But lets do this im going to make a whole bunch of little clips back and forth. So you can hear what it sounds like to compare what youre hearing here, which is the internal microphone on an iphone 11, not a terrible mic, but youll see that the quality is much enhanced and much clearer and a little more volume. When you get this mic plugged in ill, give you some specs here in just a minute, but uh lets go back and forth. So you can really hear my voice right now and now lets transition to the mic. Okay, now weve got the mic plugged in and on im, going to talk a little bit about the microphone before i play any harmonica. But when i do play ill, go back to the smartphone without the mic plugged in and play a little harmonica and itll switch right over to the mic being plugged in so for now just to hear the voice quality. Hopefully you can tell the difference. Ive done some pretty extensive testing with this mic. Ive had it for a while now about a week and ive recorded through my phone with it doing just simple video and audio recordings, but ive also been streaming. I tried it on zoom and i streamed to facebook and youtube and had good results all around with this mic, not just making these videos if youre looking to enhance the quality of your recordings, especially for music id say this is a wonderful package at 35 bucks.

You can pick this up. It comes with a carrying case. You can see that you get the case. You get a pop filter, which i already have on it, a windscreen, an extra cord that has the curlicue hookup and even a little adapter in case. You want to plug in a different size, cable, but you could use this with a video camera, dslr camera or obviously the most common use is going to be for the smartphone. So lets go ahead and switch back to uh the camera internal microphone and get some clips with harmonica going and ill go back and forth all right. Here we go Music, huh, Music, Music. You can hear that its just a clearer, sound you get when the mic is plugged in a little more volume too. Let me show you around the mic. This thing is only 35 bucks for the whole package, if i havent said so. That means this little carrying case. That means the windscreen that comes with it, the pop filter thats already on it, two cords, a curly q1 and a straight one, another adapter in case you have a different input for your cord, going to your video, camera or dslr, but most people are going to Plug it into their smartphone and on the back here, youve got these three inputs, one to charge, one to connect it to your phone and the other one is a head zone, a headphone input. So if you want to monitor the sound youre, getting um im, just super impressed with this thing, ive had a chance to test it live streaming, ive done zoom with it um facebook and i had great results so for 35 bucks.

Again, i had to pay 15 20 bucks just for this tripod im in love with the tripod, its its like a metal base, its pretty sturdy heavy duty right there, its a cardioid mic, so youll definitely want to have it facing you just straight on like this. It picks up that sound directly in front of it. Youll have to charge up the thing, but it has been lasting me for a long time and ive only charged it once um and thats, probably a good thing. As my buddy jerry was pointing out, then it then its not utilizing the battery on the phone, its got its own battery, so i think other mics that you would plug directly into the port feed off partially. Maybe some of the battery on the phone but im im super impressed with the quality i own, a sure, mv 88, which is 150 dollar microphone again compared to this 35 dollar, one id say its right on track with the quality that that microphone produces um.