So the guys over at sync wire have sent me this foldable phone stand, its a foldable phone ring holder stand its as you can see, the packaging is extremely thin. Lets get a look at it so um before i get this opened up. I just want to say: um sync wire have sent this to me. They havent paid me for this video all the thoughts and opinions on this, but on this item will are my own opinion. Take that for what its worth before i get, this opened up guys smash that, like button for me, really really appreciate it, and if you havent already hit that subscribe button and click that little bell so thats literally it. So we have our foam holder. We have some looks to be alcohol wipes and some 3m sticky pods, whatever theyre for Applause there we go so its all metal. I would like to think that this is also magnetic so im, assuming these are spare pads and alcohol wipes to change the sticky pad because im, assuming that this sticks to the table and the plastic like this, as you can sort of see, with the shape of This um, oh all, right there. We go very, very small, very, very compact and ive sort of looked up there and sort of assumed that that is magnetic, but it doesnt seem to be so. We will do what we always do in times of crisis. Ah, i see so basically uh its not magnetic.

It sticks to your phone, which is interesting. Basically, you stick this sticky pad onto the back of the phone, and then that is your ring. Stand like that im, not really sure how i feel about that. To be honest, i was kind of hoping that it would be magnetic if im being totally honest but hey. Well, stick this on to this case dust collector stickers. I dont really know what i was expecting. To be honest, i think i was kind of expecting it to be magnetic dont know why i think maybe just magsafe has uh just ruined me for everything to be honest right, so here we are and this so that folds down like that and then sticks to The foam like that not entirely sure of just how sturdy this thing is and then so youve got this so ill. Obviously work twofold. Theyll obviously hold work as a ring carrier as well for your phone, but it can then fold out into a thumb stand and there we go now that can just fold up onto the back of the phone like that. Im, not im, not quite sure how. I feel about that to be almost that metal there its actually quite it feels quite sharp. I feel that uh, probably oh yeah, i just cut my thumb, thats, not good ow that hurt uh. I must say this is not how i expected this video to go. Im being honest but uh, but yeah, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below.

Do you think its cool? Does this appeal to you? Would you stick something like this to the back of your phone, its quite surprising. Actually, the balance is quite good on it to be fair, so youve got a lot of good sort of viewing angles there as well. You know, depending on what way you you leverage it. Oh look. It doesnt rotate rotates into landscape mode. Oh yeah, so youve got youve, got quite a few like sort of different angles there you know which can sort of allow you to get a couple. You know if you want to watch a video or or something that its actually not bad. We better buy cape dave, i suppose its, not too bad you can. At least you can rotate it from portrait into landscape mode. You know if you wanted to watch, you know a video or something i suppose thats handy um, and then you know you can fold that up and you know use it as a ring or use it as a phone holder or something you know it folds up. You know rotates and whatnot im sure a lot of kids would love. It thatd be fair if youve got phones – and you know you like to prop up and watch about watch a video or something or even use it, as maybe like a tripod, do bit of tech talking or something i suppose, itll be pretty cool thatll be absolute For this video guys uh, i just thought id: do a quick video and see what this was like.

So yeah big thanks to the guys at synwire for sending this over to me.