Three, this guy right here now ive been using this with my sim card in it. Since the day it came out – and i like it – its got a lot of power, a lot of performance great for gaming, great for productivity, because in addition to having the big inside screen and the smaller outside screen, we have s. Pen, support now and i have been using it like theres no tomorrow it is fantastic, so there are a lot of things i want to talk about in this video, so lets get into it, but before we get into that, i do want to say if this Is your first time stopping by the channel? Thank you for being here. If you enjoy the video please hit the like, and the subscribe button and little notification bell. If you want updates when new videos come out now lets talk about the z fold, 3. Music. So this phone has it all its got power its got performance, its got price tag. I mean 17.99 thats, a spicy meatball, as i like to say its one of those things where its like its got, some zip, because its really going to make you feel it in your wallet. However, there have been lots of trade in deals and specials and offers, and all that stuff, if youre, paying 17.99 thats rough, and you might still find some value, you might still appreciate it. I would try to trade something if possible.

Now there are a lot of improvements on this phone over the last one. Weve got the ipx8 water resistance. Now got that going for it. I havent dropped it in any lakes or toilets, but rest assured youre good for up to a meter and a half for half an hour if you drop it into some fresh water. There you go also. We have the s pen, and i really want to talk about that, because the s pen, inclusion on this phone has been game changing because i had the first fold i hated it. Didnt have an s pen. I had the second fold i hated didnt have an s pen. Now it does, and i use it all the time. It is largely replaced pretty much anything that i did on my tab, f7 plus, and this right here, its a really good match its something that allows you to carry it around and use it as a phone. But you can also flip it open, get the gigantic screen on the inside and then youve got productivity and all the note features you used to have. Basically, i mean you can get the pro s pen if you want the motion gestures, which i dont particularly care for, but you can get this guy right here for about 50 bucks or you can get the case that has it now. There have been a lot of mixed reviews and feelings about this silicone case with cover and comes with the s pen.

I think its worth it about. I think it was like 80 bucks just because it cost you, like 50, just to get the stylus, so you might as well just pay the extra money and get the one with the slot that holds it because its kind of annoying this phone has cost me Money already because there is no slot to put the s pen in here, so if this is your first time watching a video its not like the note you cant just pop it in the bottom of the phone, i was carrying it around in my pocket right After i got it like two days after i got it, i went to the doctors office and i lost the leather case there. So i lost that maybe another two weeks the s pen itself lasted. I went to the bank had it in my pocket. I went in with an s pen and i came out without an s pen and by time i got home, went back over there. It was gone. It didnt, rip s, pen, youre gone one cool thing about this queso is, you can actually take this portion off. So if you dont want to carry it around and you dont want it on the back its kind of neat, you can take it off, but then its just like it is regularly and then you might lose it. So i kind of recommend keeping it on here, but doing that allows you to place it completely flat and some people value that, because if youve got the s pen on the back of it, it kind of creates this bump.

Whenever you try to place it down, it does kind of prop it up a little bit, though, and give you a little bit of an angle. I dont mind that i actually i leave mine on all the time i dont want to lose it. I dont want to have to buy another s pen again, but the case itself is fine. Youve got three cameras, theyre, essentially the same cameras as we had with the fold two which were fine, theyre, very, very capable, very handy. You got a telephoto. You got a wide angle, you got a primary, you can do whatever you want with it. You can take pretty excellent photos when youve got good light. When you dont have good lighting, though i dont find that theyre the best – and this is with the z flip. This is with the fold two, the fold three theyre, just not the most amazing in low light, so i do want to report on that theyre still good. I mean theyre still really good cameras from last years model, but theyre, not the most amazing, so thats, just something that you do sacrifice a little on. If it were like a thousand or an 800 phone, i would give it more of a pass at 17.99 im a little bit more hyper critical of this. They really should have upgraded the cameras. I know what they were trying to do. They were trying to save money. They didnt want to make it more expensive.

