Not only does this give you the best smartphone unboxing experience ever its also the most powerful smartphone camera in partnership with zeiss, i mean its photography. Redefined vivo has aimed this at professional photography and we are here to put that to the test: hey guys, welcome to this camera review of the vivo x70 pro this entire intro is shot using the vivo phone itself. So all the blur you see is done digitally lets find out how good the camera on this phone really is. The vivo x70 pro is nothing short of a true flagship. Youve got everything. The competition does a 6.56 inch amoled display 120 hertz refresh rate hdr 10 plus youve also got the mediatek dimensi dimension, 1200 5g flagship chipset on here up to 12 gigs of ram and 512gb ufs 3.1 storage under display sensor 44 watts charging all that great stuff. But where it really shines, though, is the camera theres a reason why this is a camera focused video more than anything else is the fact this might be one of the best android camera phones on the market right now, but is it the best camera smartphone overall Lets find out lets take a look at the hardware. Weve got youve, got a 50 megapixel main wide camera with gimbal ois youve got a 12 megapixel telephoto 2x optical zoom youve got a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and lastly, we have an 8 megapixel periscope telephoto camera capable of 5 times optical zoom and up To 60 times digital zoom, the optics here are all zeiss with the zeiss t coating on the lenses.

Now all of that alone is impressive enough, but thats pretty much. The reason why this is a dedicated camera review thats a pretty bold claim to even have it printed on the phone itself saying that its got professional photography lets take a look at some of the camera samples of the images that i took with this phone. Just to keep it interesting im, starting with the ultra wide angle, camera. I was actually quite impressed with this, its a 12 megapixel, but it has very good sharpness, all across the board, so edge to edge sharpness, no loss of quality towards the edges and the highlights and the shadows are very well balanced with good hdr. It is very similar to the primary camera, which is this one right here. This is the wide angle lens and, as you can see, the optical background blur is already really good and look at that sharpness. This is the edge of the image and its quite sharp for a 1x lens. I really do like the performance on this. The background blur naturally, is very nice. This is all natural, no portrait mode, nothing and the blur levels are actually very, very impressive, uh. Overall, i would say the exposure levels and the sharpness are very nice as well great for landscape shots, great out of the box performance, not much editing required at all. Now, looking at the different zoom levels, it goes 1x, 2x and all the way up to 5x.

All of which have really really good quality. Take this image. For example, i wanted to zoom into the window. The right side is the 5x, and then i can go all the way up to 60, but this is a 20x looks really good. One thing i really liked about the zoom is the fact that the colors are similar across the board. It doesnt really shift any hue, and also the sharpness is quite well maintained with the periscope lens. The wide lens doesnt have very good minimum focusing distance, but you do get an automatic macro mode which is pretty decent so for everyday pictures. Its pretty great landscapes is great, but were talking about zeiss. Here we want to see that portrait mode. We want to see that background blur and how good it does and honestly this is one of the best ive ever seen. The separation is done so well. You get that real, looking swirly bokeh in the background, if you choose that specific style, adjustment and stuff is very easy, as well, even with the different lenses. This is the 5x zoom. You get a pretty decent, realistic, looking background blur and it doesnt work just with people, even with inanimate objects like this, you can see the blur is done really well and the falloff is very, very natural, as we go from in focus to out of focus the Selfie is a 32 megapixel camera which takes pretty decent pictures. It has the beauty mode which im not a huge fan of, but yeah the selfie camera is pretty nice, nothing too crazy.

As for night mode, i was super impressed with this in little to no light. It takes really good quality pictures here. It is compared to the iphone 12 iphone on the right there. You can see the vivo looks a lot better with more detail and light than the iphone now photography aside lets take a look at the video performance. I took most of these shots that youre looking at right now in the pro mode, and this is something uh that i should mention here. All the shots taken in pro mode will look really great, but when you switch the automatic video mode, the shots arent as good, so as opposed to the photography side of things where the ai is able to take really great pictures. The video is not the same. So until here everything youve seen is in pro mode here i switch to the regular automatic mode and you can see it reduces the quality. The exposure looks a little bit off. It can be over or underexposed a bit too warm in some areas. So im not a huge fan of the regular video mode, but if you shoot in pro mode it has really great results. Now onto the ai video, the bokeh that i told you about in the beginning of the video, as you can see it tracks fairly. Well, exposure can be a little bit off here and there, as you can see, it shifts quite a bit and the edge separation and the edge detection isnt the best, but it also works with the front camera and the back.

I do think this has a long way to go its, not the best but its pretty cool. So with all that, out of the way, i can easily say that this may not be the best camera phone for video, but when it comes to picture taking and portrait mode and the processing vivo has been one of my favorites in the recent past and the X70, pro is definitely going to make it to the top of my list really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did drop a like and subscribe for more content.