So we are going to talk about all of its pros and cons, performance features, design, camera and whether you should really buy this device or not from the long term user perspective. So here we go after 50 days. The samsung galaxy z5 is still one of the most unique and beautiful smartphone in the market. As expected, the usb of the device is the foldable flip design that catches eyes of everyone around you in unfolded. State the device is very slim tall and looks like a regular smartphone and in folded state. It is handy enough to hold in your hand or slide it into your pockets easily. All of the z, flip 3 models come in unique colors and, once again it contributes in the uniqueness and beautiful design of the device. Just like the previous generation of samsung galaxy z, flip smartphone, ziploc 3 also comes with a secondary screen, but this time it is bigger and more useful. Galaxy z5 is also the first foldable smartphone, along with the z43 that comes with ipx8 certification, so the device is waterproof, but keep in your mind that this is not dust resistant and the dust can still go inside the device and it can damage your smartphone. The build quality of samsung galaxy z, flip 3, is pretty solid as it comes with armor aluminum, metal frame, cordling, gorilla, glass, vectors on the back panel and on the cover screen and then on the front side.

The protective screen provided on the display is nearly 85 percent more durable compared to the previous generation, but still, you wont, feel comfortable enough. Your samsung galaxy s8, while closing or opening it with one hand. Another point here is that the hinge of samsung galaxy z, flip 3, is a bit tight and slow moving, so opening it with just one hand or closing it like other flip smartphones is not possible and most of the time you will have to use your both Hands to open or close the z, flip 3. still overall, samsung galaxy z5 is the most eye catching and stylish smartphone currently available in the market, and if you want to grab some attention and look unique in the smartphone crowd, then samsung galaxy z, flip 3 – is The device for you now talking about the performance, galaxy z43 comes with the flagship level hardware specs, as it comes with qualcomm snapdragon, triplet processor, 8gb, ram running on android 11, along with a 120 hp refresh rate display. So it does not matter how much heavy user you are. You will be happy with the performance of samsung galaxy z5 for sure you can watch our benchmarking comparison, videos and also the gaming performance test of samsung galaxy z53 to get the idea about its performance by visiting the links given in the description below so the long Term usage, the samsung galaxy s8 flip 3, is a perfect device nearly after 2 months.

There is no slowness of any kind while using the device, its still very smooth, very fast, and there is no drop in performance even slightly talking about the software side. The samsung galaxy flip 3 is still running on one ui 3.1.1, on top of android 11. and as we already know, one ui 3.1 is very feature rich and it comes with lots of productivity related applications that you can use to enhance your smartphone experience. But one big drawback is that the galaxy z53 does not come with samsungs decks, so you cannot connect this device with a monitor and use it as computer. So, even though the device comes with flagship level hardware and it is pretty capable to run samsung decks for some weird reason, samsung is not providing this feature to this device. Now this time the crease is very less visible and you will notice it only while scrolling on the screen or when the display is turned off. The hinges on the sides are also less visible and in the open state it does not look like a flip phone. At all now talking about the screen, it comes with one of the best display, as expected from a samsung flagship smartphone, so we got 6.7 inch, full hd plus screen with 426 ppi, 120 hertz refresh rate and hdr 10. Plus the screen is very bright, as it can reach as high as 1200 nits, and the best part is that, because of the tall aspect ratio, the viewing experience you get while browsing the internet using social media applications or watching a cinematic video is very nice.

On this device talking about the cover screen, this is the biggest cover screen. We got on any samsung galaxy z, flip series smartphone, as we got a super amoled 1.9 inch, 260 cross 512 pixels resolution display on the cover screen. You can put some widgets to quickly get various information on your device. You can get the notification and since the cover screen is pretty big in size, you can read the whole messages and it even supports picture formats. So if you receive a picture in your whatsapp message, you can even see that on the cover screen, but the drawback is that you cannot reply to any of the messages or notification and every single time you will have to open your smartphone launch the app to Reply to your messages or perform any activity, so even though you can perform some basic operations like checking the weather playing pausing, the music checking your samsung health data, but you cannot reply back to any of the text messages and there are some other drawbacks and privacy Concepts as well with the z flip 3 cover screen, about which i will talk in my next video, in which i am going to talk about the top reasons why you should not buy the samsung galaxy flip 3.. So if you are interested, do not forget to hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon to get the notification when that video is live, you can even use the cover screen as the preview for your primary camera and the subject will be able to see Themselves in the cover screen when their picture are being taken, or you can also use the rear camera, along with the cover screen to capture better selfies and videos.

But it also comes with its very own drawback and, as i said, i will talk about all of these points in my upcoming video, so the features and functionality of the cover screen on samsung galaxy c flip 3 is very limited. Unlike the moto razr for level. Flip a smartphone where you could perform virtually every single thing that you can do on the primary screen. Another highlighted feature of the z flip 3 is the flex mode where you can flip the display at 90 degrees, and the user interface will be changed accordingly. To use the particular application easily, but with other applications, the functionality will be only limited to changing the brightness volume, taking a screenshot or checking the notifications talking about the battery life. This is the weakest point of samsung galaxy z, flip 3, as it comes with a small 3300 image battery with just 15 watt charging. So the very first thing is that the battery drains super fast in my personal usage every day i used to charge the device at least once a round afternoon and sometimes again at evening, if i use it heavily, and that was the situation when i was not Using this phone for playing games or streaming any kind of multimedia content from youtube, netflix, etc, like my usual daily usage, so if you are a heavy user, you will be heavily disappointed with the battery performance of samsung galaxy z5. Another thing here is that it comes with just 15 watt charging, so first the battery drains very fast and once it goes down and you try to charge it, it takes more than one and a half hour to charge the battery from five to ten percent to 100, so this combination is pretty bad for a heavy smartphone user.

It also comes with 10 watt fast wireless charging and 4.5 watt reverse wireless charging, but considering the poor battery performance of the device, it does not make sense at all to use the reverse wireless charging feature talking about the camera performance. Theoretically, we got the exact same camera that we had on the previous generation of samsung galaxy z5. So, as you can expect, the camera hardware is not that great, but surprisingly, samsungs image, processing and algorithm improves the camera performance a lot and way better than expected. It comes with nearly all of the flagship level camera features and options that you will find on other flagship smartphones, but still the performance is quite limited and especially, if you compare it with other smartphones in the same price segment, because even though samsung galaxy z, flip 3 is the cheapest for level flip smartphone, its still quite expensive. If you compare the overall hardware specs with other devices. So if the smartphone photography is your primary concern, while buying a smartphone, then samsung galaxy, flip 3 performance might disappoint you as the overall camera performance is just good enough for casual photography and you can get many times better camera smartphones in this price. Talking about the other features, the performance of the fingerprint sensor is very nice. Its fast accurate, the stereo speakers tuned by akg, provided on c flip 3 are loud enough, and the audio output is also good enough for casual media consumption.

Overall, nearly after 2 months, samsung galaxy c, flip 3 is still the most affordable, most beautiful. Looking a flip foldable smartphone that you can buy for yourself. It is very beautiful, very stylish way, more durable compared to other foldable smartphones. It comes with flagship level, performance and hardware specs, it is the first foldable smartphone that comes with waterproofing and the display is just gorgeous. So if you are not a heavy user and some drawbacks, like the poor battery performance, slow battery charging, speed average camera performance are not a big issue for you, then samsung galaxy z, flip 3, is what you should buy for yourself, so thats all for now. Friends.