They wanted to lower the cost. So they just rehashed hardware. From last year made it look a little bit different on the back and there you go. You have a 10 megapixel camera, which is more than handy on the front which also works with facial recognition technology. So you can unlock it with your face, but ow works pretty well. Dont really have any problems with it and then youve also got the fingerprint sensor on the side. If i can find it there, while im holding the case there we go so i actually think that its mostly okay, i dont, really have any problems with it. You get used to the placement, it works. Okay, for me its not the greatest in the world. It is pretty fast, so that is nice, but sometimes you might have to press it. Two or three times you never know, sometimes its like first time over over over and it works every time and then sometimes youre like okay. So here guys look you know here. We go its whatever it works consistently enough. I like it better than the under the screen ones. I like that the screen is free and unobstructed from all that stuff. So i like that new things, 120 hertz refresh rate on the front heres something you might not know, though let me get out my handy dandy s, pen get back to where i was the s pen, doesnt work on the front screen and the front screen is Actually, gorilla glass victus, i believe so pretty durable.

It has a film style pet film style, screen protector on here perfectly serviceable, nice and smooth it doesnt pick up. All the nasty smudges and fingerprints like the original two did just wipe it off every once in a while youre pretty good. I made a video about how to clean the screens on this. If you want to check that out also now on the inside thats, where the magic happens, you get this big gigantic screen s pen support its nice and you get the little hover option here where you can hit the little pencil and pops up create. Note view all notes: smart select, screen, write, live messages ar doodle, translate, pin up and you can add shortcuts its pretty fancy. I enjoy it. I use it all the time i make all the thumbnails for my videos on here. So its great, i make my video. I use the phone all day. I download it. I pop it over from my iphone through the google drive and download it sit there and make my thumbnails, and i really like it its really convenient and makes life simple. I dont have to use this gigantic tablet anymore, that ive been using not the biggest fan of these huge tablets kind of like the ipad mini. I really love the ipad mini. I wish they would make a pro model one day. That would make me immensely happy. 12.9 inch 12.4 inch tablets, not really my thing anyway.

So s pen is great thats. The biggest benefit youre going to get here coming over from the fold 2.. If you dont care about the s pen, stick with the fold 2 or buy a fold 2.. Its still a very, very good phone, you dont have the 120 hertz on the front screen, but i dont really think it matters that much now its great having it on here, and i mean it, looks okay, its so small. It doesnt make too much of a difference like im glad that its there, but i dont really think that its worth the front having 120 hertz, if you dont care about the other stuff to pay the extra money to upgrade from the fold to the full two Is perfectly serviceable hold on to it another year, trade it in for the fold four? Whenever that comes out next year now the screen on the inside is glorious. I love the screen on the inside its great for everything. This is nice. Whenever you have time you open it up its perfect for gaming, like i was saying, ive got some emulators and stuff on here. I enjoy that ive been playing pokemon fire on my game, boy, advance, emulator and using the big screen its just. I think ive got it open right now. Bam! Look at that its like having a super crazy, gigantic game boy who doesnt want that. I i think that is cool ive even got a gamecube emulator on here.

So anyway, just food for thought call of duty. Mobile is great on here. Pubg is great on here. You can play any myriad, a number of games on here, and it just looks nice on the screen. You do have to be careful. This is a plastic screen. For all intents and purposes, it is ultra thin. Glass, its like basically super super super super super thin glass. That accent behaves like plastic, except its slightly more durable when compared directly to the other. Now, when you use the s pen, you do have to be careful. You dont want to press on it to mess. It up, but they did make this s pen fold, which is why its important to use this one its actually pressure, sensitive and spring loaded. So if you press too hard it retracts inside of the s pen, so that way, youre not going to damage the screen. That doesnt mean you cant, but it helps prevent that so dont be sitting there and getting mad and jamming it into the screen. Whenever you know your stocks are crashing and robin hood screws you over again and halts trading whenever people are trying to get a leg up on some good stock moves: okay, im bitter but anyway, so s pen is great screens great hdr, 10 plus 1200 nits brightness 120 hertz refresh rate quad hd, plus its beautiful its great its better than last year. The crease is still there. I do feel like the crease is slightly more prominent than it was on the fold too, and maybe its just because of the way they change the screen materials a little bit, but it just feels like its more substantial or maybe i just feel like its more Substantial because im continually using my s pen when i use like swipe and glide typing and all that stuff, one thing that irks me is when im doing it for like swipe typing and stuff.

