You can purchase one of this for less than 100 uk currency and ill be just going through all the features that he has and if its worth purchasing one now, you will also get a micro usb charging cable, a three pin plug here, which is meant to Be a fast charging plug. It comes with a case as well, because if you search this module module up online, you wont really find the case for it, so they provide a silicon see through case it also comes with a tempered screen protector as well. So you get both of them, so youd have to worry about that and it comes with a user guide as well here now. This smartphone is a budget smartphone, so you cant expect too much from it. However, it does have a lot of great features packed into it. To be honest, so the back case does come off and at the back it does have a big battery. And when you open this up, it does take two sim cards and it also takes a micro, sd memory card. Theres a camera at the back here and its just overall, its its just a decent smartphone at the bottom thats, where the speaker is you can see here. So let me just put that back in and switch it on. So i can show you exactly how it looks when its switched on ive skipped the registration bit and i went straight to the main menu okay, so lets switch on and see so this is, this is how it looks when it switches on brand logo now got The volume control on the power button on the right side at the top.

It has a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack and it also has a charging port there at the bottom thats, where the speaker is, he only has one speaker and at the back thats where the rear camera is so. You can see here with a flash now. The screen size of this is 5.5 inch uh its. It has an 18 and 9 aspect ratio and its pocket friendly with the front camera, which is a 2 megapixel front. Camera 5 megapixel rear camera so bear in mind its not dual camera. It just only has one camera and its unlocked to all networks. Oh smartphones, these days are unlocked to all networks anyways. Now it has a built in one gig ram and eight gig internal memory. So thats really bad to be honest. Uh two gig is bad, but one gig is even worse because download one app it will slow down the whole phone, so it should have been at least 2 giga gram, a gig. Would you mostly use up when it comes to updating the software or updating the apps etc? That will take up most of that memory there and you would be left with like two or three gig left, but he also has the micro sd memory card. So you can expand up to 664 gig uh. It does have a built in 2500 mah battery capacity. So that should give you a good usage time of over six hours of usage time and you could.

You should get up to eight hours or around the um usage time, depending on what youre, using this for, if youre using this for gaming or youtube, you would use up the battery a lot quicker. It has android operating system of 8.1 operating system. The weight of this is 155 grams. Now lets go to the settings and lets check it out. So where is it so go everything like any android smartphones would have. I just want to go to the storage, so i can show you now without downloading again. If you havent downloaded anything, it just went straight to the main menu. Nothing has been installed. Nothing has been updated. Its already used up 38 of the storage, so youve got the remaining amount, but 38 is already used up. So thats, not really, you know thats not the best thing. This smartphone it would be ideal for those who dont hardly use any apps, maybe use email or maybe use whatsapp but thats about it. But if you download any extra games thats it you would, it would basically use up the whole memory and it will slow it slow it down the more memory you you use up of the internal memory. It will slow down the phone a lot more now. Youve got a skin location here where you got a face, face lock: youve got a smart, lock, youve got all those other options, pain, pattern, password, etc and lets go back.

Youve got the accessibility languages here, so you got the languages here and like most um android smartphones should have most of the languages built in anyways, for example. These are all the languages here. Let me go back, so these are all the languages you got. It got here so thats, but it covers basically all the languages. Now let me go back now. You got the gestures, a few other um options. You got, you can see here, android 8.1. Now this smartphone its a budget smartphone for the price of around less than 80 pound, uk currency, or just a less than 100 uk currency and the camera quality. For that price i mean there are other smartphones competing within that price, so thats the camera quality thats, because ive got the lighting going thats where you can see it, but otherwise, without the lying, its really bad um. You know i can put on hdr mode slightly improves there, but just overall its not really that good and the video quality is really bad as well, and you need the lighting going otherwise and the without the lighting is really bad. So ive taken one or two folds and just quickly show you how it looks now that thats one of the photos ive taken, you cant, even see anything um on the tv. So yeah i mean hes a budget phone. The camera is not the best. The front camera is not the best, but you still can do.

Video calls and you still can take photos and the speaker that got built in is really bad as well as the treble is really high and the the surround sound system, the bass, nothing is balanced. So it just has a very squeaky um speaker if you put on a loud speaker, but it overall, this smartphone, i wouldnt, really recommend it, because within that price range there are other smartphones, such as keyboard. Um theyve got theres a few other smartphones within that price range keyboard and a few other smartphones within that price ranges that have a better processors, better build quality and they operate much better. The build quality of this is really bad. I mean they made that mo everything is made out of plastic now, even the even the back cover is made out of plastic. It feels very um cheap as well and like the whole phone itself. It is very slow, its slow, but it is a phone for those who are just looking for a basic phone. That does does the calls text. You can check your emails, whatsapp and thats about it, then otherwise, uh i mean there are many other brands that competing with this smartphone. So i wouldnt highly recommend it but its a phone that if you want to go for a go for it, because it is still a budget smartphone and it does the job you got all the basic features that you need good battery life as well.

So thank you for watching my video.