A52. The galaxy 852 5g is a mid range offering from samsung. It is a little pricier than the standard a52, but the extra cash nets you 5g access, depending on where you live, so keep watching till end of the video to find out what else separates them in the gag tech channel samsung galaxy a52, 5g review Music. The galaxy a52 5g is a mid range smartphone, but its body has several premium elements. The front gorilla, glass, 5 sheet is much appreciated. Super amoled screen technology that brings sharp display quality, fresh images for you to enjoy attractive entertainment programs. The plastic frame looks nice with the glossy finish, while the rear material which made from polycarbonate has this incredible matte layer that is really mesmerizing. Samsung calls the colors options. Awesome black awesome, white, awesome, violet, awesome, blue and we are inclined to agree. The dimension of the galaxy a52 5g is 6.3 inches length, 2.96 inches wide 0.33 inches thickness and 189 gram weight. The galaxy a52 5g dimension is slightly larger than the galaxy a51, but its still small and light enough to hold with one hand the overall feel of the phone is quite good. The remaining design elements are function over form, but thats not a bad thing. The power button and volume toggle are high on the right edge of the phone, while the buttons are easy to find and use the combo sim card or memory card tray is tucked into the top edge.

It supports microsd cards up to one terabyte samsung kept the phones left edge, entirely free of design elements, but the bottom contains the usbc port, headphone, jack and downward firing. Speaker samsung is among the few makers to offers official ip ratings for its mid range series than the galaxy a52 5g, giving it an edge against more aggressively priced chinese computer roads. The phone is ip67 rated for dust and water resistance and it can survive in a meter deep water for up to 30 minutes. Music samsung has carried over the screen size and resolution from last years phone but boosted the display, thanks to a much faster refresh rate, a bezel, less 6.5 inch amoled display with a 120 hertz refresh rate, dominates the front of the phone together with a full hd Plus resolution a maximum brightness of 800 nits, it competes with anything outside of the flagship class, its a gorgeous display with vivid colors and deep inky blacks. The resolution clocks in at 2400 by 1080, with a pixel density of 405 ppi viewing angles, are excellent and its bright enough to use in direct sunlight. The phone is set to 120 hertz out of the box. If you want the battery saving 60 hertz experience, youll need to turn it on yourself. The 120 hertz experience is quite nice, particularly when navigating youtube and other apps that necessitate lots of scrolling. The display offers all the amenities you expect from a modern phone.

That means dark mode is on board as our controls for eye comfort, screen mode edge panels, accidental touch protection, high sensitivity for glove use and control over the navigation bar for those who prefer biometrics over passwords and pins. The samsung galaxy a52 5g includes an in display fingerprint reader. It wasnt quite as fast as id like a fingerprint reader to be, but accuracy was solid. My only minor criticism would be reserved for the punch hole, camera centered at the top, which has the faintest silver circle around it. Some may find this annoying as it breaks up the otherwise pure black of the screen. Music samsung sells this phone with either six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage or eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. If you need extra space, theres microsd support up to one terabyte theres, an octa core qualcomm, snapdragon, 750 g processor. Doing the heavy lifting here, you wont, get a top end experience with this chipset, but its powerful enough for most tasks and youre unlikely to be frustrated when it is a touch slower. If youll be playing a lot of mobile games, you may want to look elsewhere, but this is still a capable phone. Its chipset just means you may have to wait a touch longer for apps and games to load, rather than it being unable to undertake basic tasks. The a525g is fine for everyday use, but not for heavy lifting running benchmarks highlighted the limitations of the snapdragon 750g.

It put up mediocre scores across a number of test. Apps such as geekbench i found on geekbench 5. The phone was capable of an average multi core score of 1623 thats, notably lower than samsungs flagship galaxy s 21, which scored 2 699, but thats also a far more expensive phone. The scores are similar to handsets like the moto g5 g plus, which is a touch cheaper than samsungs option, but scored 1822. gaming was hit or miss the phone handled. Some simple parlor games with no trouble but games with lots of polygons to push were too much for the galaxy a52 5g. For example, asphalt 9 a fairly demanding 3d game was stuttery and slow on the galaxy a52 5g making gameplay frustrating to say the least. Dont expect game changing performance from the galaxy a52 5g, but its powerful enough for most people pick another phone if raw power or gaming is important to you, Music. The camera on the samsung galaxy a52, 5g sounds good on paper and i found the results to be. Similarly, impressive in real life, the a52 5gs camera system captures respectable photos. Even at night. There is a powerful 64 megapixels main sensor with optical image stabilization and an aperture of 1.8 thats. Only one of four elements on the rear, shooter tube theres, also a 12 megapixels ultra wide camera, a 5 megapixels depth scanner and a 5 megapixels macro camera. The galaxy a52 5g has a fairly standard setup for the middle of the market.

