That would ruin your day so grab some popcorn sit back, relax because youre watching extreme technology coming up Music Applause. This company needs no introduction. Motorola was iconic. They were so ahead in the game that they were synonymous to the word communication and in 2004 they released one of the best selling smartphones in the world, the motorola razer v3. Are we talking about this one? No, okay cut it. Okay, just to put some perspective on the razor b3, it was feature phone and it costed 400. At that time, which is close to 600 now and it sold 130 units Music and how was this toppled off? It was toppled by the iphone so simple, the iphone just destroyed motorola because they werent fast enough to jump into the smartphone era and because of this, their market share just evaporated. And since then a lot has happened to motorola. They were sold to google and then they were sold to lenovo and they even tried making a foldable smartphone, which was also the razer again so and theyre not further down the list because they are a working company and they are still producing smartphones, good smartphones. In fact, the g40 fusion and the g60 are pretty good value for money, so thats our number five okay at number. Four, we have nokia before we start about how nokia feel, where is nokia like? Where is it seriously like theyre producing smartphones, but they will never meet the success they once had like nokia was pretty successful in the free smartphone era.

Like do you remember how people used to buy smartphones and how smartphone would be in the old age? Someone flew some would slide and they could be anything and in this battle nokia was just amazing because they were pretty affordable. They were just great value for money and also they had such good durability that people even talk about today. So what happened? The iphone came and everything changed it. The battle changed from the hardware to the software of the phone, and because of this, the things like how the keyboard felt or you could drop one of these phones and break the floor instead faded away in matter and because of this nokia, didnt jump fast enough To the smartphone era – and this cost them very much and just like motorola, the market share just went away and because of this nokia failed, but they are not further down the list because they are still a recovering company. They are trying to make a comeback. They are producing again some good value, money phones and keep watching they might be back. So now we are at number three lets talk about lg, so there was a time in the smartphone market when lg was soaring, they were one of the first companies to bring on a quad hd display onto their smartphones, and the g3 was a really amazing phone And lg was a really good alternative for a samsung or an apple phone. Then what happened, whereas for lg lifes, not always good, is it okay? So the g4 we could say was shipped with cursed software.

Hundreds and thousands of them would just run into endless boot loops from nowhere and after this lg was losing a little bit of relevance in the smartphone market and then what happened? It was there one shot to redemption, the g5 was coming and what was the phone? It was phone acoustic grips on two. No one asked for them right, so i think this totally explains how the phone was it wasnt great, because no one would make modules for just one phone and after this it would just fail after fail till you were just going down in the smartphone market and Since then lot has happened, they tried making a swivel phone, they tried budget options and now sadly, lg closed down their smartphone division, lg no more! Okay! Now we are at number two now were getting into some serious territory right here. Okay, now at number two we have htc and htc in 2021 is dead as a dodo because they had 11 market share and theyre literally less than 0.1 percent market share right now in 2021.. So what happened? Actually, there was a point in time when stc produced some pretty good smartphones and one that really comes. To my mind is the htc one. It had a beautiful metal unibody with dual dual camera setup with a beautiful display and they even collabed with beats for the boom sound audio, which were amazing. So what happened so actually, what they should have done is develop on that smartphone with the great success right.

No, what they did was produce the same smartphone for the next some years and then one just terribly disastrous: bad smartphone, the htc ultra and that seal they fit that literally sealed their fate and they tried coming back and it didnt work out again so thats. What is our second phase? So if you like this kind of fun, fun tech content, then please do not forget to smash the like button. Subscribe. Do not forget to press the bell icon to get latest updates on our videos. Okay, at last, we are back here and we have the number one fail: the myth, the legend blackberry. So when i talk about blackberry, everyone probably knows blackberry, but the first time i heard about blackberry in my life. I was like who, in the rightful mind, would think about naming the tech company blackberry and i like fine. We can think back think past that, because, if steve jobs can name his company apple and become a billionaire, and probably blackberry is fine with us right. But this aint that case buddy, so blackberry was soaring in the free smartphone market, so basically before the iphone thats. What im trying to say so, and they had 50 percent market share 50 percent in the us and from there theyre literally zero and blackberry is gone, and what actually happened was simple. The iphone happened again so, unlike nokia and motorola, where they actually didnt even react. They reacted, blackberry reacted, but they missed the mark.

They were like. Ah, we know what they want. A proper touchscreen smartphone is what people want and they gave us the blackberry storm which had no wi fi, incredible touch lag, which was not even a smartphone to a lot of people, so a big fail and after that library just kept missing the mark again and Again, but because it is very easy to come off with one fail and then just come back bounce back into the smartphone market with another phone, but blackberry didnt do that so lets steal their fate and rip blackberry. Okay. So if you want to see beautiful nature, photos like this this and you want to see amazing camera comparisons like this, then do do. Follow us on instagram at extremetechnology123 and free fail to follow us because theres link in the description also, which would take you directly to instagram yeah. So this is a different kind of video. I hope you all enjoyed it, and this is rishabh from extreme technology.