So this comes with eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage, the helio g80, a 5 000 million power battery all for 180 dollars. So just based off of those specs, this is pretty much insane value for money. Also android 11, a full hd plus display 6.3 inches a 48 megapixel camera, so yeah, some pretty insane specs lets see how the actual phone is, though, so here it is also ip68 water and dust resistant, also, im guessing drop resistant as well. No time its one of those crappy for monitors that we get with that, we got over previous simon dg phones, so first impressions, yeah the back and the sides are made of plastic, which is not a bad thing that doesnt feel entirely cheap, maybe like when youre Holding it on the sides, it feels a bit cheap, but other than that feels nice and durable in the box. Is you know pretty typical charging brick charging cable, which is type c, and you dont? We dont get anything else in the box uh, so yeah lets power it on so first impressions display looks pretty decent, actually uh, so im gon na set this up and get back to you all right. So our fingerprint sensor is over here on the left side, which is a bit bizarre, but it probably wont be too uncomfortable after the vibration motors feels very cheap anyway. Lets do this. There we go all right, so phone is all set up, lets hop into settings.

So phone, of course it feels extremely fast, so here we have toolbox which we get with most of our rugged phones. You know from monitor. Oh thermometer, yes, lets see if it actually works this time, all right. So its doing something lets try my forehead. So this one actually works for once like its not the most accurate but hey at least it detects something right i mean, and here we have the rest of our stuff plump bob who cant go for the plump, bob and ah kind of delayed, but works picture Hanging thing yeah, a bunch of other useful stuff. You also have a custom button over here. This, however activates the thermometer – and we also have one over here as well, which is oh, its so its its set to the camera. I see note. Actually, this is underwater camera mode, so this would allow you to take pictures and video underwater, because if you dont know already, the touch screen does not work underwater, so this is actually very useful. Oh just press the lock button that that disables it and we can of course change what these buttons do. So, as you can see a smart key, we have two so we can set which one does what so smart key one even have a single click option. Double click options, so one key can do multiple things, which is very cool and we have both of them. So the possibilities are endless.

All right were going to test the fingerprint unlock and phase unlock first off fingerprint very fast, with the fingerprint lets try face, unlock now, hmm kind of glitching there all right so face unlock is a bit less good. I dont think its registered uh correctly either because it took like like a fraction of a second. So overall, the fingerprint unlock is pretty good, while the face unlock is just decent lets see how gaming is with this with the helio g80. Well thats loud, very impressive. No lag or stutter lets see how it is without adds, wow, no matter how fast i do it like literally no stutter at all, so im very impressive with knife fit now lets. Try one rider all right, wind rider, uh hold on all right runs pretty good. Actually, not its pretty much at 60 fps, the thing that that was slowing it down a little bit are the ads, which is a bit unfortunate, but without those ads. I think you, if you turn on airplane mode, then you wont receive ads, but yeah uh, one rider runs pretty great. Our graphics are at the highest, like at least has that this one supports this is the high graphics pack and so far its running great. Like no doubt no stutter, the overall like scenery, looks great. You know running around theres a bit of stutter because everythings loading uh, but overall, as you can see its perfectly playable and the game looks very nice yeah.

This phone is pretty good for gaming. Music. All right, so the speaker does get pretty loud. The only problem is that it is a bit tinny in overall quality is meh, but overall, a decent speaker, and also we have a headphone jack, which is extremely rare to see nowadays, even with these budget phones, all right, rear cameras, 12 megapixels, but we can go All the way up to 48 megapixels so were gon na put it to 48 front camera. Oh 24, megapixels rear video, full hd front video, also full hd. So with that lets take our first selfie lets. Go outside replacing video, really good autofocus, like almost samsung level. Autofocus we got over here front facing video. Let me know what you think so yeah that is pretty much it. So should you buy this phone? What, if you can find it for 180 bucks like i did, then i think its absolutely worth it because were getting a great, were getting great, specs lots of features. You know, good performance, good display, good cameras. There are good things about this phone, but if you only see it for around 200 20 250 dollars, then at that point you should you might as well just get a like a xiaomi phone or an apo or whatever, but for 180 bucks.