This is the doogie v10, its a brand new rugged smartphone and were gon na be checking this out together for the very first time. Okay, lets get that box open right. Take the phone out screen protector, wow, wow thats, a hefty phone first impressions very thick 16.1 millimeters and it weighs 340 grams. There is a screen protector applied, so this is doogies latest rugged, smartphone um. It supports dual 5g triple cameras on the back and youve also got a forehead temperature thermometer built in so thats very handy in this day and age, and this phone does have advanced features like wireless charging, a massive monster, 8 500 milliamp hour battery 48 megapixel primary And lots more so just place the phone on the side for now lets see what else we get inside the box. Weve got a spare screen protector user manual. Youve got a screen protector accessory, so that looks like an alcohol wipe. So weve got a plastic pry tool, so thats going to be to access the sim card, tray type c to type c cable and there is a lanyard strap included, which i nearly missed, and the power brick is usb type c. Its a 33 watt, fast charger included in the box first and foremost its a rugged smartphone, so its ip68 and ip69k rated, which means it is dust proof, shockproof, waterproof and its been proper drop tested by the doogie team as well. So its made from an ultra tough rubberized plastic youve got these metal sides finished in this orange color.

So black and orange does look quite nice, although, as mentioned before, it is on the thicker side, so 16.1 millimeters thick and it weighs 340 grams. So you can expect some heft. Now on the front, we have a 6.’ inch, hd plus dot display thats 720 by 1560 270 pixels per inch, and you do have gorilla glass protection. Now the phone is powered by the mediatek dimensi 700 thats 2.2 gigahertz octa core and it is supported with the mali. G57 youve also got eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage thats ufs 2.2. It is running android 11, and it gives you a very close to stock like experience with very minimal bloatware. Now one of the major highlights its got: an 8 500 milliamp hour battery with 33 watt fast charger included in the box, so certainly good to have a fast charger, especially for that massive battery. Not only that as a bonus, youve got 10 watts wireless charging and this also supports reverse wireless charging. So you can take advantage of that large battery capacity by charging your other compatible devices. Youve got dual sim 5g support, theres triple cameras on the back, so 48. Megapixel primary 8 megapixel wide and youve got a 2 megapixel portrait, and over here you have an infrared forehead. Thermometer and youve got dual led flash and on the front you have a 16 megapixel camera and it is a hole, punch camera on the left.

Now youve got a dedicated side, fingerprint sensor, which is very fast and efficient. Youve got a power button above it and your volume buttons all the buttons appear to be made from metal, and they do feel very nice to the touch at the top. You have nothing on the side, you have your sim card tray. So without the pry tool i was able to open it and it supports dual 5g sims um. I dont see a dedicated micro sd card slot anywhere, so this phone does not support micro sd and you do have a custom button over here which you can customize. So we can open any app. You like at the bottom weve got our charger port and it is of course, usb type c and it stays sealed and water tight with that latch, so very interested in the thermometer feature so lets just tap. The app lets go a bit closer because one to three centimeters, its quite close there we go 35.9. That is really interesting. So you can check the temperature of people, but you can also do objects so lets try an object. Im going to grab my phone turn. It over it should be cold because im not using it its. The iphone 11 pro max lets hit measure sorry, 25.2 thats, quite instant, theres, an led light here, which does generate heat and its been constantly on for a while lets check out the temperature of this light.

‘.9. I dont know why. But this feature is exciting me, especially with the health crisis going on right right now: 36 degrees celsius, so that is the safe zone, its in green. If it goes any higher, it would be in red or orange. So im actually quite impressed with the thermometer feature straight away and ill. Let you guys know in the comments and what my results were for that quick. Look at the cameras, so, first of all panorama mode beauty. We have video mode picture, okay, pro night mode and then youve got a dedicated hdr mode. Now, if i just take it straight to the video mode and hit settings, you can see that electronic image stabilization is now on video format, most compatible video quality. So 2k resolution is the maximum. It will shoot if we go back picture settings so maximum resolution support is 48 megapixels and were gon na have to do a quick test as well, so just taking a photo first of all and ill share. The results up on screen that actually looks quite good im going to try the bokeh effects and im not expecting much from this, but lets see. So the background is completely blurred out edge detection, sorry, edge, detection, doesnt, look bad and you can enhance that further. So maximum bokeh effect – this is what it looks like and then, if i just go halfway, this is what it looks like. So i want to see what the edge detection is like again: im not expecting much um its a good idea to try out night mode.

So if i switch off all the studio lights, alexa switch off lights. Okay, all right! So all the lights are off. Weve just got a little bit of natural light coming in from the right, but otherwise its quite a dark room. So taking a nice shot and it took it really quick ill put the results up on screen Music, so Music Music. So you should have an idea of the image quality, both photos and night shots lets. Do a quick video bring our friend back in start, shooting some videos, so this is 2k video resolution just pan the camera a little bit. Obviously, im not testing out the eis because im not walking around but generally just want to give you a quick idea of what the video quality is like, including the focusing Music. So youve got google services, so youtube gmail, youtube, music and of course the google play store is all there available. So you can go ahead and download all your games and apps and the mediatek diamond city is quite a capable processor, a plenty of power and performance to run more or less any app. You like and im actually downloading cod mobile as we speak. I just downloaded call of duty mobile. I want to check out the graphics performance about the same time. We get the opportunity to test out these speakers to see how good they sound so im going to leave it on simple, audio and graphics.

You can see by default, its set to low and medium im, going to put it on medium and high were going to see what sort of graphics this can handle and were going to play a multiplayer game of domination, which is my favorite. It does seem like. We have a single speaker on the back theres only one speaker, grill and all the sound seems to be coming from there. Its quite a large speaker girl, so lets play some call of duty, so medium graphics, high frame rate, sound, is really loud. Talk it down. Changing that cover down get down sniper, as you guys just saw a very, very decent gaming performance, even at medium with high frame rate. The game was very playable on this unit and in the antutu benchmark test, the doogie v10 achieved 358k. So there you have it guys. That was my first look at the doogie v10, the new 5g rugged smartphone, offering a very good performance, massive 8 500 milliamp hour battery. So that means three to four days battery life with normal usage. Unfortunately, you do get a 33 watt fast charger included in the box. Furthermore, you have triple ai samsung cameras on the back with that incredible infrared forehead thermometer, which is quite an impressive feature. It works on people, animals and even objects or food. The phone has plenty of ram and storage wireless charging, ip68 and ip69k certification, youve also got military standard, 810g durability, so durable shock, proof, waterproof, etc.

You got a decent, looking bright display running android 11., so my initial experience with this phone has been quite good. This is definitely one of the better all around 5g rugged smartphones and is capable of dual sim 5g, which is another plus point. I hope you found this video useful.