Let me zoom out here because it is a bigger box. Thats right, i have myself the nintendo switch oled right here were going to unbox it im going to get a couple of setup items done and give a couple of thoughts as to why. I think this is a worthy upgrade. Even if you happen to have the other switches like i do Music, Music yeah, you know i had to go for the white one, especially since its gon na pop a little bit better on camera and its gon na be more recognizable. After all, the color is the first thing youre going to notice on this switch uh before you get to the actual unit itself and its in the unit that you have this large seven inch oled screen so lets get into it as soon as we can lets Pop it the way that im holding it right now, i already have a fingerprint on the screen. Im already messing this unboxing up, but the reason why i had to hesitate a little bit is because im noticing the kickstand on the back now clearly um theres a lot of content out there already. I have followed all of the news regarding the switch outlet, so i know theres a new kickstand but actually experiencing it firsthand well its kind of nice. Actually, i got ta figure out the right spot to be able to take it out, because those speaker grilles are right there on the bottom.

So let me just got ta kinda use a fingernail there, but take a look at that. This is definitely a much better kickstand than there was on the original switch. Its gon na be very good for just like playing a game on a tabletop. If you dont, have your dock or if you dont, have it connected to a television just having this seven inch screen kind of like a typical tablet. Uh is going to be quite nice to have okay. At least i got that at least somewhat cleaned up lets. Go ahead and get these joy cons snapped right in satisfying click, and you know what one of the other things that might be good about this new kickstand is that its going to help with the grip of the switch itself take a look at this, bring out The kickstand a little bit and you actually have a place to rest. Your lets say four fingers in this case. Uh that way, you can actually have a bit of a more comfortable grip without having to buy an actual grip. This is something that i might actually do more often than not documentation down here and then lets look through here and we have the new dock as well. With some significant upgrades, the white colorway is really attractive. This is a nice looking dock. Definitely something that i would be more than happy to have on my desk uh as a way of just switching over to it.

When i want to just play and uh, you know, switch off from work so to speak. Oh and the whole cover comes off. Okay, ac adapter, hdmi out and now an ethernet port, so the internet connections are going to be a little bit better. You dont have to rely on wireless all the damn time, not the cleanest, unboxing ever but thats, because i want to get right to the switch immediately and start playing some games. I was lucky to find this one. If you saw my tic talk about how i actually found one at a target, i was pretty happy that i called around spent most of the day calling around to find this thing, and you know it just seems like this switch. The switch oled has just a more cohesive design language to it, especially with this kick stand. Thats on the back. That definitely is going to be much better than the original. You even have these nintendo logos here on the back. I dont know if i really noticed it on the previous editions, but because this is the white version of the nintendo switch im noticing these little details, even just from that intro sequence. I am loving this screen already. An oled screen is something that we usually look for in our tech, whether its smartphones or televisions, or anything like that, and now we have that kind of choice for the nintendo switch in the switch oled im gon na get more into that a little bit later.

But now that were getting into the setup, let me get through this a little bit get a couple of games on here and ill, give some thoughts as to why i think this is still a worthy upgrade, its funny that this whole thing comes up. Its asking me to connect to a tv and play on a larger screen. Im gon na go ahead and say later. After all, the nintendo switch oled uh because of this seven inch, oled screen its probably going to be super fun to play handheld and it seems, like nintendo, was still leaning into that side of their game consoles. The more portable aspect of it sure you can get it uh connected to a larger tv and enjoy it that way, but i mean this, this is kind of hard to pass up see. This is way more comfortable because the screen is larger, theres, less bezels its just a nice experience already using this more like a tablet and then just having controllers on the side. Of course, ill, probably put my pro controller on here or other controllers that are compatible with the switch now im already really enjoying this screen. You can already see on camera that its just this very vivid oled display thats. What oled displays bring to various forms of tech were gon na jump right into just metroid red um. I actually have never played a metroid game like not fully. I barely even touched like super metroid ive been trying to play recently, but yeah metroid dread.

