But this phone has a successor, meet the new vivo x70 pro plus a phone so good on paper. I think it could challenge samsungs galaxy s21 ultra, but does it and what about its cameras? Still top of the lot hi im michael josh, your gadget, matchmaker helping you find the right device to match your needs. This is our vivo x70 pro plus review Music. I would normally give you an unboxing, but our box already came opened, but let me show you whats inside here are the essentials. You get the phone of course, a pretty cool, looking black faux leather case, a charger usb c cable, usb c headphones and a usb c to headphone jack adapter. Now before we dive into the good stuff lets talk about the design a it. While i have appreciated some of the experiments vivo has taken in the past, including the use of faux leather for the back of the x60 pro plus, i was never a fan of its squarish sharp angled camera bump. It just stuck out like a sore thumb and never seemed to go well with the rest of the design. This year, the camera bump on the x70 pro plus is larger than ever, but it all seems to go together. The addition of curves around the module softened, the offensiveness of this large bump, on top of that, to further balance out the size of the module. Vivos filled in the remaining top half with a mirror like piece which vivo calls a ceramic window.

It doesnt serve any practical purpose. For example, you cant take a selfie using the main cameras using the mirror as some sort of viewfinder, not that you cant take selfies. This way, because i did and who cares its a nice design touch. The finish too, is great theres, a matte coating on top of the glass which is resistant to fingerprints, its soft, but not slippery and when hit by the sun it explodes with shimmery glitter. I like how vivo has taken a black phone and somehow make it not boring one more thing. Having had to film a black iphone recently, im glad that its not a magnet for smudges and lit the x70 pro plus is a large phone bigger than last year. About the size of the galaxy s21 ultra, but not as wide its 6.7 inch display curves on both sides, similar to what samsung phones used to look like before they settled on gentler curves, which i much prefer its been covered many times. So i wont be bigger. The point so, while the phone is curved on both sides – and that makes the phone feel thinner, then it actually is a pro of this design. The vidcon is unnecessary taps or your display, locking up because the phone thinks youre touching somewhere else because of how youre holding it all of this. Notwithstanding its a great display, one of the most high tech that you can get on a phone today, definitely enough to make any spec obsessed, android nerd happy, and i say that with love, because if youre one of those users, then this phone was designed with you In mind Music, like many brands that have come before huawei with leica oneplus, with hasselblad vivo, recently partnered with lens manufacturer zeiss, in an effort to level up its reputation as a bonafide smartphone, camera champ.

And while the journalist in me is somewhat cynical of these co. Branded partnerships as more of an excuse to be able to plaster another brands logo on your phones. My experience using the x70 pro plus makes me a believer ill. Do a camera deep dive in a bit, but first zeiss claims that one of the areas theyve partnered in has to do with zeiss t star coding this time around. All of the phones cameras have that t star coding, not just the wide lens and zeiss says theyve, had to customize or create a custom recipe for each one to optimize, for what each of these cameras is intended to do. That coating helps reduce glare, ghosting and imaging artifacts, and i can vouch for its efficacy. Take a look at this example. I shot at the barclays center, see how the x70 pro pluss camera managed all that glare now compare it to the iphone 13 pro max notorious for glares, but the difference here is insane all right now lets talk cameras and see some examples. The x70 pro plus has four a 50 megapixel wide camera, a 48 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera with a 114 degree field of view, with gimbal stabilization, a 12 megapixel telephoto camera with two times optical zoom, and an additional periscope camera with 5x optical zoom. How do these cameras perform here? Take a look Music. Do Music now lets compare this phone against the iphone 13 pro max and the samsung galaxy s21 ultra.

All three phones do well as expected, even in tricky against the light shots where hdr kicks. In its the same on a gloomier day, the iphone 13 pro maxs white balance is on the cooler side versus the s21 ultra and the x70 pro plus low light is where well see the most dramatic of differences, but first lets go indoors. Admittedly, this wasnt, the most photogenic cocktail, but the x70 pro plus produced the most post worthy shot, and i like its photo best in this shot of the bars interior next dusk right before blue hour. This shot taken at transmitter park in brooklyn could go either way. The s21 photo is brightest, the iphones the punchiest and closest to reality. The x70 pro plus is probably a good mix of the two now lets. Add a human subject. Id give this one to the iphone 13 pro max. Chai is well lit and the colors of her outfit pop, the x70 pro plus photo is too bright. The s21 ultras is not very sharp. That evening, we stumbled on a very, very dimly, lit bar heres. What it looked like now, just in case that video clip doesnt do it justice. I need to reiterate how dark it actually was. It was not just dimly lit. It was hardly lit at all, and i need to know that, because these next few photos will blow your socks off truly the x70 pro plus is a low light.

