Let all of that noise cover up vivos, fresh new super premium, android rival the x70 pro plus. Now this mighty mobile boasts incredible performance, great battery life and some proper smart camera tech with fancy pants stuff like built in gimbal, stabilization and yeah. I guess this is kind of a spoiler for the review. I really like this phone. I, like it a lot, although, like those iphones, it is certainly not cheap pliers at the ready. Sorry grand those gold teeth are coming right. The out now i inserted my sim into the vivo x70 pro plus about a week ago and ive been using it. As my full time, personal smartphone ever since so here is my in depth review and for more on the list of great set. Please do poke subscribe and hit that notifications bell cheers so one of the first things that youll, probably notice about the vivo x70 pro plus when you get your mitts on it, is that this is one heavy morpho, even with my obviously very well developed muscular structure. This thing felt like a proper brick, its certainly one of the heaviest smartphones of 2021, thus far right up there with gaming phones like the black sharks and the red magics and near 7 inches in size. The x70 pro plus is a proper handful, too theres a one handed mode to help out, but youll want to use both mitts for the most comfortable experience. Vivo has once again opted for a rather clean and simple design.

That glass arse is mostly plain and also only available in this somber black finish, which is a bit of a shim, but at least the matte surfacer means that oily fingerprints and other scuffs are kept well at bay, but so far touchwood also seems pretty damn hardy. No scratches or any other damage to remark upon after a week of use, you got full ip68 water and dust resistance here, the vivo x70 pro plus as well, and a pre installed screen protector for extra peace of mind, theres even a protective case, bundled in the Box as well so all good on that front now, android 11 is customized here via the amusingly titled fun touch os 12 launcher, which isnt too dissimilar to rivals like color, os and miui. Imagine android is big old, tasty chocolate cake and then the fun touch os launcher is basically a heap of whipped cream and sprinkles and jelly tots thats just been slapped on top, and your reaction is probably going to go one or two ways really going to be. Like oh thats, a bit, much isnt it or oh goody, bring on the diabetes. Personally, i like jelly tots about as much as i enjoy being poked in the eye with a fork and in this decidedly dodgy analogy, the jelly tots are definitely the huge pile of crap wear the vivo has shoved on boards. Thankfully, though, all of that third party bollocks can be booted swiftly off the vivo x70 pro plus, if you dont want it and lets face it, you want so in the end, its basically just a minor inconvenience kind of like plucking, jerry tots off of a cake, See the metaphor does kind of work if you dont think about it too much or at all all right.

So i know that so far, fun touch may actually sound about as much fun as bowel cancer, but to be fair, it does add some pretty worthwhile features, including a perfectly respectable gaming mode. Some handy gestures, like the shaky torch effort and thats slightly awkward to activate one handed modes and no complaints with that in display fingerprint sensor either. This works a treat even when your hands are dry and scabby or a wee bit moist. Certainly, good news in a world where frequent hand, washing and sanitizing is strongly recommended still and of course, youve got face and lock on top of that as long as youre not wearing a face. Mask and vivo has shoved gigs of ufs 3.1 storage onto the x70. Pro plus thatll take some fill in for most people unless youre shooting a lot of 8k home movies, for instance, in which case youre gon na be quite gutted. To hear that theres, no micro, sd memory card support to expand that space. Media fans will get all hot and sweaty at the very site of that epic 6.78 inch amoled screen its a wqhd panel, although you will have to activate that resolution in the display settings. If you want to enjoy the supremely crisp visuals while youre there, you can also tinker with the color output, so its easy on the eye or straight up, makes your peepers bleed, with luscious vivid visuals theres no hdr streaming support in netflix.

At the time i shot. This video, but hopefully that will be coming soon and besides that and the slight intrusion of that selfie orifice, theres, really very little to moan about here at all its a great screen, no doubt bump the brightness up to maximum levels and everything is clearly visible. Youve also got 120 hertz, refresh rate support as well for keeping everything nice and smooth and guess what that even works in third party apps and the x70 pro pluses display is truly edge to edge as well. This is actually dipped slightly around those edges, but thankfully i had no issues with my palm fat intruding on the desktops or my apps. While i was skimming around so no issues with responsiveness. I also enjoyed the stereo speaker arrangement here, which pumps out sound at a decent volume without borking the quality and annoyingly and somewhat predictably, the x70 pro plus commits the usual flagship premium. Cardinal sin of ditch and the headphone jack, so youve got to depend on the bluetooth stream and if you want to get a good bit of music action on the go, thankfully the bluetooth connection was very dependable. Indeed, strong range on it and no breakup in the audio, even in quite a busy area. Now performance comes courtesy of the fresh five nanometer snapdragon 888 plus chipset, with a mighty 12 gigs of ram to keep things running, smooth plus virtual memory as a backup. All of which makes the vivo x70 pro plus one of the most powerfully spec smartphones of 2021.

