Sir gear here on this video um, iphone 13 mini, not included, and my heat temperature gun is not included either there so youve got the f5 controller. We also have the f2 fire sticks. We have the cooling f8 pro slogan, which is there as well, which comes with a little joystick youll, see that on the full video and the little thumb, uh theyre called game, sir talons little thumb, gaming, sleeves so yeah. You can win all this um. If you just go down the description below just subscribe to the channel and follow me on twitter, just let me know youve done it and i will announce the winners next saturday, okay, next saturday, all the information will be in the description below, go and check that Out but in the meantime, please enjoy the game. Sir video thanks, hey guys. Welcome back to the channel today were looking at the game. Sir f8 pro snow gun its a mobile cooling grip. Now you can get this for around about 40 or 30 pounds, depending on where you shop, um, but yeah. This looks really cool in the box, no pun intended by the way there looks really cool yeah in the box. You get some stickers, some leaflets, a really long, 1.5 meter, usb cable to charge the actual grip, and obviously you get the grip itself as well. Now i quickly tried the iphone 13 mini, which fits in nicely and also the iphone 12 pro max have a huge phone they both fit in there absolutely fine.

So this is the mobile grip. I want to take a closer look at it here now we have a type c connector there at the bottom. We also have a little stand here, so it can stand like that. Okay, now, this is the plate. Thats going to get really cold and i think we can peel this off here, its coming. There we go that is off so thats the cooling plate um we have on the inside here. This is rubber material, so thats going to protect your phone top and the bottom youll also see here lets put the 12 pro max in here. Actually, while im doing this thats a huge phone, so you can see you still have access to the bottom there. So if you want to charge your device while while using this thats, absolutely fine now the reason you get a long, cable, long, usbc cable is unfortunately you cant run off battery. It needs to be plugged in at all times. I was slightly disappointed by that, but its like a refrigeration sort of effect, so it needs a lot of power and i cant imagine battery power lasting, very long, so thats why you get a really long type c cable, this im not actually using the type c Cable provided thats still here. Ive already got a really long, cable here anyway, so thats on. You can see the pretty cool rgb leds. Now this should be getting cold, wow yeah.

That feels like a fridge. Now i do have oh dont. Do that because im stopping the airflow, i do have one of these guns. These temperature guns is pointed stuff. Now, if i do this thats saying 6.8, but if i come further away, the reading changes so on every test. Im going to go right up, close, actually touch it and read it from there at the minute im getting 5.7 celsius. 5.8. 5.9. 6. 5.9. Yes, thats going down 5.6 thats really cold, now bear in mind um heres, the iphone 12 mini lets. Go right up to that! This is the sort of area where the phone sort of get hot. It gets hot under the top right hand corner here that meant thats 27.7 and its not doing anything so standard see if this has changed. Ive been on a couple of minutes now: isnt it oh yeah its down to 4.8 celsius. Now its going back up now. Why is it going back up? I suppose it will fluctuate, but that is cold okay. So what im going to do now? Guys is im going to do some gaming ive downloaded a couple of games on here, gentian impact as well, which is a very, very uh, demanding game. So we should get some heat on this phone, but im going to play some games on this uh. Without this being on, i want to let this get back to room temperature again, but i will use the the joystick and stuff you get over there and then ill see how hot the phone gets then ill do some more gaming tests with this actually on lets, See how cool it gets? Okay, so ive just popped this little controllers, little um thumb.

Stick it slots into that little gap there and you can push it up and down obviously fold it down, obviously, depending on what size thickness of your phone and how big your phone is, but well see how this works with the 13 iphone 13 mini. 28.7. 28.8. 28.9, so i thought that is going to get hotter the more i game on it there. I want to see how this thing works, lets jump into a game and see how well this incorporates in because this is a small. It is a small phone, so i want to make sure it doesnt take up too much room on there. If you see what i mean okay, so we have the game set up. We still have access to volume, controls speaker grilles there. So turn the volume up. A bit put that on there, wow thats, really cool im gon na click, thats, just to know how long ive been sort of gaming for uh, really. Obviously this video isnt about um game performance and how i game on this. Just obviously does it stay cool enough. Yeah so remember, obviously, im just using the the cooling grip, just as a grip. No cooling um is on here at all its just standard, yeah im, not too sure about this joystick thing you know, but its totally optional. You can flick it off that way like that lets see lets pop that there a sec. I do want to try these.

