use and to get people into making videos and making content and helping them learn along the way. I think this is a great little device, but yeah ive been rob. This has been photobite dont forget to like comment and subscribe, and if you want to keep up to date with everything were doing, dont forget to hit that bell as well.