The galaxy m52 is only 7.4 mm thick and weighs 173 grams only, which makes it 2.1 mm thinner and 40 grams lighter than the galaxy m51, and trust me guys. These numbers make a ton of difference see. This is not the slimmest phone around. That title goes to the xiaomi 11 light ne 5g, which measures 6.8 millimeters, but a 7.4 millimeters on the m52 is still a very sleek and when youre holding such a large device, which is so slim, you will appreciate the form factor. The lightweight design can also be partly attributed to the polycarbonate build, but apart from the glossy back, which is a fingerprint magnet, the build quality is robust and the phone felt every bit solid in the hands. Of course, the trade off that samsung made here is the battery, which is now 5000 mah versus a 7000 mah on the galaxy m51. But tell me one thing honestly, guys so say: if youre a casual user, would you rather go for a bulky phone with three days of battery life, or would you choose a slim and a light smartphone with a two days of battery life? I would go for the latter. You share thoughts with me in the comments below so in my case, i actually favor the design and build of the galaxy m52 over the galaxy, m51 and im sure many would agree with me. So what? If its a 5000 mah battery and by the way, even with medium to heavy usage, expect this phone to at least last for about one and a half days on a single charge.

Now, with my usage making voice and video calls browsing, the web checking social media playing some games watching a lot of youtube videos and stuff, like that, i was easily able to last about you know one and a half to two days on a single charge on The galaxy m52, with around six to seven hours of screen on time, so that is great and there are your numbers. However, you now get the usual 15 watt charger instead of the faster 25 watt charger that came with the galaxy m51, but yeah. The galaxy m52 does support up to 25 watt charging. Apart from this, the galaxy m52 also loses out on the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The dedicated micro sd card slot is also gone, although you can still expand the storage to up to one terabyte via the hybrid sim slot. But apart from these minor shortcomings, the galaxy m52 is a solid upgrade over the galaxy m51. Keep watching, starting with the display. Just like the galaxy m51, the galaxy m52 also features a 6.7 inch. Super amoled infinity, oh display, but this time around it refreshes at a 120 hertz and theres gorilla glass, 5 protection up top. One word for the display its a plain gorgeous, but thats a given coming from something but yeah what else to say its an amazing panel with excellent color reproduction in b blacks. It also gets a sufficiently bright, beat windows or outdoors content. Consumption is also a great experience, although i really wish this phone had a stereo speakers.

That said, the single bottom firing speaker does get sufficiently loud while watching videos or playing games without the audio output getting distorted even at higher volumes by the way, the 120hz refresh rate isnt just here for the namesake, but it actually works across many of the mainstream. Apps, including the popular ones such as instagram, facebook, gmail, chrome, netflix, youtube and more moving on the galaxy m525g is powered by the snapdragon 778 gsoc, which brings in huge performance gains over the snapdragon 730, both in benchmarks, as well as in real life. Samsung is offering this phone in two variants: 6gb ram and 8gb ram with 128gb storage standard on both here are some benchmark numbers for those interested. You can pause your screens to take a look, so the galaxy m52 is a fast phone thanks to the snapdragon 778 soc and one ui 3.1 performance has been very snappy right from unlocking the device to fiddling around the ui or doing casual tasks such as browsing. The web or watching youtube the galaxy m52, never showed any signs of slowdown even when it comes to playing games. Titles such as asphalt, 9 and call of duty mobile worked like a charm speaking of call of duty. The game was able to run at high graphics and max frame rates without any stutters or lags, and even when i used to game on this phone for about one hour at a stretch, it barely got warm to the touch so good thermals, as well now coming To the software we get the good old one, ui 3.

1 atop android 11, and apart from the pre installed bloatware apps that you can uninstall by the way the software felt light and snappy navigation around the ui is fast app opening times are fast and even the Ram management has been great on top of that. You also get nox protection, which makes sure you get a secure software experience. Of course, with all of this, one ui is easy to use and, at the same time offers a bunch of useful features that one might appreciate. For instance, the dual messenger feature or the simple one hand mode swipe down gesture or the popular old z mode that quickly lets one switch to the secure folder by double tapping the side key or one of my favorites. The ability to bring down the notification shade. With a simple swipe down on the side key and while a very basic feature, i still havent seen it on many recent smartphones, apart from samsung devices, of course, in terms of connectivity, theres, a bluetooth, 5.0 nfc, wi, fi, 6 carrier aggregation and, of course, 5g with The support for 11 bands making this phone a future proof, so in terms of network reception and connectivity, i had zero issues. I also didnt come across any call drops and the calls themselves sound loud and natural in the phones earpiece, which, by the way, is barely visible to the eye unless you hold the phone up close and see it. Okay now lets talk about the camera, so the galaxy m52 gets three lenses at the back versus the four that were present on the galaxy m51.

Basically, the five megapixel depth camera has been swapped out, so the main unit is a 64 megapixel sensor which is coupled with a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 5 megapixel macro camera at the front. Theres, a 32 megapixel camera for selfies, the galaxy m52 was quickly able to lock focus on subjects in good lighting. The phones main camera was able to capture some vibrant. Looking images with good dynamic range. The ultra wide angle, camera is also able to click some decent photos, although i did find some distortion around the edges. The 5 megapixel camera also does a fine job at clicking subjects from up close and captures decent details in the output coming to shorts. Taken in not so great lighting well, the output is pretty meh honestly, although the night mode does help significantly in delivering brighter and usable images. So thats sorted there in terms of video recording the galaxy f52 can shoot up to 4k 30fps, and this is the 4k sample that you are watching on your screens right now. So, of course, color reproduction is decent and dynamic range is excellent. Whats missing here is stabilization. However, if you still want stabilized videos, you will have to settle for the 1080p 30fps format, but with that being said, id still go for the 1080p videos because of course they are more stable. But the colors and dynamic range are equally good as the 4k videos and they also take significantly lesser space.

So right now, im shooting the front facing video sample on the samsung galaxy m52 5g. So this is the 4k 30 fps sample as the max this phone can shoot, and this is what you can expect in terms of overall output. So if you ask me, colors look fine, i think so. Uh theyre true to source theyre natural so but that works for me, uh stabilization is also fine. I wont call it the best, but it gets the job done so again: thats fine uh for audio. There are two mics one at the top one at the bottom. So let me know how does my audio sound right now and yeah guys thats pretty much it? This is how a facing videos are look like when you shoot them from the galaxy m52s front. Camera share your thoughts with me in the comments now the asking price of 29 999 rupees is a bit high honestly. So if youre watching this video during the ongoing amazon sale uh, you can still buy the galaxy m525g for a starting price of a 25 999 rupees. I would absolutely recommend it in a heartbeat. So, of course, the galaxy m52 is a solid upgrade over the galaxy m51. You see, as i said, the display is a huge upgrade as its now a 120 hertz panel. The software is one ui this time around, rather than the one ui core version found on the m51 and the new snapdragon.

A 778 g chipset also makes sure that you get better gaming performance, better camera performance and, basically a better overall performance. Basically, if you can go around the asking price a bit, maybe just look at some bank promotions or discounts, since they are always there in some form or the other. If you do end up buying the galaxy m52, you wont regret your decision. Definitely watch out for the pleasant sleek design and amazing 120 hertz super amoled display and a capable set of cameras so guys that was my review of the samsung galaxy m525g share your thoughts with me about this device in the comments below, as always for all the Latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch, you all in the very next one.