Today we have got a solution of it, so today we will unbox review and talk about some good and bad stuff about this gimbal. So without wasting time lets jump into the unboxing. Unboxing starts now so Applause, so here we have mozambiques mini and at the top we have got a phone holder underneath it we have got a joystick and underneath that we have got a fn button and next to it we have got a zoom in and zoom Out button and underneath that we have got a power indicator and right side, we have got a type c charging port and underneath that we have got a reset button and behind the handle we have got our hand grip and we have got a smart trigger. This gimbal is just the size of my hand and its very comparable, and you can take this gimbal anywhere. You want and just open it put your phone in and you are good to go so lets talk about mounting and balancing, so its really easy. Its nothing complicated. What you have to do is hold this handle and then just turn it around 180 degrees. And then you have to unlock the top just rotate it to the right. And then you have to unlock the phone holder, rotate it to the right again and we have everything unlocked now. We can put our tripod on here and then put your smartphone in the phone holder and make sure that your camera is facing outside and then just adjust.

The angles somewhere around here is looking good, then hold the fn button, and then you are good to go. So now lets talk about the basic button functions of this gimbal. So by long pressing the fn button you can turn the gimbal on and then, if youre going to single press the fn button, then you can start recording and if you will double press the fn button, then you can switch from the video mode to photo mode And from photo mode to video mode – and my favorite feature is that if youre going to press the fn button three times, one two three so here we have a portrait mode. You can shoot tick, tock, videos, instagram stories and stable instagram stories, stable, tick, tocks, and if you want to zoom in or zoom out, then you can press and hold this plus button or the minus button to zoom out. And if you will press this zoom in button twice, then it will automatically zoom in and if youre going to press the zoom out button twice, then it will zoom out automatically. Then we have the smart trigger. If you will press and hold it, then it will enter the all lock mode. So if you will press this smart trigger twice, then it will recenter the camera and if youre going to press it three times, then it will switch the camera from the main camera to the selfie camera. So now lets talk about the different shooting modes.

With this gimbal, so in order to get access to all the features you need to download an application called moza genie, then you need to connect the smartphone with the gimbal through the bluetooth and then youre pretty much good to go. This gimbal offers a lot of different modes which can help you get really creative shorts. You can always switch to different modes by single pressing, the plus button or the minus button, and you can also switch to different modes from your smartphone. So now lets look at some different modes, so the first mode we have got is the pan mode. What is a pen mode pen mode is just moving the camera from the left to right and the next mode we have got is pan and tilt follow mode. So the pen mode is going from the left to the right or from the right to the left like this, and this and now we have got the tilt also so tilt is like going from down to up down top. So we have got these two together and the next mode, and my favorite mode is the fpv mode. You can rotate your camera and you can do pan tilt and you can get really good shot from this fpv mode, and i will try that next week. So the next mode is object tracking mode. This is also helpful in different situations. When youre shooting alone, you can just select the object.

You want to track and leave your smartphone. Whatever you have this gimbal somewhere and wherever youre going to move, this gimbal is going to track. That thing you just select, it theres also a face recognition mode which you can enable by pressing smart trigger just once. This feature will track faces and make sure that those faces in the frame like im vlogging my face is in focus. Then we have my favorite mode, which is inception mode okay. So now we are in fpv mode move the joystick to the left to the left. This is the limit of this gimbal and then what you can do is move the joystick to the right and then just go forward, and you will get that inception. Look in your videos so now its time to go down and subscribe to harry the photographer. This is the most important thing about this video you should subscribe. You have only five seconds. Five, four, three, two one you subscribe. I believe you so now lets talk about some unique and different and special features of this gimbal first and really unique feature about this. Gimbal is after connecting your smartphone with this gimbal when you open the application, theres a m written on the right side top, they have already added the sound effect to the music and the effects. So now what you have to do is press capture, and they will tell you what videos you have to shoot like from which angle and what you have to do.

Move right to left left right. Do that and then, after 2 3 minutes, your video is automatically ready. So the next special feature of this gimbal is is smart gesture. So what this smart gesture does is when you show him two fingers show it. I dont know him hurt, then it starts. Recording and when you show your hand and close it, it stops recording. That is a pretty good feature when youre shooting videos alone, and you are a little bit further away and you cant just press the button. I think that is a pretty good feature. I like it at least so. The next feature is editing. So what do you mean by that i mean when you want to edit your videos from your smartphone. Then there is an application included in this application, where you can edit your videos. I edit my videos in adobe premiere pro, but sometimes i edit from my phone when i have to edit for tick tock or some instagram so yeah. These were a few things about this gimbal so now lets talk about. If i like it or not. Personally speaking, i really like this gimbal and im using this gimbal for a week now, and i am loving it. You know there are few features that i love. One of them is inception more. That is my favorite and another one. Is this one? This feature? You know when i have to shoot some stories for instagram or for tick tock.

I can just do this say some stuff and im done. I can edit my videos in that application and just upload it the bad thing about this gimbal that i dont like about this gimbal is. Let me show you sometimes, if youre having a bigger smartphone, it will going to get stuck somewhere here like here so overall. This gimbal is really good and they have added a tripod, so i can hold it with both of my hand, and i can get the smoothest the smoothest shot. If you want to buy this gimbal, then they will link in the description. You can just go there and click and buy the gimbal if you want to buy it, so yeah thats pretty much it for the video hope. You guys learned something from this video and enjoyed it, and if you did then make sure to smash the like and the subscribe button smash it some message: submission and ill catch.