Sorry, why am i saying s51 uh great earbuds or headphones uh? While is obviously in a great package now they do have a really good quality, sound quality but thats a bit, obviously complex and the subjective subject. So we need to discuss it in detail uh, so im gon na leave it for, for the end of the review. A great package with in a good, sound nice little box opens up like this closes, displays the charging levels so ive been using them for two weeks now, ive used them twice going out and uh a little bit at home still have 71 percent uh of the Charge this is the charge of the whole box, and so it seems like the battery life is quite decent um. The box itself is very actually nice and pleasant. Its not premium doesnt feel premium, but its small enough. Its got a nice shape. It fits in the pocket well and they are easy to take in and out so that that is a very good thing, so i can just uh take them out not the easiest to take out but fairly easy bang theyre in my other, connected already and playing Okay, im gon na stop it also. I can press once and it starts playing and oprahs another one. I missed it, okay and it stops and it stops playing. If i want to play the next song, i double tap this one. If i want to go backwards, i double tap this one uh.

If i hop now, this is interesting. If i hold it, the volume will go up. If i hold this one, the volume will go down, and so this is nice. Now the there are some. A few annoying things about these, but the annoyance factor is fairly low in my uh in my opinion, so i will be using them quite a lot so um. The annoying thing in number one is that uh. When the box opens – and i put it down like it closes, i would like it to stay open, so i can take them in and out otherwise um. I need to hold it, maybe with one hand take out with the other or put back and and then putting back again its not the. I mean its okay, but it does take a bit of getting used to uh how it gets in so thats annoying its kind of number one, its tiny insignificant, really so um its okay. The other thing, if i go press and hold it, and it goes to the top of the volume, the whatever its playing it gets silenced. So it fades out. There is silence and there is a voice saying volume maximum. I think thats a bit excessive. It would be much better if the volume just went down a bit and there was like a big beep beep. That would be enough. I would know maximum volume when it cuts out the sound completely its its bad its wrong.

What, if i mean on a phone call, you know if i do that, and then i can hear important things. You know its not convenient. Basically again minor thing, i dont use that volume control. Very often, i usually use it from my phone and also regarding you know, phone calls. These things i mean earbuds like this. They shouldnt be used for phone calls regularly if youre planning to make regular phone calls get yourself. Those on the cable, where you have microphone next to your mouth, so the other person can hear you well. There are no um connections issues you know and basically thats it, because, if youre the microphones in your uh ear, instead of close to your mouth, you know the person can hear a lot of things, especially if youre in a loud place, uh its its annoying for The other person uh plus you know um just now, just i dont do it and i dont think that anyone should do it other than kind of emergency or or if you walk around someone calls you okay answer it other than that. You know its annoying for people around you and also for for the person on the other end of the line. Um, okay, uh sound quality, no, not yet so volume. Yes, so this thing gets really loud. This is probably the loudest uh earbuds of this type that i have ever had and ive had quite many more than 10 different ones and theyre really really loud, surprisingly much louder even than the inactive one that i like as well and much more expensive.

These are that they were they used to retail, for, like 50 60 quid uh two year two years ago, and these retail for less than 30 pounds, but i think they might go higher once they get good reviews, they will go higher in price. I think, because for uh for 30 quid, we get a lot in a small package. Okay, so what are other good things about this? So sleek box turns in and out usbc obviously is very convenient. The other thing is they connect pretty fast. I remove it. I think the left one is the major one. So when i remove the left, one put it in my ear two three three four seconds later it gets connected actually lets do a test so im removing it. Putting in my ear i hear beep okay, its not saying connected, but its playing yeah, its playing music straight away. So the other thing i can do so. If i put it there again a moment two three seconds and they usually disconnect the music stops playing. So um very good uh connectivity fairly. Okay, i from here i went to kitchen which is kind of there was a few walls in between theres a bathroom and i lost the connection in the kitchen which is kind of okay through so many walls thats expected, but walking in the street. I didnt have any issues and the other thing i i need to praise this, for is how well they sit in the ears, so they are not uncomfortable or already connected uh.

They are not uncomfortable, but they are almost impossible to lose. If i was like you know shaking my head all around, i, i havent been running or doing any exercises, but i can feel these will hold really well in the ears. They will not fall out easily. You would really need to do a lot of trying to get rid of them. You know so uh if you its for sports running thats. These are very, very good. Okay, um sound quality. Shall we get to sound quality? Is there anything else? I i forgot to mention so quick to fairly quick to open and remove them and put back very quick to connect one of the quickest ones ive had which is important. They charge uh well, and i immediately i can see the charging level so thats, uh thats, very good at the box, is a fairly nice design. Not premium buy again for this money. We cannot expect it to be premium. Um, okay, sound quality, so the sound quality is really good. However, the higher frequencies medium range and high frequencies are not great. So if youre listening to classical music, maybe music, where there are a lot of those triangles, you know they they are not very clear and, for example, i listened to a few tunes, including you know, uh the main tune for desperate housewives. I i love the tunis. Is its got brilliant? You know instruments, so these are not very good for this type of music.

You know enoch fire theyre much better. Now inactive. However, they lose in the base department. They are much more expensive, but the base is not great. Unless i use those bigger um, what you call those uh rubber, rubber endings, those rubber cups um whatever as a slightly bigger one, then i can get a slightly, maybe bigger base, but then its not comfortable for my ear, whereas these these have probably one of the Best bases in the earbuds and obviously were talking in this lower price range were not comparing it to something that retails for 200 quid you know. So the base is very strong and a little bit boomy, which i dont like, but its not too boomy its, not overwhelming only on some songs. It becomes too strong. So then i just slightly move them, adjust them a little bit and their bass become. You know more subdued and, and then its okay uh, but the higher frequencies. Unfortunately, i havent found a way to add those higher frequencies that im missing so not for all type of music um. These will be suitable and thats expected any practically. Every headphones types of headphones you buy and will have that problem unless obviously youre buying something expensive. Two three four hundred quid then yeah. They will probably be brilliant in all spectrum of frequencies, but still they will be slightly better here or there you know so. Quality is really good, so i have a friend who who told me it was like here two years ago or so that a year ago, cant remember she said.

Oh, i bought some earbuds for 18 quid and they have quite good sound quality as well, and i said, okay give it to me, and i put them in and i thought blimey. That is rubbish. I mean they sounded just like they sounded okay. There was something playing, but you know for five ten quid more i at that time i could buy something that sounded much much better and these sound uncomparably, better and even better than this. I would prefer to have these rather than these, for sound quality, simply because uh of that that bass, if its too much, i can just adjust them and if its um, if i, if there is a song that requires good bass, they provide more than enough again Its not perfect bass, because these are you know, 30 quid headphones or earbuds, not 200 quid yeah, but its its really good for the money, its absolutely really good uh. So these headphones or earbuds, they get my recommendations, uh. The only thing, as i said, slight annoyance, with a little few, you know with some few things irrelevant really i can live with that and the high end mid range frequencies, theyre kind of so so, but all all in all the kind of the music like i Dont know this popular music pop hip, hop, you know, radio song so to say they sound, really good and uh for classical music. You know high quality music, probably you you should be looking for somewhere else, but everything else.

These are perfect, so absolutely recommended and, as i said, ive tested more than uh 10 of those i dont know 12 15 cant remember, and so i know what im talking about these are one of my favorites. So these are my favorite now and also usually uh. What is it g g4 cant remember. I dont have those musically with me now, those with green hooks or black hooks, uh, theyre, lovely too and uh. Thank you for watching have fun wherever you are by the way i i was giving these for free to review. Just for a disclosure, thank you for using my affiliate links with amazon.