This is my review Music. When youve seen one oneplus phone youve seen them all. There are a ton of things that the note 2 shares with its bigger brothers in the 9 series, in fact its not that easy to tell it apart from a oneplus 9, without really getting into the details. But i think thats a good thing. Despite being almost half the cost of a oneplus 9, the experience is just as premium: the frame is plastic, but thats not really noticeable and thats. Also true for the oneplus 9. By the way, you also have the same curved glass back. That, in this case, comes in a matte gray that i think looks pretty sharp on the side. You, of course, also have oneplus trademark alert, slider and good stereo speakers on the top and bottom something we apparently can take for granted these days as weve seen with the moto edge. The note 2 also inherits a vibration motor that makes the phone feel a lot more premium than the price would suggest its a small thing, but a bad one makes you really contemplate the couple of hundred euros you just spent. There is no wireless charging or certified water resistance, but at this price, thats also not a deal breaker. The screen of the phone is basically the same as last year, its 90 hertz oled and comes in at 1080p at 6.4 inches its a bit smaller than the display of the oneplus 9 because of the slightly thicker chin.

The phones are exactly the same in size. The screen has great colors and feels really smooth. The difference to hertz is definitely a lot more noticeable than the jump up to 120 hertz thats, something you wont really miss. That said, the brightness is noticeably lower than on more high end phones. It was, however, never impossible to see, even if it can get a bit difficult on a really sunny day. Despite the mediatek chip that was probably chosen as a cost saving measure or because qualcomm cant make enough chips, i have no complaints with the performance. This is the 12 256 gigabyte version of the phone, but that should also be true for the 8 gigabyte variant. Oneplus phones are really well optimized and since the skin isnt that heavy, it should also keep feeling fast over time. I wont praise the software too much, though, because oxygen os 11 on the north 2 has me a bit concerned about the future of oneplus android skin. This is the first iteration that is built on top of oppos color os, rather than being its own separate, build, and there are definitely some areas where thats noticeable, while the look is still mostly the same. Some areas like the share sheet or the different arrangement of settings items give you hints that this is different from whats currently running on the oneplus 9 series. The camera app also looks a bit more chinese lets say: i understand that there are efficiencies to be had when not maintaining two different forks of android, but from what ive seen coloros and oxygenos will move even closer together with android 12 and when oneplus moves too Far away from their past strategy, stock android with only features added that are genuinely useful and not a different look for the sake of being different.

That would cannibalize their main selling point in my eyes, its true that most consumers dont care about the software skin. But it would turn oneplus into just another chinese phone brand and i hope they dont go that far. This video is supported by art list and thats pretty amazing, because i actually already used their servers for client projects before they reached out to me. But now i also use it for my own channel. If youre also interested in content creation, then you know how hard it is to find good music that you can also legally use for video artists makes that super easy with straightforward licensing and a curated selection of top notch music tailored for video creators. No more searching and no more being unsure if youre allowed to use the music, and now they also have a new service called artgrid. That does the same for stock footage. If you want to try them out theres a link below, if you use that you get two months free and also support me in the process, the nord 2 has the same main sensor as what the 999 pro use as their ultrawide sensor. The imax 766. That sensor is almost as capable as their main sensor, so the picture quality from the main camera of the nord is actually pretty good. The note 2 does lose out on the special hasselblad tuning, though so the pictures arent quite the same but dynamic range is strong and you can get sharp and well lit pictures out of it, even in mixed lighting, which usually is the most challenging for cameras in Good light, colors look on point with lots of sharpness in daylight.

This is a really good camera, even if its not flagship level in optimal conditions. You also wont notice too much of a difference between the main and the ultrawide sensor, though, that one does overexpose a bit and is significantly less sharp at just 8 megapixels and in less optimal light. It becomes more of a gimmick, as the pictures lose detail and sharpness quite quickly, its definitely not even close to comparable to the 9 series here. The night mode is good for the price, at least on the main camera, with good detail and color retention, but it cant quite get the really dark spots. Selfies look nice and, in my opinion, better than the oneplus 9, which actually has a worse selfie camera theres. Nice bokeh and as long as you turn off all of the default beautification effects, they also look natural video quality at 4k, isnt bad, but its also not on the level of other oneplus phones, where its usually among the best around there is a significant crop and Quite a lot of noise, but focusing is fast and stabilization is great. Overall, this camera wont disappoint you for the price, but its just, not a flagship level camera that said its significantly better than a moto h20, for example, and on a level with an a52. I would say battery life on the north 2 is just fine from my experience. It definitely gets you through a full day with about 4 hours of screen on time, which is ok but nothing groundbreaking.

What is super annoying to me, though, is that the standby battery usage is really high. The phone loses over 10 overnight, for example, and no, i dont have anything else running on the background that i didnt have on other phones that only lost two percent overnight and on the note 2, you also cant really see what is taking your battery because they Removed the graph from the settings menu another one of those color wise annoyances. Fortunately, oneplus did give the note 2, the same 65w charging we already know from their other high end phones. That means that you can get a full charge in under half an hour and charge to almost 20 in just five minutes, thats really useful when youre in a hurry and im glad its here. I think its interesting, though, that they included a different brick with a usb a instead of a usb c port. I really like the note 2 for its price. Most of the experience is the same as what you would get on a 9 series phone smooth display. Great performance premium build fast, fingerprint sensor, 65 watt charging and so on. The only area where you really notice the difference in the camera, which definitely isnt even close to as capable, but compared to similarly priced options like a moto edge, 20 or a52. It doesnt have to hide the battery drain issues and the software quirks that come with the switch to color res are a bit annoying, but they dont change the fact that for 400 euros you cant really get a better overall package.

If a really good camera is everything you care about, then it might also be worth looking at a pixel. But apart from that, this user experience is just really hard to beat for 400 euros. Its just super well rounded, without any serious flaws. In fact, if you dont take a lot of night shots, you probably wont even notice that this phone doesnt cost twice as much, and i think thats already saying enough. Just dont screw up oxygen, os oneplus.