For example, let me put this on and you put it here and then all you have to do is twist at the top now once thats twisted on you can see, it wont, come off or anything now it has the options to modify as well. So, for example, you want to attach a microphone or a video light. Youve got the options to attach all these things. Youve got two options. There youve got another options. There got a lot of options to attach a lot more things and got more options at the bottom as well. So weve got plenty of things to attach. Now the build quality is very good, so its not made out of plastic its made of aluminium and the stabilizer cage is all aluminium with rubber grip. So weve got that perfect, build quality when it comes to the quality of it, and also this can be used vertical or horizontal horizontally. So you can also use the both ways and it has a 360 degree rotation option as well, plus uh. This rig can be mounted onto tripods, like ive mentioned at the bottom. Here, youve got the top as well. If you want to do it put it there, but this is more for the lighting and youve got options here, to pull mics etc, also its basically a economic design. So youve got a good economic design and you can see the quality of it is very good. Its lightweight easy to hold easy to use, and let me just take this out so, for example, if you want to take this out just twist that bottom bit here and youll come on so once it comes off.

This is this is how this looks. Tighten it. The options here to even extend as well make it twist it so when i was talking about horizontal and vertical that the option is there, so you can use a horizontal vertical. So this is brilliant, because youve got so many different options and the spirit level is very useful as well got two of those. So just overall you can see this video rig is brilliant. Highly recommended build quality is amazing and for those who love making videos with their smartphones, this is one of the best video rigs that ive tried out and now honestly, its not only designed for those. You can connect your camcorder, your cameras, etcetera just directly to this and thats it. You can, you know, go the options to mount you onto a tripod at the bottom and youve got that just to go the extra stability while youre using this instead of directly using a camera or a smartphone, etc. So thank you for watching my video.