Obviously one of those games that will really benefit from the 7 inch oled display all right. So while metroid dread is downloading. I do need to talk a little bit about this kind of weird ecosystem that nintendo has for their various consoles, obviously for the switch. So this is my switch light here that i have had um for quite some time now and as you can tell with the case that i have on it, i have been decking this thing out. It is my travel game console something i really enjoy using, while on the go now heres the weird thing about this whole setup. You saw a second ago that i uh set up a nintendo account on the switch oled, which basically means its meant to be a secondary device. I did say im still going to use the original console. So basically, what its telling me is that i can download down anything that i want, but an internet connection is going to be needed in order to access a lot of the same content. Meanwhile, the switch light that i have in my hands right here is still going to be able to play everything locally via either the game cards, obviously, but also the sd card thats in here so im. Basically, setting up this switch oled to be somewhat fresh, like a little bit too fresh, even and im going to have to have an internet connection, because its going to do some sort of like copyright or dcma check in the background uh.

While everything else has to be done on the switch light as the main console, i hope i explained that right. It is a weird thing and its something i had to contend with with the original switch. When i had the switch light as my secondary console, which means it had to have an internet connection to access content, which was really weird, especially when i found myself on like a plane – and i realized i cant – get connected to the internet there. So i was kind of stuck with the game card that was in here at the time. It was final, fantasy, 10 and final fantasy, 10. 2.. So it might seem like a weird thing: im still going to decide whether or not i want to have this. Be my main console or im going to make the switch oled my main console im, not too sure yet i mean. Maybe there are going to be some nice cases that come out for this and im going to just sort of take the uh. Take the slight discomfort of using a larger console when im going out and about because honestly, the switch light. This is still such a wonderful, portable machine. So youve heard that i have the switch light and the original switch. Why would i get to the switch oled? Well, its kind of the same reason why we have so many different choices for various forms of tech. We have right now, especially when it comes to smartphones.

If you ask me, the switch being such a portable and on the go type of device actually strikes me as a bit of a smartphone ecosystem. You have the smaller version of the switch. You have the original version, which has the base level specifications and is a good purchase that you can still get, or you can just pay a little bit more and get a larger screen. That is also an oled device. Does that not sound familiar to you thats? Pretty much what a smartphone line tends to provide and nintendo is just kind of piecemealing all of these things to its users and the reason why i wanted to give those kinds of thoughts in this video is because i saw a lot of people online sort of Kvetching over whether or not the switch oled is a worthy upgrade. I know that a lot of those people want to have like 4k on the switch or they want to have higher resolution higher refresh rate. All of these, like higher end specifications that, in all honesty, nintendo doesnt actually prioritize more as much as the other manufacturers. I mean, if you think about it, televisions have the same general nuance right: there are people out there. If you pay attention that understand. Oled is definitely a little bit more uh desirable because it has a much better contrast. Ratio is a little bit more power saving compared to typical lcd panels, so yeah thats, something that i feel like the switch is just kind of channeling at the moment as well.

This metroid dread that im downloading right now is going to look great on this oled screen. But as ive heard from a few reviewers, it looks a little bit weird when upscaled to lets say a 4k tv see all of the games that are on switch dont. Even support 4k, yet so why would we need to have the specifications needed for 4k in the first place? Give us a better screen, a better viewing and playing experience due to the display, i feel like were getting a bit of a good upgrade. Of course, if your priority is absolutely going to be those performance spec bumps, then this is not the console that youre waiting for, but i would say, try out this display because, honestly, it has been a joy already in my first game play with it and it Makes me want to make the switch oled might only switch console, even though the light is a little bit better for portability. Did you get a switch oled? Let me know what your experience has been so far and if youre not going to get one, let me know why, in the comments down below from there, though, im going to go ahead and call it on this, one drop some likes on this video before you Go and remember to subscribe to my channel with all of that said, i will say thank you so much for watching. Please take care of yourselves and each other and enjoy your tea.