. Im a huge fan of the design and have been since the 2018 ipad pro and im sure many others will also agree. The squared off edges, the rounded corners, the thin profile and even the bezel. That goes all the way around the screen just makes it look very modern, im sure if apple wanted to, they could have made the bezels even thinner, but there is a reason why theyre there in the first place and its because you dont hold it like you – Would a phone an ipad is usually a two handed device one hand holding the thing and the other touching the screen when youre holding it. Your thumb naturally rests on the edge of the screen on the bezel, and if the bezel was any thinner, you would end up getting a lot of accidental touches, which would be very frustrating. Theres also touch id now built into the sleep way button, which is awesome. Im a huge fan of touch id, the volume buttons have also been moved up to the top, because now theres second gen apple pencil support it can magnetically attach to the side of the ipad and charge it to you, just like the ipad pro so the size Of it is actually smaller compared to the previous ipad mini, but whats impressive is that the screen is actually bigger. The screen is now 8.3 inches compared to the previous gen 7.9 inches here is a size comparison. First, we have the 11 inch ipad pro.

Then the ipad mini then an iphone 13 pro. You could wrap your hand around it if your hands are big enough, but ive actually found it more comfortable to hold it like this. The screen so after getting used to 120hz promotion on the ipad pro and the iphone 13 pro ill, be honest. Ive been a bit spoiled because now the ipad mini screen just doesnt seem as fluid or as nice as those displays. But i realized i needed to change perspective, because this ipad mini is much cheaper than the ipad price and the iphone 13 pros. So it makes sense that it doesnt have promotion and i feel like the people who is targeting as well arent sort of pro users. You could say if a pro user wants a pro model, theyll most likely go with the pro models, but yeah, i think, with the ipad mini. It made sense that it only has a 60hz display, considering the price in real world usage. Its really not a big deal as most of the stuff that im doing include reading looking at websites and watching videos, none of them actually require or need 120 hertz. So the jelly screen a lot of articles, a lot of people talking about jelly screen and how, when you scroll, you can see the text jellying around and ill be honest. I think its just being blown way out of proportion, if it wasnt for those articles and for the people bringing it up.

I would not have even noticed the jelly screen, mainly because, when youre scrolling through something youre not paying attention to actually whats on the screen, you wait till it stops scrolling. And then you read, or look at the images and thats really where youre going to use ipad mini youre, not going to be looking to see very closely if the text is jellying up and down and its also just a part of lcd displays its naturally. What happens with lcd displays so yeah? I personally think its being blown way off propulsion and it definitely should not put you off buying an ipad mini. My main use case for this device is a content, consumption device and i think thats, where the ipad mini excels. Watching videos, especially youtube or netflix, is a great experience, its also great to whip out an ipad mini on a flight, as it doesnt take up anywhere near as much room as the other ipads do. Browsing websites is as good as youd expect and i love using apps like pinterest or browse for inspiration. I also love to do photography so now that the ipad mini has usb c. It makes it much easier to move raw photos over from my mirrorless camera. It works well as an ebook reader too. I use the kindle app to read books and the size of the ipad mini is ideal for reading it can easily be one handed with second gen apple pencil support.

You can now do everything you can do on an ipad pro its seriously awesome and is ideal for heavy apple pencil users. It now becomes a great note, taking machine and a drawing pad for those who love to get artistic in apps like procreate ipad os. So it is now running ipad os, so you can have multiple apps open side by side granted. They are much smaller, so im not sure if it will be the best experience. It really depends on the apps youre using in multitasking. One of my favorite features in ipad os and seems to be just limited to the ipad mini is being able to split the keyboard into two, so you can almost use it like a big phone. It makes two handed typing much easier and you can keep the ipad in portrait orientation to type, but you can also have the keyboard as just one small little keyboard and use your thumb to type like you would on a phone just works incredibly well on the Ipad mini. I also think the ipad mini is a sleeper when it comes to gaming. If you like gaming, if you like, playing ipad games and stuff the ipad mini is perfect for that. One of my favorite games is kingdom rush and it works really well on the ipad mini mainly because of that new a15 chip. Most people shouldnt, have any issue running most of the games on the app store.

You can, of course, also pair up a controller and enjoy games that way as well the a15 bionic. So i actually went from an ipad mini 4 to the ipad mini 6. I guess you could call it and the ipad mini 4 had an a8 processor. So this now has an a15, so the jump in performance is literally night and day its unreal. The performance feels very similar to my ipad pro in everyday use. I have no issue editing photos in lightroom, which is the most performance intensive use case. For me im sure the m1 ipad pro would be even better at more intensive stuff, but unless youre doing video editing or something else that requires a lot of horsepower. The a15 should handle nearly everything battery life, so the ipad pro has spoiled me because with the ipad pro i could use it for like a day or so then leave it for a week or two and come back to it, and it would still have battery Life with the ipad mini that isnt the case. You know you can get one two days of heavy usage out of it, but most likely, if youre, using it very heavily in the day. You will need to charge it at the end of the day, and if you come back to it in a week, you will most likely find it dead. It makes sense its a smaller ipad. The battery unit is much smaller and its just not going to last.

As long but yeah dont expect the same sort of battery life that youd get from an ipad pro, but really if you can get one day of heavy usage out of it, i dont see an issue with it. It makes sense because you can just plug it in when you go to sleep so whos it, for i think most people considering an ipad mini already have a use case. They already know what theyre going to use it for whether it be consuming content reading stuff videos, whatever else whether it be taking notes using it to make art and procreate in apples keynote. They even said it has a lot of professional use. Cases like pilots and doctors that use it for work. I think this would actually be a really good option for students, because its cheaper than the ipad pro and if you use student discount. Obviously, you get a discount that way as well its smaller in size, which makes it extremely portable between lectures and because of the apple pencil gen 2 support youll have a great note taking experience as well. The ipad mini is actually my favorite ipad, even though the ipad pro has better battery life, bigger, screen, better screen and obviously has the m1 chip. I would sacrifice all of that just to have the smaller form factor of the ipad mini. I much prefer this smaller form factor, especially when out and about it just makes a lot of sense.

For me, i primarily use a macbook pro for all of my professional work anyway, when it comes to things like video, editing, coding, design stuff, like that, i much prefer doing that on a macbook because of mac apps. So, for me, the ipad mini is like an in between an iphone and a macbook. An ipad pro just doesnt really make sense, because an 11 inch or 12.9 inch, its just so close to the size of a 13 inch macbook pro. So this is going to be my main ipad going forward. Hopefully you guys enjoy this review. Follow me on instagram and twitter and subscribe for more Music.