8 inch screen 5000 mah. Now they claim its a 5g phone claim. They have a big battery. They claim that theres four cameras for 48.0 million hd rear cameras with fast, focusing ai smart algorithm. They claim dual sim dedicated micro sd card slot and they claim theres three colors black blue and green, now supposed to be 6.8 inch: 16 gigs of ram 24 megapixel front 5000, mah 10, core 1440 by 3200 resolution, one terabyte of rom 48 megapixels back android, 10, Fingerprint id right away, we could see the back in the front theres only two cameras theres only two cameras. This is a god damn shame. Let me see if i could switch this up right here. Okay, so were going to be doing a review or i should say, opening the box. It came in the mail. It took a couple weeks several weeks. I should say for this to come. This is what it comes in white box, chinese 16 by one terabyte black m11. Pro hd voice will be available only if your service provider supports hd voice service. Android is a trademark of google link, rear camera self timer function. Android is a trademark of google inc. Now this is the phone, as you can see, i already opened it up. It came or comes with a screen protector headphones with a headphone jack. Headphones are trash, headphones are trash, it also came with uh what comes with the manual, and it also came with um whats.

It called oh yeah, the charger, the brick and a phone case. Cheap everything here is cheap. Now lets open up the back lets see. If i can find oh yeah, this is what it looks like right. I had the sim in. I had the phone going on another phone number. We got the volume control, we got the power, nothing on the side on the bottom. We got the sound as you can see. They take micro, sd theres, the port phone jack up on top. If you look closely theres only one operational camera, this is 120 zoom ai camera. As you can see well fingerprints. These three cameras here are duds. They do not work at all. We see if i could take that out now. You know card battery cameras thats what it looks like Music plastic plastic backing. This phone is straight garbage straight garbage, so you okay, so it hits with the screen. It is slow as hell. The leg is wack. As you can see. I already installed my favorite game chest. They have youtube, go when you play videos, my goodness did i connect the wi fi. I did youtube. Go lets type in uh. Fun. Lets take a look at the resolution. Okay lets go high quality volume Applause; i cant even control the damn resolution. Applause, as you can see you cant even pinch out to zoom out Applause Applause and it is slow as hell man. It is slow.

Look how long its taking for that to load, my goodness its called youtube kids hate when this happens, the sound isnt that bad but youre gon na notice, whenever youre playing videos, all kids hate this when you need to have sunscreen on okay. Look how slow responsive that is being told you are too young. Can i try this roller coaster? No, you are too young. What about that one? No! You are too young. What about this? One lets go here. This is what its offering right lets go to settings. I was using the phone one day at 40 percent. I answered the phone 40 im talking to. Somebody turns right off. Lets go to system about so supposed to be m11 pro android 10 thats. The resolution lets take a look at the camera turn this around very blurry super white contrast its it is a phone. Do not get this phone. Do not get any of these phones that you see, even if its for a burner number like if youre looking for a burner phone dont, get it its, not good youre just going to waste! Well waste credit! I wasted my credit. If you have money youre going to start buying, some phones dont buy these its not worth it its. They lied about everything thats in the description. They lied about the quality. They lied about everything its slow as man like dont.