It will interrupt my typing like when i go through the divot like when you go through the crease. Sometimes it will stop whatever youre doing when youre glide typing, so that irks me its one of those things. People are like oh im, not paying that much money for a screen that has a crease in it, thats how you get folding screens. I dont know what to tell you its just one of those things you have to live with. Do you really notice it very much not really in day to day performance? Does it impact what youre doing not really its just one of those visually displeasing things? You look at the angle, you see it and you know you feel it most. When youre using the s pen, when youre using your finger, i mean it largely glides over it, because you know its not that sharp its not that deep or wide, but you definitely feel it when you go over it with the s pen. So thats, probably my biggest criticism there, battery life ive been using it for a while. Now i mean you can get five hours of screen on time out of it. It should largely last you a day if you use it heavily anything that you use the screen on all the time youre gon na kill it. Could you kill this by five oclock? If you wanted totally, could you make sure it lasts all day if you dont sit there and use the screen open for six hours straight? Yes, you can.

So i think that the battery performance is fine. There was a whole lot of heartache. A whole lot of heartburn a whole lot of going back and forth. Look when you have a screen on the front 5g snapdragon triple eight, and you have this big screen on the inside 120 hertz. Also, all these bells and whistles its going to burn up battery its a performance high performance highest performing android phone – you can get so if you use it all the time youre going to use up the battery. This isnt, like the situation with the z flip 3, where you get like three and a half to four hours of screen on time. This one you can handily get five. I can get six six hours of screen on time. I think, is perfectly fine. In a day before, having to put on the charger im, not gon na lose any sleep over that its a big phone with the big screen. I dont know what type so the phone itself i enjoy it i like using it. I dont want to talk too much about the specs on it. I know ive covered most of them. There are two storage models: 256 and 512 theres, no expandable storage. So, if youre watching this for the first time you dont know you cant put an sd card in it, i wish you could it really is a productivity device starting at 256? I think thats, fine.

I dont really think people are doing a whole lot of video recording and thats. What has me moving up to higher storage on my iphone, i record a lot of video. I record all my videos im recording this video on an iphone 13 pro right now. I need more of the gbs gigabytes. I have a 512 in that just because i record a lot, especially in 4k, at 60 frames per second, you can record it 4k at 60 frames per second on here. If you want to use it for that, you can also other benefits. You get are flex mode, so you can set it up to where you can watch things and have it display on this part of the screen and split it. I dont really find myself doing that a whole lot. It does some neat little tricks, its cool. You have decks now. Dex is important if youre not familiar with it, its the desktop mode that they have. You can use it with wireless decks or you can use it wired where you can plug it in connect it to a monitor and its like turning your phone into a portable computer, really good if youve never used it before its fantastic. If you want to use it, this phone will, let you do it, unlike the z flip, so this phone is really just covers pretty much every base when it comes to productivity, basically its like a note, except its a very gigantic large note, with a folding screen And we got one this year, the note 20 one didnt happen.

