This is uh having the snapdragon 778 soc that missing on a lot of new smartphones, but iku is doing something different with this smartphone. In fact, it actually has lpddr5 ram instead of npddr4, which is actually faster, and if you know about the storage, also guys most of the smartphones with this snapdragon 778 are giving ufs 2.1 or 2.2 storage, whereas ico has decided to give ufs 3.1 and also. This is supposed to have liquid cooling and guys uh. This smartphone has been already announced its available via amazon ill leave. The link – and this actually starts at 23, 990 thats, almost 24 000, but initially we have some offers uh. You can get almost about 3000 rupees off if you apply those offers again ill leave the link in the description so lets open it up, and for that price i feel uh. This is a good handset. Overall specs are good. Well talk about it. So uh looks like we get a case, its a transparent case that youre getting so ill just keep that to the side and uh. Here is the handset itself, and this is having a 6.67 inch screen, so relatively big smartphone guys. So let me just open this up and we have this color with this gradient uh kind of a finish and guys. This back is a polycarbonate. We have a triple camera setup on this. One lets see what else do we get uh? This will be your usb cable.

Your sim ejector tool is over here and we get actually a big charger that is from vivo. This is a flash charge. This is a 44 watt, fast charger that we are getting in the box. So let me just take this out, i dont think so it will have expandable storage, uh, storage, uh and ram variants are available, uh. In fact, it comes with eight gigabytes of ram and 12 gigabytes. Eight, i believe, comes with 128 gigabytes of storage and that 12 gigabyte one comes with uh. Actually, 250 uh 12 gigabyte comes with yeah, with 256 gigabytes of storage and uh. If you look at the top, oh, fortunately we get a headphone jack. I was not expecting that because this one also has stereo speakers, which is actually missing on a lot of smartphones with the snapdragon 778. For some reason i dont know, but this one has that so nice to see a headphone jack also uh. This is a secondary noise cancellation microphone. This is the volume rocker. This is the fingerprint uh. Come your. What do you say? Uh uh power on off button uh, and these are generally very fast, so hopefully they should be fast. I went for this speaker uh your type c port that supports fast charging and your sim slot. Again, it wont have uh what do you say now? We also have a rubber gasket, so thats. Actually, nice should be splash through so again a dual sim nano.

So you can put two sims, as you can see, the dummy sun was there, uh took it out and on this end, actually we have nothing uh back that triple camera setup. The main camera is 64 megapixels. Then we have an 8 megapixel ultra light. Then the thing that wed really love the 2 megapixel macro on this one uh front facing is 16 megapixel and i believe this has a 5000mah battery. So let me just power this on and ill set this up, and then we will continue so guys. Ive set up this device, so lets have a closer look at the same now and as you can see, this is having a 6.67 screen and guys. This is the ips lcd, and this is also having that 120 hertz or refresh charade uh. This is fun, touch os guys, but now they have cleaned it up quite a bit and if you go towards the display – and if you go here screen refresher as you can see, you can force up to 120 or even you can just keep it to smart Switch where it automatically does that i just kept it 220, so thats, 120 hertz – and this is the layout and about if you go as ive, told you. This runs on one touch, os that is version 12, um and uh. This is the 12 gigabyte ram variant, and we also have that virtual ram extension up to four gig up to yeah four gigabytes extra that you are getting, and this is the snapdragon 778 g that we are getting.

Android version is 11., so thats regarding that and very smooth and again guys. I just noticed that there is quite a bit of junk where that is installed, for example, moj app and all those things and okay move lets see if we can uninstall it. Yes, you can uninstall some of the junk, for example uh. That is by choose this that yeah. So there is junk, but as you can see, you can uninstall some of the installed apps, but there is a bit of junk that is pre installed left. If you go, you get the google now pane, ive just set it up, so its just loading. So you get that, as you can see, now got it and here again so the layout is good and quick. Toggles are over here and what i like with this smartphone uh is that its supposed to have stereo speakers so im curious, so lets just test the stereo speakers on this. One lets just lets copy right from music, free music lets see and lets just try to play this one Music, so actually its loud. I didnt expect that to be this loud lets see ill block this and, as you can see, sound is coming from here oops. I just uh so yeah that was a stereo speaker and i would say, sixty percent of the sound comes from here 40 from here, but im really happy that they didnt skimp on stereo speakers and you also have a 3.