Master chai looks stunning. The room looks bright. I couldnt even see this with my naked eye. Now lets see how the rest did. The s21 ultra managed to capture all the colors too, but at the cost of noise and when a face is involved, its not very flattering. The 13 pro max does a good job too its more moody, not as bright but id say, probably the photo id post, because the x70 pro plus photo is so good. It kind of takes away from the point of the photo, which was to capture the moment. That said this is such a great example of how good of a low light shooter. This phone is last shot at this bar without a human subject. When it comes to color balance, the iphone is confused, the drink was a pina colada smoothie and it was white notice. The x70 pro plus captured the condensation on the glass and now lets zoom in on the upper right hand corner while color accurate notice. How noisy the s21 ultra shot? Actually? Is you all good crazy? No, while comparing one last thing, i want to show you, thanks to its t, star coding notice. These two shots taken in two different subway stations, see the fluorescent lights arent as blown out on the x70 pro pluses photos, the other more gimmicky side of the zeiss partnership are zeiss branded portrait effects. You can find it under styles in portrait mode. Four styles: come with the zeiss logo, viatar sonar, planar and distagon all refer to a signature style of bokeh that is achieved using a specific type of lens.

For example, the bokeh effect from a biotar lens looks like a bokeh swirling in a circular pattern. Around a subject, while planar has distinct, almost oblong shaped beads of voca, while cool, i just want to say the phone doesnt do a good job with cutouts at first. I thought it was just the busy background, but i took more samples and the results were the same by the way the vivo x70 pro plus has a built in gimbal, which is a feature youll hear them talk about a lot, its basically a built. In version of this contraption, which is what professionals use for smoother shots using their phones and dslrs, but instead of telling you well show you roll clip Music Applause Music. Earlier i spoke about how the x70 pro plus directly goes after the galaxy s21 ultra on paper. Its got a resume that can go head to head with the best from samsung with the vivo, at a slight advantage, with its newer triple eight plus processor, which was launched last june way after the s21 ultras release. The s21 ultra has a bigger battery. They both offer a complement of cameras that, as you saw in our comparison, are competitive with one another, but the periscope camera on the s21 ultra can zoom in further to 10x. They both have things like ip68 water and dust resistance and an under display fingerprint scanner. Both of which are fast and snappy both have quick wired and wireless charging.

The biggest advantage of the s21 ultra has to be support for the s pen. In case you want a phone that lets. You use a stylus overall. I think that vivo has built a solid challenger delivering on the needs of hardcore users, a screen thats great for content consumption, be it watching movies or playing games; cameras that shoot well, especially in low light and batteries that last long and charge fast. Speaking of the x70 pro plus packs a 4 500 milliamp hour battery, as i am in the middle of iphone reviews also, i was only able to use the phone out and about as my main phone for two days, but in that time it got me through A full day each time the phone ships with a 66 watt flash charger, but it only supports 55 watt charging charging speeds were quick, but not insanely fast, and i only say that in context of what others like huawei and xiaomi are doing in my test. The first 10 minutes were the fastest, getting me to 30 from zero, but everything else was moderate, 50 in 30 and a full charge in an hour and 10.. The big news, though, especially for vivo fans, is that for the first time ever wireless charging comes to a vivo smartphone exclusively only on the x70 pro plus you get either 50 watt wireless flash charge and up to 15 watts with a compatible qi wireless charger. Now any company promising you more than the 15 watt chi charging standard for wireless charging is going to use some sort of proprietary tech, which means you need to use both the phone and the charger from that company vivo sells its own 50 watt wireless flash charger Promising a 50 charge in 26 minutes, but because vivo didnt send me one with my review device.

I am unable to verify those claims, so i tried to see if it would work with the 50 watt, one plus wireless charger, but alas, i could not get the same promised speeds. I got to 21 in 30 minutes and 43 after an hour similar to what i got using a 15 watt anchor qi charger. The x70 pro plus runs android 11 out of the box, with a skin on top called fun touch os. Apart from the quick settings panel, which kind of looks clunky for the most part, it looks just like the pixel launcher, with google news feed when you swipe to the right and an app drawer when you swipe up. It also comes with some nifty customizations, like quick action. For example, lets you assign a shortcut to the volume down button, so when you press twice, you can launch the camera or the flashlight, or have it launch an app? I also think they have the best implementation of split screen on android. You just swipe up with three fingers and the other half will show you the app drawer from which you can launch a second app Music, the vivo x70 pro plus launched in india. Earlier this week, with a price tag of just under 80 000 indian rupees, which converts to about 1080 us dollars earlier in september, it also launched in china, retailing for just under 6 000 won with two extra colors to choose from which also happen to be gadget.

Match colors, orange and blue, the company has yet to announce which other markets will also get the phone but its safe to assume that it will slowly make its way to other vivo territories in the coming months. So is the vivo x70 pro plus your gadget match? If youre in the market for a high end android phone with all the bells and whistles, you should consider the vivo x70 pro plus its an excellent phone, both on paper and in practice and in a world without huawei, which is still suffering from the google ban. I see vivo as the only other android manufacturer that has made a phone that can legitimately rival the best from samsung simply put the x70 pro plus is one of the best android phones that you can buy today period and for that it deserves the gadget match. Seal of approval vivos been around for a while now ive covered them since the v3 more than five years ago and theyve come a long way from pioneering under display camera attack, which is now commonplace to now this its time to take them seriously. If you havent already – and that was our vivo x70 pro plus review back to iphone content, make sure youre subscribed folks and hit that bell notification so that you get notified as soon as we upload new videos. Follow me on social media, for all the behind the themes fun stuff and, as always, for daily updates, make gadgetmatch.