Im gon na go into in depth of what the phone is, how much i paid for all the specs and also in comparison to what? How is it compared to the samsung and iphones that ive used uh recently and in the past? So if you havent already, please press the youtube like button down below its going to help out the channel. So i can create more content for you all and click on the subscribe button as well down below and when you do, youre going to be notified of updates and new videos that i do post on a weekly basis on technology in a variety of different items. So lets jump into it. This is a exciting phone that im covering i have covered on my channel uh, a variety of different iphones and samsung phones, but the reason why im excited for this phone is due to the cost of it and what youre getting. I had paid a target. A 250 dollars for this device and phone, and it comes with a lot of features for the price you get and, to be honest with you, my daily uh cell phone is the samsung s21 plus um, and i can tell you this that i paid roughly about 1250 for that phone unlocked, this phone is 250 unlocked and there are some definitely some differences between the two, but there are some some major similarities that i think that you may want to go with this device, so lets jump right into it, uh.

The reason why i purchased this device was not only due to the price, but, as you can see here, uh it says up to three days of battery now i have been utilizing this phone now for uh about three or four months, and i want to say That its somewhat pretty spot on in terms of the battery this phone is a hefty phone, is not a light phone. It does have some heft to it. So if youre looking for a lightweight phone, you know you may want to look elsewhere, but if youre looking for a smartphone that gives you amazing battery life, this is the phone to get for sure, um and theres several reasons how this phone gets. The battery life uh is due to one thing: the processor uh. This device comes with a lower speed and more energy, efficient, qualcomm, snapdragon, 662 processor uh, the samsung and a variety of different android phones. Uh come with a much faster processor uh, but this one is not bad in terms of the speed is not the fastest. You do see some, you know not slacking, but ive utilized some applications and have had some a lot of applications. Open and ive noticed the phone going quite slow, so uh. Keep that in mind in comparison to lets, say the the samsung s20 and even s21 uh lineup. So uh with that said, just keep that in mind. But if youre using you know if youre just texting calling using facebook or your instagram, this phone will be.

You know this right, theres not going to be any differences in terms of that um. It does have a fingerprint sensor which ill go into a little detail. Later is a water repellent design, not waterproof or water resistant water repellent so ill go into detail about that later, it does have a hd plus max vision, display which ill talk about a little later too, and a 48 megapixel triple camera system with night vision which Ill ill go into detail here shortly, so lets jump into it. Uh with the device uh lets go around the specs of it. As you can see here, this is the volume button for up and down. This is the power button, which is also the fingerprint reader. To be honest, i like this fingerprint reader, a lot more than samsung or variety of other smartphone devices, fingerprint reader in the screen itself. I think this is much more faster is much more accurate with my samsung phone, when i utilize it, including other reviewers uh, the in screen. Fingerprint scanner is not the best and it takes a couple, tries to kind of get it thoroughly through uh. Moving around on the phone you can see here on the right corner of the bezel. There is a speaker usb. Let me go ahead and zoom in here or kind of uh right there yep a usb c charger and a microphone when calling on the phone. This is basically the same design as the samsung funny enough.

The samsung does have it kind of in the same place in terms of the speaker, usbc and mic, which i thought it was pretty interesting. Uh going here on the other side, youve got the micro, sd and also sd card. I mean sim card slot as well, so um and then on top. This is a this is a wild one. It has a headphone jack. You dont see these nowadays with any type of smartphone iphone, samsung, lg, theyve, all kind of removed this headphone jack. So this one still has it, which is amazing, uh, really props, to motorola for keeping that um. You can see here. This is a a somewhat glass or plastic backing um it it. It really does pick up a lot of the smudges and whatnot. You see these lines. This is this design of the the device itself um, and this is the camera lens uh, 48 megapixels uh. Let me go ahead and see. If i can zoom in here, um looks like uh yeah. It has a pretty good camera setup. I have used it for photos which im going to show you here in a minute um the photos arent bad theyre, not the greatest um theyre, pretty decent for this size, though i must say i think i like this a lot more um. We can build it. Go into the camera app, so you guys can go to see um and it has a different variety of different functionality.

This is in night mode. So if you want to change it from night mode just go over here, you can be able to change it or you can build. Do a regular uh photo so give it a snapshot it here. Okay, take a look at it and uh, as you can see their photos arent bad. I mean the colors could be much better in my opinion, but uh you know for the average consumer, the pictures arent bad whatsoever. One thing youll note when looking at this smartphone is the bezels. You can see here the black right here on the edges. It does go around to the top, so it does have that where you know samsung or lg or other phones, they have a bezel, less screen so um, again youre paying 250 full price for unlocked phone. This is an amazing price in team, in terms of value. For the phone you do have a punch, uh camera punch out right there in the top left hand corner where a lot of phones. They do have it right in the middle, like the samsung phones or even you dont, even see it with a lot of the chinese manufacturers like huawei. They have it built in in the screen, so you dont see a punch out whatsoever, so i think thats pretty good and then, if with iphones you know of iphones, you still have that crazy notch on the top – and you know after so many years where you Know, android phones have removed it and uh, i think ive, you know apple is going to implement that in the next iteration of the iphone in 2022 um, the 2021 version just came out with the specs uh.

As of this recording, this is september. I mean the end of september 2021, so yeah in terms of that um you can be able to go into the apps, its pretty responsive, not too bad um. One downside of this app is in terms of basically the nets the brightness uh, the brightness on this is not as bright uh in terms of the screen in comparison to the iphone in terms of in comparison to the samsung phones. It is basically not there, as you can see in the battery life. This is more than two days remaining with 91 um storage. Okay, this is one factor i want to be build a bring up. It has 65 gigs of um storage here so not much in todays standard um. This phone was released in february of 2020, but you know in terms of storage space very, very low, but it does have a micro sd card slot that you can build to expand. The storage um, the memory on this store on this device is up to four gigs again, not the highest spec and maybe not the lowest either. Samsung phones, uh the s21 and whatnot – have eight gigabit uh gigabytes of uh memory, a ram the iphones have higher ram. As well, but again with this device, you are paying for what you get for um in terms of that, by the way, this device is not 5g capable. So if youre looking for a 5g capable phone uh, this is not the phone to go to.

It is 4g capable, though uh so keep that in mind um. So in terms of uh the reception and call call quality. I have foreseen no issues with it. Um reception, no issues whatsoever too, it does have. You know the same type of modems that the other devices and smartphones have out there as well um. So you know in terms of the phone itself and my overall overview here, and the full overview here is that if youre looking for an unlocked phone, they can use on any network here in the us uh that gives you the smartphone functionality, a pretty good uh Battery life, which i you know i truly look for in terms of a smartphone uh decent camera uh, you know, look no further. I think this is a a perfect uh quality phone to choose and uh. You know i purchased it at target for 250, but you know now looking back. These phones are, i mean theyre, always much cheaper on amazon, so im gon na post on a link down below in the description. If you like to purchase this phone um when you click on the description its gon na, take you is it on the link, i mean its going to take you to the link to purchase this phone. If you like to um, you know its really up to you, but i really recommend it for folks that uh want that smartphone capability and you know, have the wide angle lens and a pretty good camera.

The fingerprint sensor here on the on the side. I think it has everything that uh folks are looking for in a device, so um keep in mind that the photos theres even a camera here in the front that has a 12 megapixel uh, which isnt bad, i think its okay um. But you know its not really the best most front facing cameras arent the best, but is not terrible either with that said, i hope this video was informative. It was helpful if you are utilizing this phone, please.