The plain old standard iphone 13, but it might shock you to hear that. I actually think this might be the best iphone for most people to get this year and im gon na tell you why, in this video and thanks to smarty for sponsoring todays video Music. So when most people are looking to buy a brand new smartphone, they tend to break down the options into anywhere between one and seven key cornerstones, operating system, size, performance and or speed hardware, and build quality battery camera and price. Some will focus on just one of these areas. Others, all seven and the rest somewhere in between so operating system is a simple one. To start, are you ios or are you android and chances are if youre clicking on this video? You at least have some interest in, if you at least have some interest in iphones, whether thats love or hate. But if it is the former, the question is then, which iphone? Do you get and as the software here is the exact same ios 15, that you get right across the board with all models, the interface, the feel of using the devices almost identical to the more expensive pro or pro max thats, a good start for the iphone 13., in fact, the only iphone this year, thats cheaper than this is the iphone 13 mini, but that then leads us on to the next key cornerstone, and that is of course, size. Youre gon na have to look at the sales figures from last year to know that the 12 mini didnt sell well in comparison with the 12 pro max leading the way and the standard, 12 and 12 pro both the same size remember were very, very similar in Numbers so yes, even though the largest form factor does appear to have the largest lure 6.

1 inch here, seems to be a pretty great size for a lot of people as well. The actual display is again almost identical to the 13 pro with one key difference. So the same super retina xdr oled panel – that is super bright and vibrant, but the max refresh rate is 60 hertz compared to the adaptive 120 hertz on the pro now, if youre coming from an older iphone, then you wont really notice any difference here, because 60hz Has been the standard for the longest time, but if you have used the 13 pro or pro max models or countless android phones over the last couple of years that have upgraded to this higher refresh rate feature. They do feel slicker on the scroll, because the display is refreshing twice as fast per second to the untrained eye. It merely looks like the iphone 13 is lagging ever so slightly in comparison now, heres the thing when you have them side by side, can you notice the difference? Well, yes, the iphone 13 pro max does feel a little bit smoother a little bit more refined, but gestures and animations on the whole already feel really fluid on ios. So again, this will come down to priorities and preference. Is it worth the extra money for this feature? I would say yes because im really into my tech, but for the majority of people for the average general consumer, possibly not outside, of the display. The rest of the build and internal hardware is pretty similar again across the board ceramic shield on the front glass backing similar button placement same lightning, port for 20 watts fast charging, so the only real, visible difference here is the two camera lenses on the 13 to The three on the pros more on cameras, later the aluminium frame on the standard 13 to the more durable stainless steel on the pros making the 13 feel slightly lighter and the glossy back frosted back debate.

I personally prefer the frosted finish on the pros to the glossy on the standard, but you do get more color options on the standard model if thats something youre interested in, i would just throw on a case whatever and if you are enjoying this video. So if i want to see more content like this, then tap that little sub button now internally, you do get four gigabytes of ram on the standard 13 model, two less than on the pros, not that ive really noticed the difference. Honestly for the majority of tasks you use in iphone 4., mainly due to the fact that they share the same hugely impressive a15 bionic chip. These are the differences in benchmarks and you can see the standard 13 more than holds its own and you wont really notice any real world performance differences honestly between the 13 series phones and you can comfortably game on this device with some big titles. Although the extra screen real estate of the pro max does definitely help in that immersive feeling, i do feel that apple slightly missed a trick with the sizing of the notch, though it is now smaller due to the fact that theyve squeezed all the sensors and elevated The speaker into the top bezel, but they havent, really done anything software wise to make use of that extra space and because the notch is ever so slightly deeper when viewing video in an 18 by nine ratio, which many people do now due to smartphone sizing.

It cuts into the image by, like a hairs, breath really not important, but it just feels a little bit slack when it comes to attention to detail the mentioned top speaker and bottom firing. One are excellent, something we expect now from apple, and let me know in the comments if you can hear the difference in sound quality between the 13 and 13 pro max Music Music. Now one huge feature that many people look for in a new smartphone is how good the battery is, and the iphone 13 does have a 3240 mah capacity, which may not seem a lot compared to android flagships. But the optimization that apple have implemented here in conjunction with the software and the chipset. The battery life has been really really good, so far, a fair bit better than the iphone 12 from last year. But if you do want an iphone with the best battery by far in fact, the best battery ive ever had on a smartphone to date. Yet then, you have to get the pro max because its just unreal honestly and that theme runs right through to the camera. As well, if you want the best tool set for photos and videos, you of course go pro color temperature preferences aside as an all round package. They are excellent, but how much are you actually missing by going standard? Well, the obvious one is the absence of a third lens which happens to be a telephoto one on the pro and pro max.

This means all zoom shots up to five times on. The 13 are purely digital compared to the three times obstacle up to 15 times. Total on the pros, so yes, you can go further and photos do look sharper and more detailed, again thats important to me, but if you dont often zoom in to take photos, you wont really care one iota outside of that. The primary 12 megapixel lens now has the sensor shift technology that was only available on the 12 pro max model from last year and it gives the lens the ability to move. So if you are trying to capture movement in your photos, clearly it should help. Although portrait shots still on any phone, including the new iphones, are still nowhere near as good at capturing moving targets or moving subjects as the pixel line of phones even going back as far as three years ago, what google have been able to do with their software Is just unparalleled im not saying portraits, necessarily look better one or the other im just saying if somethings moving and you want that crystal clear focus in the foreground and that blur background, then the pixel liner phones just are unreal and im super excited for the pixel 6 line um ill, probably do some comparisons as well make sure you sub. For those – and i know i often go on about moving subjects in portrait photos, but then i have kids. I have pets.

Its quite important for me might not be for you again. The pro models do have slightly lower aperture, better for low light and helps with that depth of field shot, but honestly, its pretty marginal and i dont think most people will really see a difference and that includes ultra wide shots as well. I did go into far more detail on the new camera features, battery life and ios 15 software features as a whole. In my 13 pro max review video, i will leave it. I will leave that listed in the video description below if youre interested, so the way i see it, the iphone 13 standard is a fantastic option for most people that want a new iphone if youre, unsure about which iphone to get and youre, not crazy. On spending the most and having the all the bells and whistles and the most features, then i would strongly recommend going with the iphone 13., its a really good, all round phone, and it ticks the majority of boxes without really losing anything major. In my opinion, and if youre on a tighter budget and those extra features, dont really bother you, i personally would opt for the standard, iphone 13 and not the pro or the pro max. Now, if you are looking to save even more money on any one of the new iphone 13 series or pretty much any smartphone going forwards, then todays video sponsor smarty can help. Smarty is a mobile network provider that sells sim only deals.

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