These are called game, sir talons as well um, i dont know if ive got a really big thumbs, but they go on your thumb here, which you could use instead of that joystick for better gliding on on the screen. Next next next play again: okay, so im back in youll, see that is really nice. It glides so well on the glass there they were. There were two in the pack that i had, but i have misplaced one. Unfortunately uh yeah, i prefer using this it glides. So much better on the glass, especially if you get sweaty thumbs, ah thats, the end of that. So its been game of about eight minutes and 52 seconds were at 30, 2.8 32.9. Just so lets just do the back of it. Okay, so thats, where you feel most of the heat level, weve got 35.6, its actually not actually too hot really is it now were going to go on to gentian impact okay, so we now on gentian impact, which is a much more demanding game. This comes off easy enough as well. If you want to take that off completely um, so lets see how hot this phone gets uh using this, then okay, so weve had like 20 minutes of gaming combinating between call of duty, and this mainly yeah no cooling or anything lets, have a look. How hot, okay so nearly 40 degrees, so ‘.3 ‘ its gon na start coming down. I suppose, when im not from doing anything on the, so we looked at ‘, okay.

So what im going to do now is obviously continue. Gaming lets just stop there a sec, but lets turn the fan on. So it says when you turn on it within, like the first few seconds, it will be instantly calling the device so see how i get on in terms of audible volume. You can hear a fan there, but its not too loud so thats, good, okay, so im going to continue playing now and um im stuck at this bit now. Actually i dont know what to do and then well see if it gets any cooler should do. Okay, so been gaming for an extra five minutes now, so this cooling device has been on for five minutes, theres a proper cold in it again, no pun intended. So it was about ‘.4 at the first reading, when i took it off, lets quickly flick off there. Okay were down to 31.6 there. It was 31.6 now, obviously its going to go up now, because theres no cooling anymore, just down to 29 there. This is down to 31.6, so thats, like 8 degrees, lower and obviously i cant test the actual internals of this. But on the outside there and that doesnt feel hot anymore. If we get a close reading on this, its been for five minutes lets feel that okay im so blocking the fan as well so its 13.5. So its going to pick up a little bit of heat from the phone, but this has called the phone down around about eight degrees celsius weather with the looks of it.

This is getting back down to the the cold sort of four degrees we saw earlier. So, as far as im concerned, i did around about 25 minutes of gaming 20 minutes without any cooling, you got up to nearly 40 celsius whacked this on for five minutes, five six minutes and it dropped a whopping eight degrees celsius. Obviously, on the outside, it doesnt feel hot again, i cant measure the internal temperature, but there is definitely a cooling uh going on there and for me i think, thats definitely past the test, uh yeah. So if you want to call your smartphone while gaming, this definitely works, it looks really really cool. I love the rgb lights, the shame doesnt run on batteries. Maybe future models might do that, but it needs a lot of power so to keep that cool. That refrigeration effect, it does feel like a fridge. It really does this um sort of thumb. Stick. It was okay for me. I find it a little bit awkward, but its totally optional. You dont, need to use it. Um ill include links to all these. In the description as well, you get little thumb pads this that really helps your thumb glide on the screen games. To also do these uh little triggers and stuff, which i have done – videos on them in the past, and this cool pretty cool contraption as well. If you can see that one, this is called the the falcon falcon f5 mini, you can get a couple of them.

Theyre the same sort of um same sort of process as these sort of triggers really in a sense but ill include links to all these. In the description game, so do do do some really cool uh mobile gaming devices and this a cooling grip works fantastically well, definitely a thumbs up for me. So thank you all very much for watching. Please pop any comments.