All of these, each of these three phones was purchased for a little over sixty dollars, so lets say around sixty dollars, maybe sixty to sixty five dollars. These three smartphones, the question here, is: what do you expect? What is there to expect when you purchase a smartphone for around 65 and im gon na talk about that today? Having some experience with all three of these relatively cheap budget friendly smartphones made by the company blue, so what can you expect so im just going to say from my experience? Having used these phones really lets just turn them on for a second one is already on. Two of them will be on in just a second theres me in the background powered by android. If you go on amazon and search for a smartphone, youll notice that its really its not very easy to find a smartphone for around 60 to 65, especially not one that youll expect to be good. So with these blue smartphones, this is a company that not only makes smartphones, but they also make a lot of basic phones, so basically the not smartphones one with a little keypad a little screen. Those kind of candy bar shaped phones and um. I ive had some experience with this company buying some of the non smartphones, the ones those little small phones with the key keypad for around 20, very cheap and, of course, they also sell cheap smartphones, in addition to more expensive smartphones uh for people who are willing To spend a little bit more money for better performance, but here im today, im going to talk about the 60 to 65 dollar range smartphones, so in terms of basic internet browsing, maybe light usage of applications and for calling and texting these are.

In my opinion, these are good and reliable, um theres, really just sorry about that. Theres, really just a few things ive seen where it makes me realize that i just actually did purchase a sixty dollar a smartphone right in terms of wow. This isnt something here that shouldnt be happening, but overall i found that, if youre, if youre, buying these just for maybe some basic applications, some basic internet browsing not necessarily playing lots of games or video streaming and watching videos on the internet, so so basic internet browsing Basic applications and some some calling and texting. I found these to be a good budget friendly option. Not everyone im going to speak for myself. Not everyone will want a smartphone that costs hundreds of hundreds of dollars, maybe more kind of keeping the budget in mind, and this is really where this company does excel. They do offer phones that are really for anyones price point, whether you want a a more expensive phone that has maybe more features better camera, better performance for games, apps internet browsing things like that or just something that really does only what is necessary with a maybe A cheaper, maybe a cheaper plan, or something like that where you have a smartphone but youre, not necessarily paying all that money for performance simply because you dont need it. I mean if, if you really do want a smartphone just for some calling and texting basic apps internet browsing, then this is really not a bad option to consider to go to amazon and to search for a blue, blue smartphone and unlocked phone uh.

That is compatible which, with that with whichever carrier, youre looking for and to just see, whats available and im going to say, im, not going to guarantee that this is going to be reliable. Im not going to guarantee that that youre going to have a good experience with these phones, like i have im just saying that there is an option to not spend hundreds of dollars. If you really dont need anything besides, some internet browsing here and there or some basic applications like the like, if i have an app for my train tickets right here, the mta e tics app for my train ticket. I have this duo app for connecting to my work computer remotely, so i can access my my work right settings things like that, so um, so basically thats it. You just have a device that is a smartphone that has the capability to use the internet, the capability to do texting and calling and some applications install applications with the google play store and without spending lots and lots of money. So im just gon na say really quickly. There are some things that can happen on a cheap smartphone. From my experience and from reading some reviews, where you kind of think to yourself oh thats right, it actually did just buy a 60 phone. Its kind of like you get what you pay for its a little computer in your pocket, so to pay 60 is a great deal but, for example, on the the blue c5l, when i was calling the person in my family who has this phone on a couple Of occasions, i noticed some some artifact in the call, i noticed some kind of not beeping noises but like like ticking noises in the call – and that was maybe something that originated.

I was on my work phone at work. They were they that person was on their smartphone this one and when they were speaking into it, i heard some kind of ticking noises. So maybe that was like, oh something with the hardware, something with the phone, but that was only on a couple of occasions. Not a big deal and with this phone, the blue x10 on occasion um. Sometimes it takes a long time to start it takes maybe 45 seconds just to turn on the phone to get to this. The screen, where you have your applications, 45 seconds, thats a lot and sometimes ill be trying to load an application like even a basic application for my train ticket and its gon na just maybe not load all the way or i dont know if its the application Or its the phone, but sometimes applications might just crash on occasion, maybe its because i install certain updates, but really this is a really cool device. It came with this really cool case that you see right here that covers the the back of the phone, some cool accessories like a cloth for cleaning the screen, actually im, not sure if it came with a cloth, but it did come with this really cool case That you can see right here so uh with the applications being a little bit slow, sometimes internet, browsing being a little bit slow, some kind of some lag here and there just when i press a button when im on the internet or to go to another page Or on an application, just it kind of takes some time.

So really, what im saying is that if youre going to be browsing internet a lot – and you just really want speed and performance and youre going to be using lots of applications, these might not be the phones for you just because i have experience just in this Particular model the blue x10, a little bit of lag kind of slowness in the applications and internet browsing, sometimes so, and of course, taking a long time to turn on the phone which can be annoying. Sometimes, if you just want to access your device right away, turning it on okay, why is it taking so long? So i think ive gone over pretty much everything that you can expect from these phones. Its just dont expect them to be perfect high performance very fast, but you will see that its its budget friendly. So if, if, if somethings wrong with your phone, you can either say: oh well, its okay, i mean its okay thats a little bit slow, its okay. That the application crashed crash – maybe maybe maybe maybe its fine – i mean i found the call quality to be good on all these three budget friendly blue smartphones, and if it breaks you can just you can just say: okay ill buy another one or maybe youll buy A more expensive phone next time so thats the good thing about buying a budget friendly phone. The titles of these phones are going to be in the video youve got the blue c5l, which we bought last year.

We bought all these last year at the end of 2020, the blue, x9 and, of course, the blue x10. I have. I have nothing but good things to say in terms of for the price that i paid. Im happy and theyve been reliable so far, which may be the exception of a little bit of lagging here and there, or maybe someone elses phone like this one. When they were talking to me at work, i heard some kind of ticking noise in the art in the um on the call, but that was only on a couple of occasions, certainly not a recurring thing um, but it really just those little things. That kind of happen here and there its just serves as a reminder to say: oh well, these are actually cheap smartphones, but i found them to be reliable and im very happy that i didnt have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy a smartphone. So, if youre interested in a cheap budget friendly phone for that might be compatible with your carrier, remember, these are unlocked, as i said, can be used with different carriers. Just put the sim card in blue is um ive im happy with my purchases im, not guaranteeing that youll have a good experience with these phones. There are some blue phones that are maybe around forty dollars or maybe even a little bit less than forty dollars and im not going to comment on those im. Only commenting on the sixty to seventy dollar range for these blue smartphones, because if youre gon na buy a forty dollar smart from a thirty five dollar smartphone, you might get into the territory where theres really almost no performance available.

So, im only commenting on really these models that cost between 60 and 70 dollars made by the company blue. So thanks for watching this video, this is just a general overview. Just from my experience using these three phones, what you can expect, when you buy a 60 to 70 blue smartphone, this company bl you, i think, its nice – that you dont have to spend lots of money, hundreds of dollars to buy a smartphone and to have the Option, and certainly these can be found on amazon and other retailers, but certainly on amazon. I think ive just seen a very large selection thanks for watching this video about the 60 to 70 dollar price range for these blue smartphones. From my experience ive just i found them to be reliable and for some basic apps internet browsing calling and texting. I um i quite like these phones and the fact that they are relatively cheap.