5 mm headphone jack thats. A very unique combination that we have okay over here. We have the fingerprint scanner and, as expected, guys, the fingerprint scanner is fast, so you dont have to worry about uh that one. What i liked about this smartphone is that uh, yes, it has the snapdragon 778 soc uh. We are getting that on quite a few smartphones, but i like the fact that, instead of using the regular uh lpddr4 ram, they have used the lpddr5 ram thats. Actually a little bit more expensive, but gives a lot the better performance, and in fact this one also claims to have liquid cooling. So if youre sort of a gamer, then this will be a good choice because of that liquid cooling and that faster ram. Also in terms of weight, the weight distribution, i would say, is done very well im, also very curious, whats the weight because it doesnt feel heavy, but lets see uh let this reset: okay, zero and oops, so its 195 grams, but again the weight distribution. How it is done, it does not feel that its having 195 km so that way, i like it uh and also moving to the battery guys. This one has a 5000 milliamp hour battery and i have tested actually quite a few smartphones with the snapdragon 778 soc. Its based on six nanometer, so its a very power efficient, chipset, so battery life should not be a problem and again you are getting that fast charger in the box, thats the 44 watt fast charger.

So in terms of battery life, i would say it shouldnt be an issue with this device. Now lets also look at the camera on this one because thats, the important part ive already told you about the specifications of the camera. So this is the regular one, and this is the ultra wide again very fast. If you notice – and we dont have optical zoom but 2x zoom is there on this one uh so and if we go to mode again, the portrait mode night mode all are there. So various modes are also there and the pure 64 megapixel mode is there. We also have a pro mode and lets look at the selfies and its actually a 16 megapixel camera default portrait explained, and if you click this, actually you have to adjust the background blur. Where this guys, by default, it wont be there in portrait mode, so you can adjust this one. I like this um this ive seen even on a lot of uh. What do you say? Vivo phones, so interface is very uh, similar, so im expecting the camera performance to be pretty good. So let me actually show you some of the camera samples. The outdoor camera samples actually came out really good. As you can see, they are its actually doing a very good job. I didnt expect that so samples that you take outdoor come out really good only con is that ultraviolet is a little bit dark now going to human subjects.

Just notice. The skin tones were also produced very well, and now these were taken in the portrait mode and the portrait mode, also actually, as you can see, is doing a very good job. But again the ultravoid is weak. Now some samples taken in completely artificial lighting in my office – and here also, i feel it actually a pretty good job. As you can see, this was the regular shot and this was taken in the portrait pokemon. Surprisingly, in indoor lighting conditions, the ultra white did a decent job. It was not as weird it was outdoors, some quick casual shots that i took in completely artificial lighting around my office. The 16 megapixel front facing camera is also doing a pretty good job. As you can see with these samples just in portrait mode, there is a little bit of skin smoothing as you notice now, moving to even completely artificial lighting. Uh, these shots actually came out much better than i thought, and these were taken in the portrait. Bokeh mode guys shooting this video with the front facing camera of this ico z5 and, as you can see, im just walking normally and the audio is also being recorded via its internal microphone. So do let me know what do you feel about the video recording quality with the front facing camera of this ipc5 so guys now, recording with the rear facing camera and ive asked my wife to shoot it shes also walking just walk around with me uh.

We want to see how is the stabilization in terms of video and just come nearby youre pretty far so audi. Also, you should get an idea and, as you can see, we are just moving around. So this is a very quick sample with the rear facing camera of this ip z5, so guys uh. That was this ico z5. So what do you feel about this iq? Z5 smartphone certainly uh, considering the price point and the specs that we are getting on this one. I feel this is a pretty good smartphone. So if you have that kind of a budget youre looking for that, snapdragon, 738, soc and stereo speakers are also pretty important. So certainly you can have a look at that one again ill leave the link of amazon in the description right now, initial sales. They are having some special offers because of the amazon sale. So if youre planning to purchase it, take advantage of that anyways guys.