When i create a video, but ive wanted for a long time, something that could live in the car. That could be with me that would improve my audio and video recordings, and this just turned up in the in the post, which is the ivlog one smartphone video kit from movo. So what were gon na do today is im gon na test it out im gon na run through everything in it compare what we get uh having this as a setup, thats constantly on hand for those spontaneous moments versus how it compares to. If i just used my iphone and im using an iphone 11 for those of you that are that are curious, so um lets dive into it. Music, so ive come down to the local park to give this a demo and run through it and im actually going to start this video with a comparison of just my phone totally unedited and then the same thing: um totally unedited. But using the mic and the light, so you can see the difference and then, at the end of this very end of this video im actually going to edit the the mic and camera im going to put it through what i would normally do in final cut. Audio wise, which is uh eq, perhaps a little bit of an uh compression and and probably a little reverb or delay as a polished product. So you can see the end result of what you capture with this full disclosure.

Just before i do that im not paid by movo, but they did send me this unit and to test out and do this review, and i should say that a few of the things ill mention theyve. Actually that were issues with this particular one. This particular model theyve, actually updated and improved upon and their newer things. So hopefully, this review gives you an idea of. I guess my joy in having a setup that i can take anywhere. Thats that lives in the car is ready to go and you can figure out whether its something thats useful for you or not. You will know, but without further ado. Here is the the final result between the two. Will you excite my mind? Music, every single Music. Will you excite my mind every single time that youre coming home yeah Music? Will you accept my mind, Music, every single time that youre coming home, yeah Music, every single time that youre coming home all right, so youve probably heard quite a big difference between those, especially the ones outside? You will have noticed theres a lot of wind noise with just the iphone when we set up the mic and plug that in then that wind noise is totally gone using the dead cat. That comes the little mic cover that comes with the movo mic and then in the second one, uh youll notice that the lighting with the movo being able to use that light just gives us a much nicer, look and ill.

Tell you how to set this up! That lighting shot in particular using everything youve got at home at the moment later in this video, but youll also notice a a big difference in the frequency response of the movo mic versus the iphone. The moba mic has a boost, quite a high boost. That gives us that clarity and kind of top end air that wed use in mastering, and you can. You can, of course, edit this in uh in post production, but for natural clarity, its ace. I would like a little bit more um of the bottom end uh compared when i compare the two with the iphone just to have that fullness of the of the guitar but um again, you can edit that and if you didnt hear the difference, uh feel free To go back and listen to those again um, but for now lets dive into everything that comes in this kit uh. They really did think of. I think everything which is awesome uh all in one package, so you youre just ready to go so lets do that Music microphone, windscreen shock mount audio cables, its a lot right um, but lets just start with some of the issues with this one. So you can understand: whats changed with the updated version in landscape mode. This light gets gets kind of wedged against the uh, the tripod there, and it does work all right. It can work but its very hard to access the controls on the back, because theyre literally stuck right against that tripod.

The other issue i had was something i was really excited for, but it doesnt quite work how i saw it and that is the headphone output on the microphone i assumed i would be able to hear the input what the mic was receiving when plugged in it. Doesnt work like that, it just allows you to not have to unplug everything when you play back the videos on your phone, so its still all going through that system. For those of you that do want to look at something like this. This particular package does not come with the adapter for an iphone just something you need to be aware of, depending on what youre buying. I im sure you all do that research anyway, but maybe its a handy reminder in terms of functionality. Everything works together really nicely its super easy to put together pull apart, and you can actually change out pretty much anything in terms of height with the stand, which is awesome, you can have this, you can have the extender. You can also add the handheld grip in the chain as an extra bit of height as well, so everything actually screws on and connects whichever combination you want, which is cool. I love this guy and that is the bluetooth connector. That means i can start and stop video from my phone just by pressing that button. This nice wide angle lens wont work on the main camera, but it did work really nicely on the front cam.

If youre in a tight space, you suddenly have that option to um to zoom out so to speak and maybe capture a better shot, which is a nice touch. Enough of me talking if youve got, questions feel free to put them in the comments im going to walk you through that little lighting tip that i promised and then well wrap up with the edited versions of uh of that little hook from my tune for you. Okay, so how nice is this as a shot, the lighting instantly just so so much better ive got the open window here in front of me and the curtains are closed from the couch backwards, so it gives a bit more. Shadow behind me were going to use this light to just fill in see the side of my face is shadowed, so um having a light here is handy. What we can do is just balance out some of that um. Some of that, with getting some light on the other side, to just balance that a bit rather than the shadow so were going to turn this light on. This is at a very low level, its uh thats, its second to bottom level. Uh, i dont want this. I dont need this im not outside. I dont need to try and really crank it up. Um! Oh, if i press the right buttons, i really need to crank it up um. I just need a bit of light to uh and again im just sitting this on the the same little chair its not actually attached at the moment, but thats, giving me back a little bit if i wanted to get fancy id put it up a little bit Higher off off here but um, i dont know that i have anything too handy to do that with lets, see if i can sit it on something here, just briefly: okay, that might work so its a little bit further away.

So i turned it up, but we lose a bit of the shadow on this side of my face now and i probably could have set this up better, so my guitars in it, but all things you learn along the way right so uh with the Music. My mic Music, every single time that youre coming home Music.