Take it out of the box in the box. They give you, the user manual, the charge cable usb to usbc and a nice bag over here that you can store it in heres the unit itself. So you can see how it would fit in there now, of course, this is folded up im going to unfold it and show you all of the features. Okay, so heres the unit itself were going to go ahead and open that up. Of course, you can leave this at any angle. You want like that ill. Just do it that way, and you have your charge port over here. This will hold your phone youll, see how that is spring loaded as well as whoopsies as well as that there so theyll both go out like that. What you saw there is a lock, okay, it turns and locks in place as such. Okay – and it has a stop at the other end, so thatll lock, right there and thats all set. You have a remote over here, which is a combination remote to control the gimbal, as well as the recording function or picture taking function on your phone. This remote is magnetic and comes out as such and basically its wireless through its own way to the gimbal and connects bluetooth to your phone im, not going to be demonstrating that it hooks up just like any other bluetooth, shutter release thing. This is also rechargeable and has a charge port on it right there, usbc and, like i said its magnetic, so it fits in like that on top of all of that, the handle is also a tripod.

So this opens up, as you see there, but thats not going to sit and its very simple. We just push that up like that and now itll sit and act as a tripod or a stand. Okay, so theres that then that folds up and it extends outwards for use as a selfie stick. So there you go tripod and selfie, stick in one with a gimbal, so thats pretty nice. Now the way this works is. You must unlock this first, otherwise youre going to break it. It just turns thats. It simple power button here well go ahead and turn that on it just does a little reset procedure, and now we can power on the remote. So thats on the flashing means itll have a bluetooth connection. You know its waiting for a bluetooth connection, and now you can press the m button and itll turn 90 degrees or itll turn back. It also has this thing called inception mode where it will make sort of like an intro to a video if you double click that button. It turns at an angle, and then slowly goes back like that to the other angle and then goes back to regular gimbal mode and in regular gimbal mode. Youll, see as i move this that stays in the same plane, because it is a one axis, gimbal stabilizer. So if you extend out as a selfie stick, no matter which way i turn that youll notice that stays nice, how it is there so im gon na go put the phone in here ill record.

Um me just with that inception mode thing, so you can see what itll do and then ill take this outside with the phone on here and show you how it all works, so heres the phone in there and you can see just by pressing the button down On the thing here, i can have it switch between portrait and landscape modes, dont record this way record this way, and now, like i said, im going to set this up and have it record me and ill hit that inception thing. So you can see what that looks like okay, now recording with the phone im going to go ahead and press the button on here for the inception mode well, actually, first ill turn it to portrait and obviously that doesnt do any good right now. But if you started recording that way and now im going to go ahead and do the inception mode Music and then it goes back to portrait but im going to set that back to landscape mode there and there we are all set amazing. Your phone doesnt get dizzy. Doing that lets go take this outside now, so this is what it would look like using the gimbal in sort of a selfie mode. Im gon na go, take a walk down the steps here very stable, no matter where i go or turn it stays, and if i rotate you can see how the phone just swivels on there but still stays in the very same plane it was originally in.

So it definitely does work to stabilize quite well. Let me pan out to the street. There seems to be a lot of traffic for some time this time of day, not really sure you can see, even as i pan around and move the phone stays absolutely steady. Well, have some more cars coming in a minute just so i can show you that one more time very, very steady as you move. This really works a treat thats just so nice how you can just turn it and its all good folds up like that. You need a selfie stick its right. There want to convert back to a tripod, no problem, you just open that up push the thing up, just like that open the legs once again there we are take the remote with you and use that as a bluetooth remote. If you want – or you can just leave it right on there remember both are fully rechargeable with the included cable, all around a home run for a one axis, gimbal stabilizer by quimmic. If youd like to purchase this item ill leave a link in the video description where you can find the unit available for sale on amazon, thanks for watching make sure you click like make sure you click subscribe and take care.