It is a proper beefcake. I dont think i saw a single stumble, the entire time. I was using it no matter. What i was up to that kind of performance is perfect for gaming, with the most demanding titles running beautifully, even if you jack up the graphics settings to maximum levels and thankfully, unlike many phones, running the standard snapdragon 888 platform, i didnt notice any overheating here at All even a proper long session on genchin impact, didnt phase, the vivo x70 pro plus, and i experienced absolutely zero issues with connectivity here on the vivo x70 pro plus, as you would expect, whether youre on the wi, fi or good old lte, with of course, 5g Support chucked in, as you would expect – and i was also very happy with the battery performance as well: youve got a 4 500 milliamp capacity cell shoves inside of the x70 pro plus is mighty frame. I thought id really put it through the test, so i maxed out all the display settings or 120 hertz. The wqhd resolution yada yada, made sure they always on display active as well, and i found i got around six hours of screen on time per day and thats with plenty of camera use. You know using it as a sat nav lots of music streaming. In the background, all that good stuff and when it does finally need a top up – or you got that 55 watt flash charge, support, which is proper nippy and even better 50 watt wireless charging as well.

If youve actually got a chi wireless charging pad that can handle that and reverse wireless charging as well in case youve got some earbuds or some other accessory that uses wireless charging too. Now one of the most hyped features of the vivo x70 pro plus, is that camera tech, something that vivo has been optimizing with each subsequent generation. Now a lot of the staple camera hardware packed into this thing is the same or similar to previous flagships. So, for instance, youve got that zeiss t star glass for the lenses which can help to prevent ghosting and other light related issues when youre shooting in really bright conditions and youve, also, of course, got vivos. Five axis gimbal stabilization tech on board to help you get sharp shots even in really low light. Now, with help from that clever hardware, the vivo x70 pro plus is 50 megapixel samsung gn1 sensor, combined with the v1 image processor spuffs out gorgeous looking picks in practically any conditions. My photos were packed with fine detail and colors that look the same on that mighty display, as they did in real life, even in strong daylight. I was impressed with the results here, practically no flaring or saturation to speak of and in more ambient light when shooting indoors or in the evenings. You can once again expect a crisp photo with limited noise and accurate color reproduction. While there is a night mode on board to brighten up the scene, the auto mode i found by itself did a proper decent job.

I also enjoyed the pro plus 48 megapixel ultrawide gimbal camera, which once again captured both bright and dark scenes with strong results. Although colors are slightly warmer, especially when things get dim and for even greater flexibility, try switching to the 8 megapixel periscope lens with its three times, optical zoom, which is great for getting detailed photos from a distance. And the last of the lenses here is a dedicated 12 megapixel portrait shooter, and certainly i have no complaints with my portrait, picks, kids and pets, in fact, in general, are captured cleanly as long as they are bouncing around like absolute mentalists and as usual, you got, But tons of different bonus modes and tools to piss about with inside of that vivo camera app, i dont need to stay clear of like the beautifications that ai was this, tended to produce less accurate, realistic results. We do have a pro modes if you want to get involved, uh tinkering with the white balance. The iso levels get a very precise kind result and, as you can see plenty of extra stuff that you can piddle about with two, including, of course, the obligatory ar sticker bollocks. Oh, i love it so much like most flagship phones. These days, the vivo x70 pro plus can record video at up to 8k resolution, but i stuck with 4k for most of my testing time, as i dont have an 8k display and honestly whats the bloody point at ultra hd resolution.

My footage looked good when beamed to my tele box. Youve got plenty of detail, punchy, colors and highly respectable image. Stabilization, of course, complete with horizon level and stabilization to keep things from bouncing around when you are moving and shooting you can swap between all three lenses on the fly and the audio also came through nice and cleanly and last up the vivo x70 pro plus 32 Megapixel selfie cam is again a bit good, whether shooting in low light or brighter environments. Basically, i struggled to find much to complain about with this camera tech at all its reliable at pretty much any time of the day, even on full, auto and that right there is my full final frank review of the vivo x70 pro plus after using this. My full time smartphone for a week – and i got ta, say its one of the most premium androids out there. It aint cheap thats for damn sure, but i certainly really really enjoyed it and if you want after something thats got top level performance, dependable battery life. Strong media chops and an excellent bit of camera tech, then you cant really go wrong pretty much the only downsides or the lack of the expandable storage, no micro, sd support and the lack of a headphone jack as well. But that is the same committed by pretty much every flagship, smartphone out there, borrowing the sony, xperia ones so thats. What i think, anyway, be great to your thoughts on the vivo x70 pro plus and the standard pro down below, as well.

Ive done a side by side, unboxing and comparison with the pro and the pro plus. You can see exactly what the differences are. The pro plus is definitely a solid upgrade over the original pro uh in terms of the camera, tech, uh, the performance and quite a lot of other areas as well stay tuned for lots, more foreign launches before 2021. Finally, does one got quite a lot still in the calendar, so please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell to be the first to see all of that shenanigans and have yourselves a bloody, lovely rest of the week.