This is mark of tech pinas. How are you, i hope, everyones doing well in this new tech, venus video im going to give you a quick, unboxing and features rundown of the all new techno mobile poverty. Android smartphone techno mobile poverty is now officially available here in the philippines and you can get it for only 7990 and its out in three color ways: dazzle black polar silver and power blue, so join me and lets figure out together. If this is the right, affordable gaming handset for you, okay lets start with a quick stop motion unboxing of the device Music, all right, so lets start with the design, as well as a display of the technopova2. So this handset has dimensions of 173.3 by 78.8 by 9.6 millimeters and it weighs 185 grams which frankly, make it the quite sizeable smartphone, but its still very pocketable. This footprint is largely similar to that of several mid range android smartphones in the market, with comparable screen size. Speaking of the screen, this model flaunts a 6.9 inch full hd plus ips display thats, clear, crisp and brilliant enough to deliver an enjoyable viewing experience, whether youre browsing websites playing games or just viewing tv series and movies. The screen only has a small punch hole on top where the front camera is as well as thin bezels. That dont negatively affect the visual experience. If you ask me, this very large display is one of the strongest selling points of the techno pova ii.

At the back, the smartphone has a polycarbonate plate with an intricate micro line finish and metallic sheen that give it an air of elegance and corporate sophistication. For me, these details make technopova 2 look more expensive than it actually is. The polycarbonate back plate has rounded corners that make the smartphone less of a hassle to keep in the pocket. Despite having a large size. The sides, on the other hand, have a slight beveling that doesnt only look like a design accent, but also makes it easier to hold the device with one hand. Okay now lets talk about the photography and video recording capabilities of this smartphone technopova2 features a quad rear camera module consisting of a 48 megapixel f, 1.9 main camera thats the best of the bunch for everyday point and shoot photography, as well as for low light performance. Theres also a 2 megapixel macro camera for close up photography or capturing minute details on larger objects. A 2 megapixel depth sensor enables portrait mode, wherein you can add background blur to highlight the subject and finally, theres also what i believe to be a 2 megapixel ai camera. This set of cameras, which is powered by technos own ai, imaging software that automatically figures out whats in front of the lens and instantly adjusts settings to deliver. The best image possible is certainly one of my favorite features of this smartphone model. I just wish that it also had an ultra wide angle, camera and perhaps a telephoto zoom camera in view of the macro shooter better than many smartphones in the sub 10 000 category.

Technopova2 also has a quad led flash on its rear camera module, which greatly improves the devices imaging and video recording prowess even in low to zero ambient lighting conditions for youtubers vloggers and other video content. Creators technopova2s main camera at the back can record 2k full hd and hd videos at 30 frames per second. The 2k recorder is particularly useful since youtube provides better compression for clips recorded in that resolution or higher, if you prefer, using your smartphones front facing camera for recording your vlogs. So you can see yourself on the screen, then you will appreciate techno povatos 2k and full hd 30 frames per second front shooter that also benefits from a bright led, torch light, which is handy in low light settings. This front facing camera, also shoots 8 megapixel selfies. That are instantly ready for sharing on social media thanks to technos own skin smoothening or beautification software. Overall, although the quality of the images and videos you get from technopova, 2 cant, quite rival, that of flagship handsets from xiaomi, samsung or apple, the photos and clips taken using the smartphone are certainly more than good enough. Considering the price of the handset now lets jump to internal hardware and mobile gaming prowess technopova 2 runs its high os 7.6 customized android 11 operating system with an energy efficient yet capable 12 nanometer 2 gigahertz octa core mediatek helio g85 processor. It incorporates a mali, g52 mc2 gpu for smooth graphics performance when playing your favorite mobile games.

This chipset is one of the more high end models from the taiwanese company mediatek and its specifically crafted to allow budget friendly mid range handsets, like technopova 2, to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience to users. The cpu is complemented by six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage that can easily be expanded using the smartphones, dedicated micro sd card slot. So you dont need to sacrifice dual sim capability to get more space for your large files. Id say that the set of internal hardware of the technopova2 is a real treat on a 2021 handset thats priced at only 7190.. Actually, if youre going to ask me the processor, the ram and the internal storage of the techno prova 2 together represent its primary selling. Point if you love playing mobile legends, bang bang on your smartphone, then youd be glad to know that you will get a buttery smooth experience running this title on technopova2. Even if you turn on high frame rate, this smartphone will just breeze through it. No problem, tactum mobas very own gamespace 2.0 automatically enhances the gaming performance of the device by accelerating memory and network connectivity, as well as by boosting gpu and cpu performance. This is definitely a priced feature of the techno povo ii for heavy mobile gamers, or at least those who play mobile legends to de stress and relax if youre curious about technopova2s privacy and security features well. On top of the usual pattern and passcode unlock, as well as facial recognition embedded in the front cam for accessing the user interface, techno povato has a side mounted fingerprint scanner that adds a veritable layer of protection for the user against those who intend to check the Handsets content without permission, this fingerprint scanner is conveniently integrated with the power button for a seamless, unlocking gesture when turning on the device or when you are waking it up from sleep now lets talk about the battery and the charging speed.

If you hate always carrying a huge power bank in your bag or charging your handset in the middle of the day, just to make sure that your smartphone will still have enough juice, come the end im sure you will love techno povatos ultra high capacity 7, 000 Milliamp hours lithium polymer battery this pack, which is one of the biggest you will find in the 2021 entry level to lower mid range smartphone category, easily ensures 24 hours of uptime even for power users and heavy gamers, or up to two to three days. For those who just casually use their handset for updating social media accounts or watching videos from time to time, technopova2 comes with 18 watts, dual ic flash charge technology that delivers, speedier and safer power recharging. With this innovation, you can get 2.5 hours of call time and 20 hours of music playback after just 10 minutes of charging the device to an electrical outlet using the provided, travel charger and cable. So do i recommend the technopova2, even if i think that this smartphone could have been better in terms of imaging capabilities, im highly inclined to recommend technopova2. Because of all the strong points that i have noted, including the large screen, the powerful set of internal hardware. The large battery the fast charging technology and also the video recording capabilities. So if youre now looking to upgrade from your entry level, android smartphone to a good gaming device with all of the features that i have shown you, then they think that you should definitely check out the techno mobile poverty or the techno poverty.

Alright. So there you have it if you have any questions about the techno provatu, just leave them in the comments section below again. This is mark of tech. Pinas dont forget to like and subscribe to the tech.