Maybe the note 22 will happen next year were looking to see, i think more note features with the s22 whenever we get to january well, see what happens but as far as this phone, i think its worth the money i like it. I enjoy using it. The stylus has really im sorry, i know its an s pen, just i always call them stylus. So go with me. I dont want to see comments that are like. Oh, we keep calling a stylus bro its an s, pen im old school. I just call them styluses stylize whatever, so anyway, we have the s pen, it really is what takes us to the next level. If you enjoyed the fold one of the fold, two youre gon na, enjoy this one. If youve never had one. This is the one to buy because its the latest – and this is the greatest its cool – that it came down – 200 bucks in price – i think thats good 17.99. I hope – maybe next year, im hoping to see like an fe model. Samsung really needs to capitalize. On this theyre doing good with the foldables theyre, really the only one out there i mean, especially in anything that looks like this looking forward to the duo 2 coming out soon, if youre watching this after the duo 2, i was looking forward to it and im Glad that i have it now, but yeah ive had this phone for a month, im, actually sticking with it and thats.

What surprised me the full one and the fold two. I made videos about how theyre really not for me, because i felt like i was kind of limited and not, if not having the s pen made a big difference for me now that it has it its really hard to take my sim card out of this, Because i use it all the time and yeah i give the phone pretty much two thumbs up. There are things i would like to see for the next one, maybe minimize the fold in the middle of the screen that crease is kind of annoying. If we could minimize that that would be great its not the end of the world, but id like to see it, maybe minimize it some. I would like to see better battery life because it is good here, but i think it could be better, especially with as much room we have inside of the same, i would like to see a slot where you can put the s pen inside of the phone And i would like it to come with one. I really feel like theyre kind of screwing people around making you go, spend like 50 60 bucks to get an s pen to use with this just make it come with one. That was a big selling point. Yes, i know you could use the credit, but it should come with one im getting tired of this. Yes, we make it.

Yes, you can kind of get it with the credit, but were not going to give it to you for free im paying enough money. Give me a stinking s pen so id like to see that, and i also want to see better improved cameras. This thing costs entirely too much to have not the best cameras in the world. It should have the best plain and simple: if youre spending 17.99 on a phone, the sucker better, have the best cameras you can possibly get but other than that its pretty complete the fold two from the fold, one huge improvement. They really short up a couple of different areas. Here: got the ipx8 water resistance, youre good to go there, you drop it in the water. You got the 120 hertz on the front screen im happy about that. The s pen, inclusion, yeah, theres, so many things that they did right with this. I like it, i think its a little expensive. I think they could find a way to drop the price id like to see expandable storage. Those couple other things i talked about, and it would be pretty much perfect in my opinion and, if youre looking to get it, i think youre gon na enjoy it. I dont really know anyone. Thats got one and doesnt like it and doesnt enjoy it. Theres i mean theres a few ive, seen on like twitter like ass, not for me, i like to flip more well its an expensive phone for anyone, so this is one of those things where you finance it.

You pay for it outright. Youre, probably stuck with it. For a few years, if you get it, especially not paying cash for it, so thats another downside, but theres not a whole lot like this out in the world. If you like to be on the cutting edge of technology, if you like to have super cool neat gadgetry that is functional and really looks cool and turn some heads out in public, because i guarantee you this will every time i go out in public and im Near anyone i open it up, theyre like oh, my gosh – is that the new folding phone samsungs doing a pretty good job. Getting the word out this time and its fun its neat to have the cool toy. Everybody wants to see your phone when youre out in public, so thats all ive got in this video. I think i covered pretty much everything. I know this is theres theres no b roll in here im not here to sit there and go. Oh look its shiny. You guys know that youve seen the pictures youve seen five million videos im just trying to tell you about my personal experience. How well it works. Is it any good? Is it worth the money and give you a real world kind of perspective? On this phone i mean im like almost 20 minutes here. This has been a long conversation, but i think its deep with value for somebody who wants to learn more about this phone and whether its right for them – and i hope hopefully i covered that for you here – hopefully ive, given you some confidence.

If you want one some reassurance, if you have one and gave you the information you needed so thats, all ive got. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave those down in the comment section ill get back with you.