Its got a pixel rich main camera, as well as ultra wide macro and depth cameras. Samples taken from the main sensor were quite good. They are been down by a factor of 4 to 16 megapixels. The color definition detail, white balance, exposure and sharpness of the photo is awesome. Most importantly, the majority of photos were accurate to the scene at hand. Since this is the lens people will use the most its good that it gets the job done for long distance shots. The phone relies wholly on digital zoom. That means its using the main lens and cropping it. These images are a bit softer and the color wasnt, always as rich as shooting at the standard focal length. If you zoom in youll, see jagged edges in some places something about zooming in messes, with exposure somewhat, the ultra wide camera does a fairly decent job. Snagging large field of view scenes even shooting directly into the sun. Netted solid detail in the shadows, video captured with the galaxy a52 5g was good, but not great. The 4k resolution is fine, though i wish the camera supported 60 fps, rather than just 30 fps. Even so, the video clips i took were clean, relatively colorful and rich in detail without too much loss of detail or noise, particularly in low light. The app is more or less the same one that youll find on samsungs higher end phones. It has a standard configuration of shutter controls on one side and settings adjustments such as flash timer and aspect ratio on the other.

It includes photo video single, take samsungs capture all at once, tool and fun. The fun shooting mode steals filters from snapchat and is something youd expect on a phone for teens. My guess is not every galaxy a52 5g owner will be a kid, but samsung hopes theyll all be kids at heart. All the other shooting modes, including the useful portrait mode, are buried in the more tab. Music. The galaxy a52 5g comes with a 4500 milliamp hour cell and the company claims the smartphone will offer a two day battery life. In practice, i found it lasted much closer to a single day of full usage, but if youre not using the phone a lot each day, you may find itll. Last you two days even with the screens refresh rate set to 120 hertz, the galaxy a52 5g lasted 17 hours and 40 minutes in our battery test. You can score even more battery life if you drop the refresh rate down to 60 hertz and employ the battery saving tools. In other words, the phone gets the job done. That met our expectations of the battery life on the galaxy a52 5g, though, and it was capable of lasting a full day in most of our testing with us, often coming to charge it at night, with between 30 and 10 percent left over before a recharge. If you do use the phone a lot, there is 25 watts fast charging here that can charge the phone up to half full in just 30 minutes.

I tested out this feature using the charger in the box and found that it didnt pan out as theres. Only a 15 watts charger in the box, so samsung has a charger here, but if you want the top fast charging features, youll have to opt for a separate charger. I havent yet been able to test out the companys top charging tech on this phone. For that reason, theres also no wireless charging on the galaxy a52, 5g, so youll be using a wired charger. When you run out of power, i wouldnt necessarily expect to see such a feature on a phone at this price point. The a525g comes with samsungs own one. Ui 3.1 layered over android 11.. This is the most up to date, software available to any samsung device on the market. Right now, its now offering three years of updates. This means the phone will stay current and protected for longer. One ui 3.1 itself is a solid user interface skin. All the usual and expected bits are in place, for example, theres, an app drawer and mercifully access to the google discover feed on the left home screen panel on older phones, samsung forced you to use bixby or its samsung free feeds. Having access to the discover feed makes me much happier, though you can switch back to samsung free if you so desire Music. The samsung galaxy a52 5g is a solid midranger with a few predictable shortcomings. It competes well in a market thats saturated with alternatives and could be a winner for samsung samsung adopted its typical design language for the phone, which is a love it or hate it type thing.

The galaxy a52 5g packs a whopping 6.5 inch, 120 hertz panel. That looks really good. All day battery is available from the 4500 milliamp hour power supply and the 64 megapixels main camera does a reasonably good job for this price range. The secondary cameras could do a better job, particularly the ultra wide camera, which generates soft results and, if theres, anything to really ding the phone for its performance, its perfectly fine for daily tasks. But if youre into gaming, the galaxy 850 to 5g snapdragon, 750 g processor. Just doesnt have the necessary chops on the whole. The samsung galaxy a52 5g is a scrappy midranger. That offers a lot of value far more than its predecessor. No ‘9.99 phone is without compromises, but none of the 852 5g shortcomings feel like total deal breakers with these basics. Handled samsung is leading the way with software thats, a good thing for galaxy fans and the galaxy a52 5g. Specifically, thanks for watching and dont forget to like subscribe and turn on the notification to get more update information from dash tech for your gadget needs.