Actually, every single video i make is very special, but today were talking about the vivo x70 pro plus now. To be honest, this phone was actually sent to me, and i didnt know much information about this phone, because this isnt a phone that typically comes to america or a phone that you can just go into the store and buy. So i really stay away from those type of phones, because my audience is in america, but i decided to take a look at this phone after one of my friends of mine viv, he said yo. This phone is crazy, has a really good camera. You should definitely check it out, so i decided to give it an actual run and see how this phone stacks up. So i guess, lets walk through how it shocked me and well dive into this camera. Obviously, because the camera is the big thing about this phone that everyones talking about so lets, do it before i get too far in the video. If you dont know who i am, i am a dude that loves making technology videos. So if you love anything from a smart home to the smartphone, make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring that bell notification so lets talk about some specs of this phone right here. This is the vivo x70 pro plus there is a vivo x70 as well. The non the non pro plus version and actually have that as well, so i will be uh taking a look at that too.

It comes in two different sizes, 128 and 256 gigabytes, and this phone retails usd around 1100. Now it does have a qhd plus screen. Lpto ammo led 6.78 inches with a 90 screen to body ratio has ip68 rating, has wireless charging snapdragon 888 plus, and it comes with peep this. A 66 watt charger in the box for some insane charging so well definitely have to take a look at that, and then it also has a plastic case too that you can use on the back. It does have this quad camera setup and well kind of go over that a little bit more in detail later in the video, but first of all it does have a 50 megapixel wide with ois a megapixel periscope, which is that 5x 12 megapixel 2x. Another thing i was really interested in seeing that it has this zeiss logo on here, so the glass is made by zeiss. If you dont know who zeiss is zeiss is a glass manufacturer, they teamed up with a lot of different companies, especially sony to make really good lenses. So it is using zeiss glass, thats kind of a one of the higher quality levels of glass and, of course, around the front. We do have a 32 megapixel front facing shooter its a 4 500 milliamp battery, and it does have the in display fingerprint sensor at the bottom, so you can get into the phone and unlock it look guys already off the bat.

This phone does have a lot of high end specs, which you know obviously its very impressive um. You know a phone like this coming in with just such high end specs and its not like a phone manufacturer that everyone knows, especially in america, so just having a phone that has all these things already is like a big big plus. I mean this phones coming out the gate swinging for the fences which is really nice to see. I will say in the hand this phone does feel premium. It is made from glass throughout the whole phone, so the front is corning gorilla, glass, invictus and then on the back. We have this fluorite ag and vivo says that its crystallized glass with a prismic surface. So this back, even though it doesnt feel like glass, it doesnt look like glass. Either it is glass. This is a glass phone and down here the vivo logo, its actually rubber. So its really cool that you have this glass doesnt feel like glass, doesnt, sound like glass but its frosted, and then you have this glass element up here next to the lenses. Now some people are saying that this could be. This could double as a mirror im not going to go that far, because the reflection isnt that great for it to be a mirror. But you do have this kind of like design right here, and this is definitely like old school fingerprinting glass, because this this will get tons of fingerprints, and i wipe this thing down a lot.

You do have your speaker grilles at the bottom. You have your usb c port, you have your volume rocker on the side. You have your power button on the side and uh that is about it, and also you can kind of see the camera bump here. Camera bump is is definitely there. I wouldnt say its anything out of the ordinary at this point. After dealing with samsungs samsungs phone, like the uh s21 ultra um, you know this. This camera bump i dont hate. I got ta be honest. I dont hate the camera bump sort of used to it by now, and i dont think its horrible some people dont like how the phone looks. I think it looks great, i think the biggest struggle for me with this phone has been the size. As you guys know, if you follow my channel, i tend to like smaller phones like 6.1 6.3. This is huge. This is 6.78, so its a pretty large phone. One thing i notice about this phone: it doesnt have great palm rejection, and so since these uh these uh, this display is curved. Your palm will sometimes hit different elements on the phone and then what happens is youre doing things you dont want to do. I found myself opening the camera on accident a lot when i was just using the phone typing. My palm sort of hit the camera or other things would happen, ill hit. The back arrow and stuff like that.

I mean these are things that obviously can be fixed with software. I didnt immediately see a setting for that, so it wasnt anything. I could just turn off, but that is something to be aware of also theres a lot of bloatware on this phone. This phone did come with a lot of apps that i dont plan to use and things that you may have to just eventually get rid of um its just one of those things that some some phones will come with those things. So if you go under hot apps, there are different apps in here that you may not be accustomed to using and things that are not even on the phone you press get to download it, but at the same time, theyre just kind of sitting there already. So its not the end of the world that you have sort of this bloatware, but it is kind of uh. You know i dont, like it youre spending 1100 bucks for a phone i dont want to have bloatware on there. I want to have apps that are relevant to what i use every day, but once again, thats not a huge deal, i would say, as far as like day to day use using this phone, this phone absolutely flies. So, of course you have the high resolution screen, but beyond that you have that lpto screen that allows you to have the high refresh rate too. So you know flipping between apps always feels great, always feels fast everything you launch pretty much opens instantly now.

