So for today, usapang infinix diamantaio. We all know that infinix is indeed a growing brand neta lagang manapapan singh pasikatsunam, which is of course the cameras, lets talk about. First, the pricing and availability a tongue back on phone infinix will be exclusive in shoppi. Only this october. Five with a retail price of fourteen thousand and hundred ninety pesos, but since they are um, being generous marin salon, early bird price, thirteen thousand eight hundred and ninety pesos technically when it comes to its pricing, indicia flagship. But of course, the infinix na brand italian kanelantinaka flagship device because its their most expensive so far and of course, yuma high end specifications that you guys saw some of flagship devices is present on this device. So, yes, it is an infinix flagship Music. The box looks very different from other infinix smartphones, now finisher, not indita, saturn channel its longer and, as you can see, the unit that we have right now has an 8 gig of ram numeric 128 gig of internal storage, so technology Music for the infinix zero x, Which are telescope zoom, ultra night version camera, it has dual chip ultra high speed, a 6.67 full hd plus display with tuv rain land safe charge. We also have here a cardboard smaller box inside here is, of course, anything adding a jelly case, a warranty card, and we all know what this is already. I really love the case that they included its black and the very satellite infinix branding a usb type c charging keyboard and on 45 watt power, brick actually theres, nothing much on it.

Im, not sure why they did this young, bigger and, of course, longer box. But im guessing its about leaning towards premiumness and again its their flagship device. Music out of the box last week, guys know, of course, unaccompanied infinix, zero x, pro melon amanda. It feels and looks premium and probably because its design is not like your typical infinix smartphone and even from other brands, its not your typical curved back panel, though its not entirely flat and by the way young unit balance. Right now is what you call nebula black and from its name guys. Also whenever we are tilting the device wherein shamanga glitter is or should we say stars, it also has an infinix branding the onsen again. This is because the main camera is capable to zoom up to 60 times to the point na padi, nating, moon or anything that you guys want to capture in a sobrang. So yes, thats, a triple camera setup led flash and surprisingly guys. Young canyon back panel is actually glass and young canyon sides or the frame is made of plastic, which is why i measure me device sensor and then volume, rocker and the power button below and then headphone some microphone, usb type support and kanyon speaker grill and then On the left, atoyo nating, sim tray in adobe, sim and expandable via macro sd card number, one terabyte, uh notice, a device. Any side mounted fingerprint um sensor. That is because guys ambulance attacking display so expect an industry fingerprint sensor other than that.

I, like the placements of the buttons, although i did notice young canyon volume rockers guys, is a bit loose im, not sure if this is just my unit organi as a passmart, the girl guys, i really consider if the phone is slippery or not, and young device Guys so i always put this on this phone whenever i shoot outside or even Music. Now when it comes to its display. This is the first time guys that an infinix smartphone will be having an amoled display. So manga loyal customers are infinix fans night engine. Lessons probably inhabited infinix smartphone amoled display to be exact, its 6.67 interest, amoled display with 120 hertz of refresh rate and 1080 by 2400 pixels resolution. Even if this is infinix first time again to have an amoled display, i think they really did a good job. Here. Must not appreciate infinix phone mastery to live young canyon, callers and, of course, which makes the device more enjoyable to use. It also has a very small poncho, now talagang and then again for its display button 700 nits of peak brightness, so any type of content, guys viewable name and especially outdoors aside from having a 120 hertz refresh rate on this smartphone, capable then of 240 hertz of Touch sampling rate on phone, something that um gamers should really consider. Speaking of the refresh rate component is settings, options which is again the 120 hertz 60 hertz and then meron denshan, auto switch refresh rate, which is good, and what i like about the skin of the infinix guys is made in something ultra touch, but other infinix smartphones.

