. On top of that, it takes some of the flaws of the 12 Pro and fixes them.. The first and foremost is the high refresh rate display For years. Tech enthusiasts have been longing for a high refresh rate display in the iPhones.. The 13 Pro finally offers a 120 HZ Promotion display that can go as low as 10 HZ to as high as 120 HZ., And this is such a delight to use. The animation flow, the swipes, the gestures, everything works in such a buttery, smooth fashion.. Most of the apps do support the high refresh rate and a few that don t will be updated. Soon., Oh and you can also subscribe to my channel in 120 hz now Apple s, 60 hz panels were always really smooth, and this feels even better.. I have always said Apple is a perfectionist company. When they implement an existing android feature. They do so in an Apple way. For example, you can limit the refresh rate to 60 hz, but even then the display can vary in refresh rate from 10 hz to 60 hz.. That is something I haven t heard a lot of reviewers talk about and something that hasn t been implemented in the Android side., So kudos to Apple for that.. The notch also got smaller by a tiny margin.. It took Apple 5 years to realize that they could move the earpiece to the top bezel. Hopefully it takes way less to remove the notch altogether.

. I m sure you have heard countless reviewers rant about Apple, not using the extra screen real estate to show the battery percentage, but I won t do that Wink Wink Other than that. The display here is amazing.. It has the bells and whistles that you expect from a flagship. HDR10, Dolby vision, ceramic shield, 1200, nits of peak brightness and a flat panel. I must applaud Apple for always sticking with a flat panel. I m also happy that Apple didn t change the design language of the phone.. The 13 Pro shares the same DNA of the iPhone 12 Pro., The boxy design, the sharp edges and the frosted back glass all combine to make a great looking and a great feeling. Phone., It is heavier than last year, which is all for good reasons. The shinier side railing is well a fingerprint magnet., The buttons are nice and clicky., And I am sure people will notice all of this for a minute and then slap on a case anyways Other than that. The speakers are amazing and louder than last. Year. Call quality, Bluetooth, wifi and other basic phone functions have been top notch. Now, speaking of things that are top notch, let s talk about the phone s battery., Like I said this boy is thick.. That is because Apple has increased the size of the battery to 3095 mAh. This, along with the variable refresh rate display and the power efficient, A15 bionic chip help deliver some exceptional battery life in the 13 Pro.

Lower battery life is an issue I have had with My 12 Pro and it s great, to see Apple, deliver better results, But where Apple doesn t deliver is in the charging speed., The phone still charges at a ridiculously slow speed of 20 watts. Hopefully, next year, Apple can make it faster., Magsafe and wireless charging are here supported as well.. The phone has lasted me all day every single day, except for the day I went to Niagara Falls., But that included intensive camera use and no charging whatsoever.. Suffice to say. I am more than happy with the battery life on this phone.. Another thing I am happy with is the performance. Like I said, the A15 chip is a beast.. It can handle everything you throw at it. Opening up more than a dozen apps, including graphics. Intensive games. Is a breeze, and so is keeping them in memory., And this level of performance is something we have come to expect from Apple.. The phone is running iOS 15, which isn t much of a change when compared to iOS 14.. Now there are a few things I would have liked to see on this phone, such as interactable widgets, an always on display multi tasking, but I guess that s an ask for later versions. Perhaps the best upgrade in this phone are: the cameras. Apple is using 12 MP sensors for all three cameras, just like they did with the 12 Pro., But all camera s get better treatments.

. The main sensor gets the sensor shift OIS. That was exclusive to the 12. Pro Max last year, the telephoto gets a bump to 3x optical zoom, and the ultrawide camera gets auto focus and a macro mode.. Now what I like to do in my reviews is share the same shot taken with all three lenses.. I think this helps us get a better understanding of how well a company has calibrated the cameras in terms of color reproduction sharpness contrast, dynamic range and much more. By the way, spoiler alert Apple has nailed it here Now, looking back at the shots, I have taken And the ones I am sharing, I can confidently say that this is indeed one of the best camera on a smartphone right. Now.. All three lenses can capture the shot perfectly with very little difference.. The main lens is always on point in terms of color. Reproduction dynamic range focus, sharpness and contrast.. This is true for the telephoto and the ultra wide lens. As well. Like I said earlier, there is no noticeable difference when switching between different lenses and that s, what we need in a smartphone. Getting a great shot without having to worry about which lens to use Once again kudos to Apple. For that Portrait mode is amazing, as well. Selfies are generally great, but I would love to see Apple implement an ultra wide selfie camera next year.. Overall, this phone takes some amazing shots in good to great lighting conditions.

. However, where these new sensors shine is in night photography., There is a noticeable difference in the amount of light these sensors take in when compared to the 12 Pro.. Now I am not a night photography person, but I am sure these sensors can capture amazing moments in low light. Apple also managed to cram in a macro mode, with the ultra wide camera. It s great. To see Apple. Do this, instead of using a 2 MP useless, sensor. Shots in this mode turn out to be great as long as you focus correctly., They do suffer from fringing on the sides, but that hasn t bothered me a lot An example of Apple, giving its users more Control of how they want the shot is in the different photo profiles. Clicking on this layered icon reveals 5 different photo profiles., One is standard. Iphone processing, then, is Rich contrast, which seems to be Pixel like vibrant seems to be Samsung like and finally Warm and cool profiles.. All the shots I have shared in this review are in the Standard profile, because most people will leave it like that.. But personally I would set it on rich contrast to get that Pixel like look from an iPhone.. It is really good to see Apple, introduce such features, and that really gives me hope for a more Pro video mode in the future. Iphones And speaking of video boy, is it amazing, Like I said earlier, I shot a full HDR.

Video of Niagara Falls and I simply love this camera. I mean there s a reason. I use my 12 Pro for shooting all the videos on this channel. I think it s the best mobile camera for content. Creators like myself, who do not want to buy an expensive camera setup And Apple uses it to market their phones. Pretty well, I mean look at their new cinematic mode.. An iPhone can now capture portrait, video and I wouldn t need an expensive camera for that. Yes, it can use some work, but I think of it as the start of something amazing There s also a Pro res video mode that s coming soon to the iPhones. Now is it the best camera Well that s subjective One feature that it s still missing is an astrophotography mode.. Besides that, I think it is the best camera for content. Creators like myself. Video quality on the iPhone is unparalleled to the android counterparts., The iPhone 13. Pro is a great phone that gets all the basics right. From design and build to the display battery performance and camera Everything just works flawlessly Sure it could use a few additions, but that s true about every other phone. It s a phone. I can happily recommend to iPhone XS and older iPhone users And that s it for this video Hope you guys enjoyed it.