I, like you, was expecting some massive changes like after seeing the pixel a12 and material. U in action, but oneplus plan to stick with non cartoonish, simple basic approach. This is still in beta, so you may see some small changes in the final build, but this is pretty much it. So yes, this one right here is the oneplus 9 pro with oxygen os 12, and here i have the oneplus 8, with oxygen os 11. yeah. I know you guys want to see a pixel ui versus oxygen os 12 comparison that is coming really soon, so small changes in lock screen, like the clock, is now small, making space for notification, and it now shows the lock unlock icon massive changes in always on Display especially canvas always on display, they are done so many fixes and changes. This is something never been done before it now detects the human face or character accurately. You can do all the customization like adding colors glow effect and some elements like sketch or dots. There are some additional options in always on display settings as well. The lock screen notification got a redesign now shows which app is sending the notification. The reply section is also now clean now home screen and there surely are some massive changes. Like some small elements, neomorphic icons when long pressing the home screen you can now see there are a lot of options. You can now remove the widgets by pressing this minus icon.

You can select multiple apps if you want to remove them or shift them from the home screen to a new page or something here. There are so many tons of nice settings and option from color os. The quick settings is same, which i like notification panel, however, got a massive redesign. The quick reply section is also giving some basic material ui vibes. The exciting part is right, pull down now shows shelf, which is something i really like. Quick access. If you want to track your steps or write a note or do some calculation, so i do love this change so again, right pull for shelf and left one for quick settings. The application drawer has got a massive design change. Neomorphic icons can be seen in this. Bold text more like color os drawer, i dont hate it, but i think one in oxygen, os 11, look very decent, now ill. Show you guys all these system apps, like dialer messages camera. So here it is asking for permission. You can see. That is a proper information on what exactly the application want to use like camera want to use microphone, storage, camera itself like a12. It do show camera and mic indicator and we also have kill switch for the same in quick settings. So if you want to disable camera and microphone permanently, you can do that. This is the camera. Interface. Lots and lots of changes. Here are some initial camera samples i wan na share with you guys and they surely have done some magic inside.

This is again the initial software, but we can see some progress in there gallery and this is having some issues like showing small text and icons. I hope they fix it really soon. This is new clone phone interface, and here is new notes. Interface tons of new changes in there my files is now fast shows infographics and different sections for different categories. You can now focus on your work using this new work. Life balance here is clock and my favorite themes. There are tons and tons of awesome themes in there. I, like this one, a lot best part is: you can interact with these seams like shake to change the colors, so i for some infographics and quick access. We also have new icons and what not the game toolbox is now more fun. You got fps meter and voice modulator yeah. You can change the voice in some games. So can we seen some small but fun changes in there? These settings have got many changes and new options. One handed mode interface is now gone, which i hope they do add because it look uneven right now. The icons are same, but we now have micro settings for each settings like separate wi, fi settings, separate connection and bluetooth settings here comes the personalization and customization section sit back and relax cause im gon na show you all of this Music. What is wrong? What is my problem, what can i get out of this world that i created fighting storms in my head? Dont know where Music Music, oh Music, yeah? I love how they have done the fingerprint animation i so love how they have done.

The canvas always on display the customization section is next level right now. Here is the display settings. We finally have new dark mode, which you guys want it so badly so pitch black dark, gray and medium black. So i love how they have done some deep customization. These features are not spam or something people wont use. There are some key settings which many users were asking for years. So now, im gon na open each settings to show you guys the difference again lots of infographics in settings in oxygenos 12. Here we go now. This one is privacy settings, one plus say they have done some significant changes in privacy. It is not reliable and safe the about phone section and you can see the operation down here. I want the old section back, which shows the device and specification that looks so good in comparison to oxygen os 12.. So, yes, this is pretty much it. My experience with this os was awesome, like they have done some oppo like changes, but those changes are something most users wanted to see. They still are no bloatwares or edwards, or something which may irritate users. It is still a clean, ui, still fast, still fluid. Yeah, of course material. U is not there cause. Google is yet to push the dynamic theming option in a 12.1, so we may see this in the future os. But as of now oxygen, os 12 is a decent change, not in terms of ui or interface, but overall yeah like you, you and i was expecting material use, something new in quick settings, one handed interface, but that is a pixel exclusive change.

As of now, i have a video coming soon on how you can install pixel a12 on any phone so make sure to subscribe. So if you want to get os 12 on your oneplus 9 smartphone, you can download the zip file place it in your internal storage. Rename and remove jar format and do a local update the oxygen os 12 is coming to these oneplus devices, which one is yours.