This is a very interesting and affordable phone because even though it used one ui core version, but it already supports various good, lock modules. For those of you who dont know what is good luck, good luck is an additional application for samsung phones that can be used to customize, looks and add some new features on samsung phones. So you can change the color and appearance of notification. Panel task changer and the display of pop up folders on the home screen and also the clock display on the lock screen, and there are also many other things that you can change with this new lock module. It becomes quite interesting in this series, because previously the good luck feature is not available on samsung phones at price below 200, with one ui core and the samsung galaxy a03s is the first phone that support good luck at a fairly affordable price. Only around 150 and the cool thing is that all the good luck features that we tried can also run smoothly on this phone in the previous series, even on 300 or 400 smartphones, such as m51 series. Unfortunately, so far, it doesnt support good luck, but hopefully later this good luck feature can support other series that currently dont support. Good luck on the next software update. Hopefully this is a positive signal that can give hope to other services which so far have not been supported with the good luck features, especially for amsterdays at 300 or 400 dollar price range, such as m51 series, so hopefully in the future.

This feature can run in various series with one ui core as well. Then. Besides, it already support good luck, feature the samsung galaxy a03s also carries the design that is quite similar to the previous a02 series. Samsung galaxy a03s design looks attractive for 150 dollar smartphone. It comes with a curved design on the back, and the size is also not too big and not too compact, either its about 164.2 by 75.9 millimeters. The dimensions are almost the same as s21 plus series that i usually use as a daily drivers. The biggest material is made of polycarbonate plastic material with sliced texture. That makes it not slippery and doesnt leave fingerprint mark then, for the screen, even though the screen specification doesnt come with anything special, but in our opinion the display is enough for the price offer at price. Around 150 dollar. We already get a wide screen with a not styled front camera design and a screen to body ratio 81.8 percent. Then the position of the speaker on samsung a03s is at the bottom, with usb type c and 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Then, at the top there is only a microphone hole and on the left there are two nano sim card slots and one micro sd slot. The volume button is on the right side next to the power button, which is integrated directly with the fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor on our phone had some issues at first, but then, after getting the software update, it becomes usable and responsive as usual for the speed of the fingerprint sensor in this smartphone is already fast and accurate for 150 dollar phone for performance.

This 150 dollar front is pretty standard with 12 millimeter mediatek helio p35 processor four sensors available, considering this is a 150 dollar phone. So, of course there are many sensors that are not available on a03s series, in addition to temperature and pressure sensors, which are not available. The magnetic gyroscope and orientation sensors are also not available in the series, but uniquely the light sensor is already available right here. The entity score on this device is only around 100 2687, but for standard use. It is already good enough for everyday usage, however, for playing heavy games. We cannot expect much from these 150 dollar phones like this. When we try playing pubg games on this phone, the graphic settings can only be set at smooth medium or maximum only at balance menu. The gameplay is not smooth and too much frame draw. It is very difficult to play fast and competitive on this phone. However, maybe for some people it is already good enough to just play games for fun and not too competitive with friends, or maybe you can also play other games that are not too heavy because of course you can get and expect too much on this. 150 dollar. Phones like this in the box, when purchasing, we get a sim card, ejector manual book type, a to type c cable and the charger adapter, which is still 7.5 watts only for charging the samsung a03 s1. It actually supports maximum of 15 watts fast charging.

Even though, in the box we only get a 7.5 watt charger only for the connectivity. This phone comes with bluetooth, 5.0 version and 4g connection for the ui or software on this phone. It is on ui core 3.1 version with android 11.. There are many features that are already available on this phone like there is dolby atmos feature. There is also a google discover feature on the home screen and it also comes with each panel and its lighting features, and it also support full screen, gesture and one hand operation plus. So you can already use full screen gesture and swipe from the edge of the screen on this smartphone. You can also use the fingerprint sensor to open the notification panel from the power button for the rear camera. It used the camera with a resolution of 13 megapixel with f 2.2. Then there is also a macro and depth sensor wrench each with resolution of 2 megapixel with f 2.4 for video recording on this rear camera. You can record with maximum resolution 1080p. 30 frames per. Second, the front camera comes with 5 megapixel resolution camera with f 2.2 and video recording on the front. Camera can also be maximum at 1080p. 30 frames per second resolution for camera features other than photo and video mods. There are also portrait mode they could pick. Then there are also pro panorama: food macro and hyperlapse here are some simple photos of the samsung galaxy a03s.

So, to conclude, the advantage of this phone are the price which is very affordable. Then the back design also looks attractive and doesnt really look like 150 dollar smartphone. Then this phone also already used usb type c, and the sim card 3 also support dual nano sim and micro sd card dedicated lady battery is also large for 150 dollar phone. It comes with 5 000 milliamp hour battery capacity, and also the coolest feature is that it already supports good lock, even though this phone comes at 150 only and still use one ui core version. This is a cool and quite rare thing that we find in the samsung galaxy a0 3s series, and the drawback in the samsung galaxy 803s series is that the screen resolution is not yet full hd and not amoled and still using one ui core version. However, even though it used one ui core, this phone already supports good lock. So maybe this is not become a drawback anymore and from all the features, the advantages and the disadvantages of the samsung galaxy a03s is still font still recommended for you to have. The answer is yes, because this phone is very easy to recommend at 150 price range. Moreover, this phone also comes with features that were previously available in a0 to series, and in this series it also comes with an additional feature that is quite important, which is the fingerprint sensor feature besides. This phone also supports good luck, which is a pretty cool feature at a fairly affordable price, only 150 dollar.

This is very cool and special thing on this phone and we have never found it in other series with one ui core at 150 dollar. Before for those of you who are interested in the samsung galaxy 803s, there are several color choices that you can choose. There are blue black and white color options for the available variant. There is only 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs internal memory variant and the price is around 150 only, and maybe you can also get it even cheaper on your favorite ecommerce, even though when we check the different is also quite thin with the official price. In this series, if you like this kind of video dont forget to like and also subscribe, so youll be notified when there is a new video from this channel. If you have a new question or comment, you can also just type it in the comment section down below, or you can also ask in our telegram group or you can directly dm us on our instagram account at entertainment.