Some apps do have to reload in the background, which happens more common, that i would like to see as apps are sort of closing in the background, but for day to day usage in most people. These are things that a lot of people, wouldnt notice. I will say there has been some inconsistent software experiences for me, while using this phone ive had some apps crashed that normally dont crash and also even in the camera. When i was snapping and taking photos, some images just ended up green like ill. Take a picture have a picture and then like a green square in the middle of these pictures, and it happened from time to time it wasnt anything that happened a ton but its something that i experienced during my usage with the phone, and i just want to Share it with you guys so obviously theres a lot to talk about when it comes to the cameras and so lets dive into the cameras. I will say that this camera produces a realistic shot even in non ideal lighting. These pictures around the house are taken with the standard lens with hdr on and i think they look great. The camera is not looking to get rid of shadows, but they embrace the shadows and produce a realistic photo. Now. Some cameras will try to make these dark areas a little bit too bright, and it could make an image look: okay, but its not representative of what the actual scene looked like.

This camera does have a macro mode and it works similar to the iphone it just activates. As you get closer to the subject, i didnt find these images to be particularly great, but its still a feature on a camera thats expected these days. I do find that portrait mode is a bit too aggressive with depth of field cutting off hair and other objects that should be in focus. You can adjust the depth before or after the shot, and i find myself moving it from the default f2 to around five or six to get everything in focus, portrait mode, doesnt, handle motion well and leaving a lot of my shots blurry when trying to track down My sun, but in auto mode i felt the depth was good enough to snag a great image. Also, i feel like portrait mode, does lighten the skin a little bit or maybe they call it skin enhancement at the end of the day, im. Just not a huge fan of portrait mode. I think it works in some instances, but at the same time it doesnt leave a natural shot for me now, speaking of auto mode, i did like it better than portrait. I think the colors are better overall and i find the shutter to be really fast too, and once again, with a sensor, this big you, you can see the depth of field is solid, even on auto mode. I do find inconsistent colors with each lens.

The wide and ultra wide colors are cooler at times and then the zoom lenses you can see here in this barn photo, especially there are just a little bit warmer. Each image looked perfect in its own right, but i dont think it looked like they were taken at the same time of day and also when you take a look at the zoom lens, especially the 5x. Here, a lot more noise is showing up. So it seems like the sensor isnt good, at getting rid of noise and the fine details when you start talking about 2x and 5x at night. This camera is really fantastic. These images were shot at sunset and they were amazing, some of the best, not some. Actually, the best low light shots and night shots ive seen on any phone ever theres, also a pro mode, which you have all the settings you could ever want in a camera. But you know i dont really use pro mode and i dont know many people who do when taking photos and then you can go into more and theres even more camera options like astro super moon, pro sports and double exposure. I havent had a chance to try out every single mode, but if theyre anything like the other modes, that ive tried, they will work really well now, video mode on this camera is nice. It does shoot up to 8k. But honestly, i dont have an 8k display to test it, but 4k looks really good now, shooting outside and even inside with decent lighting.

Video is solid. The colors are accurate and its pretty stable. I wish the audio was a little bit better on the mic, but its passable. There are new stabilization modes standard, ultra and horizontal line. The ultra stabilization uses the micro gimbal and eis its up to 1080p and 60 frames per second, and it works well. If youre running or walking, then theres the horizontal line mode, which i didnt personally see a use for, but this is using the micro gimbal as well. This will prevent the phone from rotating in video mode regardless there are tons of different modes for pictures and videos and to me i think this camera does live up to the hype. Is it better than what apple and samsung a pixel are doing its really hard? To tell for sure you know more time is needed, more scenarios are needed, but as far as low light, this thing is a beast and its the best i have ever seen period. This camera overall is legit and i give it a thumbs up. So all in all guys, this is an amazing phone, its really nice. The the only thing for me is just how big the phone is right. It is a larger phone and its something thats. Just really hard for me to use. Personally, i really do love the cameras. Ive talked about that a few minutes ago. How great the cameras are? I dont want to dive into that too much and the software experience is sort of hit or miss theres.

Some good things about the software and the way the apps run, which is nice and the specs of the phone, is really good, but at the same time just getting this software experience. That is not consistent, and these bugs that i keep seeing pop up every once. In a while and its not really close to stock android, so some of those things makes it hard for me to use on a daily basis, but of course that is just my thoughts. You know i love that the software get cleaned up and maybe get some more bands to make this uh. You know available in the us a little bit easier. I can definitely recommend the phone but anyways guys. Those are my thoughts in my opinion of this phone. I really am a big fan. Vivo did an amazing job with this phone im just looking forward to the next version, or maybe some software updates that can clean up some of the things i didnt like, but anyways guys just want to check this phone out. My name is kevin: the tech ninja.