As well, you might wan na check it out the hell dito guys better, nothing, it customize or you adjust yunkanyan vertical scrolling sensitivity from swipe speed to motion speed. Now, since the infinix zero x, pro has an amoled display again expect guys number one time always on display audiba, guys, first time again on an infinix device so going to the settings. Selfie sticker time flies or story trip, so always on display makita nathan, young date time battery percentage. But here we wont be seeing kung maina text, but satan or voila or maybe email or any notifications. Now, since nasa usa display display fingerprint sensor, which is my first time to encounter on an infinix smartphone as well, my optional entire guys to change the animation or the unlocking effects now and display fingerprint sensor nathan, which is again its vortex flare or a bang. Its responsive and accurate most of the time you read fingerprint so when it comes to its design and displaying the italia, binigonan infinix zero x pro, but how about its cameras? Music? Actually, no, i do think infinix really did it right since most of the smartphones guys nahabakan konan has the same price segment again: around 13 to 15, 000 pesos lagging macro camera or any type of camera. That is not really that necessary to be specific young infinix. Zero x pro, i made a 108 megapixels wide camera with 8 megapixels ultra wide lens and an 8 megapixels periscope telephoto lens now for the front.

Camera mirror 16 megapixels with dual flashlight solar pattern, but regardless of that, it is indeed extremely refreshing guys for a company to actually try to have a solid camera system. Before i share with you guys, young thoughts about sample photos that the infinix zero x pro took. Let me give you guys a quick camera tour opening the app marathon e i and hdr toggles, and if you guys are wondering kono ai mode, once we enable this, it will try and take the best pictures as possible based on what you guys are looking at Aside from that, what i like about the camera application – guys its young canyon, 108, megapixels, nah mode, very accessible guys to click dont, say about me – smoke no need to go to the more option, but what makes it more special guys is jung software nyong, 0x pro Meranjang in house galileo engine for the moon mode now you are probably wondering guys nasa nyong canyon, more minou. Actually, this can be accessed going its a swipe up. Nathan, young shot, slow motion, pro mode panorama, documents, super macro time lapse and, of course, the moon mode. Again, the infinix zero x series, not just the pro one, you can young 60 times, periscopic moonshot camera and infinix galileo algorithm engine enabled the smartphone guys to max zoom in sha, paramas, makuha, young detail and texturing subject and which is again most of the time. The moon, so when you describe going images taken with its traditional ai mode, the infinix zero x pro indeed performed.

Well young photos not end, look crispy, although attempts balancing so yes, it really is a hit or miss. There is a pro mode demand on the infinix 0x pro Music that i am shooting most of the time 1080p resolution now, when we need to shoot 4k at 30, fps per dimension, ultra steady option other than that when taking videos Music. Now, when it comes to its skin im sure you guys are already familiar, but again it has the infinix xos operating system again, which is based on android 11.. It has some unique features, guys smartphones, then as a great on price segment. Again, when we swipe from the right to the left, meron tayang, parang, side window or small minouna, pedinating, probably im just net picking pairing design, which is again very subjective so, depending on it. Now, when it comes to the chipset being used on this smartphone guys the infinix zero x pro, it is using the mediatek helio g95, with an 8 gig ram and the 128 gig configuration. So when it comes to its pricing, i know it may not be the most powerful device, not the new mobile when it comes to its chipset. But during my testing guys and using the device i never or hardly felt any luck or stuttering, even when switching between applications or even playing games for a little while the phone will definitely heat up guys while playing asphalt 9. But actually that was to be expected.

The man you hit, you guys, was never anything more than just making. You realize that the phone is warmer than normal. It is a capable chipset, but again comedy hardcore gamer car. You might find it a bit lacking in terms of heavy gaming sessions. Now, when it comes to its battery department management, 4 500 milliamp hour of battery capacity, i got around six to seven hours of screen on time. If you are a power user guys, there might be a need now charge nearing infinix zero x pro twice a day. Good news young charging speed number is so you wont be frustrated when it comes to the waiting time, since it can be fully charged from around 90 to 95 minutes long, dialing, 45 watt power, brick or super fast charging Music. Overall, now, when it comes to the specs that the infinix zero x pro, i think it really caters to those people now important on camera and yupaka, and that is the lack of stereo speakers major batteries. I thought to some people to those who loves to bench. Watch and, of course, play this audio quality for its price. I think the guy is a price segment. Thirteen to fifteen thousand pesos infinix zero x pro is indeed a solid option: no custom macaroni fast charging capability, great display and, of course, a very capable set of cameras, actually thats.