Ive never been there before, and I kind of just decided to hop on a plane and check it out. It was a lot of fun. Anyways. Before I left for Seattle. I got the new DJI OM 5, which is a new smartphone gimbal thats, ultra portable and great for travel, so I figured Id toss it in my bag and take it on an adventure. What is up my friends Its Ray back here, and I am back in my studio after a random trip out to the Pacific Northwest. Ive never been to that side of the country before and Ive always wanted to go. So I did to – and I had a blast Im really excited for the next time – that I get to go back out there and explore it even more In todays. Video, though, were going to be taking a look at a gadget that I took with me across the country., Its the new DJI OM 5 smartphone gimbal.. Now this review is a bit different than my others, because I was actually out and about traveling with this gimbal.. I was by myself 3000 miles from home and I spent a lot of time using the OM 5, with my iPhone 12 Pro to document my time in the Seattle area.. The one thing that I learned very very quickly about this gimbal is that this thing is how awesome it is to just toss in your bag or even your pocket and just get out there and get filming.

During my trip, I used the OM 5 with my iPhone 12 Pro just about everyday to document my adventures and what I really love about this gimbal is how lightweight and compact it is. Seriously. The OM 5 might just be the perfect gimbal to just toss in your bag and go. Its also light enough, so that you can use it for long periods of time without feeling that quote on quote gimbal fatigue. The OM 5 folds up to be just about The size of a water bottle, which is impressive, given the things that it can do. Its even small enough to slide right into your pocket, making it discreet and easily accessible for when you need it.. Unlike other gimbals, the OM 5 uses a detachable magnetic clamp that you can snap right onto your phone and it magnetically attaches right to the gimbal. Theres. No, balancing or calibrating the gimbal just power it on and youre ready to go. Whats also cool is that it can balance the majority of smartphones out there right out of the box.. This removable clamp design, allowed DJI to keep this gimbal incredibly small and lightweight.. The clamp also isnt that thick, so you can leave it on your phone. If you find yourself using the gimbal quite often. As far as controls go, the OM 5 is super easy to operate.. It has a multi function, power button, a joystick record button orientation button. A zoom slider and a trigger around the back.

If youve ever used a gimbal before the OM 5 is really no different. Whats new with the OM 5 compared to previous OSMO gimbals, is the addition of a 215mm extension rod.. This essentially makes the OM 5 part gimbal part selfie stick.. While I didnt find myself extending the gimbal all of the time. I knew it was something that was there when I needed it. Whether it was for wider selfies, high or low angle shots. There are many many use cases in which this little bit of extension can add a whole new dynamic to your shots.. Even when fully extended the OM 5 feels solid and securely keeps your phone in place.. There was never a point where I felt like my iPhone. Would fall and go crashing down to the ground. If it did, I think I would cry. Like a lot. When it comes to performance. Youve been seeing it first hand throughout this video. The OM 5 does a fantastic job at keeping your phone stable and producing buttery smooth footage., No matter. If you plan to use this gimbal in horizontal or vertical mode, the results are the same, and the footage looks great.. If you pair the gimbal with the DJI Mimo app on your smartphone, you can unlock many more features such as ShotGuides, which recognizes a users environment and recommends a shot sequence to fit the subject and the awesome ActiveTrack 4.0.. This essentially lets you lock onto a target and precisely track its movement as its moving around.

ActiveTrack is a really great tool to take advantage of, and I found it to be very precise when its tracking a subject.. While I was out on my trip, I didnt use the Mimo app very much.. I really just used the stock camera app on my iPhone, which produces amazing results with just a tap.. The Mimo app is great and adds a ton of flexibility to the OM 5, but it isnt necessary to film with., In my opinion, its just easier to use what youre already used to. The stock camera app can also take advantage of all the gimbal controls once Its paired with your phone, so it basically acts as like a Bluetooth remote.. You do, however, need the DJI app to activate the gimbal update the firmware and all of that fun stuff. Do keep that in mind.. The one issue that I found with the OM 5 is its battery life.. The OM 5 is rated at only 6 hours, which isnt all that much compared to the 10 to 15 hours that competitors and even previous DJI mobile gimbals get.. Honestly, though, I filmed a lot with this gimbal already and I didnt even have to charge it while I was out in Seattle, so battery life is far from a deal. Breaker here. 6 hours is more than enough and in some cases the gimbal is probably going to outlast your phones battery. While your phone is recording. Theres more than enough juice here, to get you through anything life throws your way.

Theres. No doubt in my mind, Ill be using this thing for more travel, adventures and even event coverage in the future Im just going to be sure to carry around a portable battery with me. Just in case All in all the new DJI OM 5 is a fantastic Smartphone gimbal, that is very, very good at what it does. The gimbal is small and lightweight has an extension. Rod built in for extended range offers simple controls and buttery smooth footage out of your smartphone., Its size portability and performance easily make it one of my favorite smartphone gimbals to date. The addition of a selfie. Stick extension rod wont be a gamechanger for everyone, but for those who are vlogging and looking to get creative shots like some low angle, stuff theres, nothing quite like being able to do it all by yourself, like I was able to do in Seattle with this little Gimbal., It makes it all possible.. The OM 5 is a fantastic tool to have in your bag, Anywho thats about it. For this video, I hope you enjoyed it and found out helpful. If you did and you liked what you saw be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button, because it always helps out the channel.. Also dont forget to follow raystrazdas on Twitter and Instagram for much more Until the next one.