com, the premier state 4 smart watch packs new san reviews. Okay, we are on another video review for this meteor smartwatch. Okay, this is our third video review for this wearable from zblaze we have here is the z, blaze, meteor smartwatch, so this time were going to install the support up for z, blaze, meteor, okay, so lets check it out, lets the user manual. So we have here on the bottom part of our user manual. Okay, lets put it back: okay for the user manual. We have here the qr code; okay, the support app for device link; okay, app download link; okay, open the download app for the connection settings. Keep the mobile phone bluetooth on for android users so scan the qr code here, okay, so whats the support app. Okay, let me check so theres no details here. I guess were going to find it out when we try to scan the support up. Okay, android system here so lets check here. If you happen to lost your user manual, i think we have here the qr code. Okay, so we have here, the qr code were going to scan it with our phone. So lets try again if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch. Please drop the comment below and we will answer well try to answer your queries. Okay, so lets try. So we have here the qr code, so it is opening here, uc wireless, so the support app is qwatch pro okay, so go to website.

And then, while we are waiting for the app okay, so lets have a closer look again to this beautiful wearable from zblaze meteor or from zeblaze. Okay, we have here the pc body slightly curved display here, as you can see, a very lightweight unibody design, with a very good waterproof rating – okay, ip68. Okay, so so we have here the support app its ready open. You watch pro okay. I guess this is our first time to encounter this app or to use this app. Q watch pro is a companion app for smart watches. It contains functions such as step, counting heart rate, sleep exercise and so on. We have here so lets, try to check okay, so october 9. 2021. The last update released on march 26 2021. So this is a pretty new app, as you can see here this year last march and based on the downloads here, its only one thousand plus downloads. So lets see pretty new app thats why we havent encountered it okay, before its really a new app okay, so lets install and try to check whether this support app is good or not. Okay, so far we have a mixed reviews here. Okay, so lets see. If we can install this smoothly in our android smartwatch, okay, so tap on, install complete account up. Okay, the viewer account will be installing apps on google play okay, so okay, well im waiting for the download okay, so lets check on the menus of this variable.

Okay, so so we have here, the watch face a okay, the step, counter automatic step counter with the distance calories and okay steps. Of course, we have the heart rate, not wearing so its automatic detection. Okay lets check, so it is monitoring. Checking the heart rate. Lets see if it can provide good results so 74., okay, say sports, rolling machine okay. So we have a lot of sports function here: okay from walking running hiking. What else cycling go back? Okay, spinning uh rope, skipping kayaking, elliptical machine, okay table tennis. Okay lets go back; we also have the weather. It will get the update advance. We connected it with our support, app, okay, the message function: the option to read the messages in the smartwatch. What else? Okay lets wait: uh lets check seems like were having game issue with a concert up here. I guess we are having okay so skip. Okay again still, pending lets wait. Okay, again, the support app is new and it is 18.99 megabytes here, okay, so its installing now. Well see lets have a closer look and then, if you happen to lost the qr code here or the user manual, we have here the available qr code in the smartwatch. Okay, i think its here on the settings also. Okay, lets check here: the qr code. Okay, app download link okay, so we have successfully downloaded the support app, so tap on open lets, see. Of course it will ask for some permissions here so permissions when you use the phone reminder message: minor, functional device.

The application needs to obtain the relevant permission through phone and text messages. Okay, lets activate first, the gps after this, as well as the bluetooth just confirm. Okay, so allow q q watch pro to access photos, media and files on your device. Allow okay, so thats it. Okay lets activate the bluetooth here: okay, hey, we already activated the gps here as well as the blue. Please allow the application to start from the background. Please lock the application, so it is providing a warning here or in the notifications and instruction. So this is where so, this one okay. So this is the settings for your smart watch how about this one for the watch face? This is pro for the profile. Okay, so lets add the device here. Okay, see it on the bottom part. So this is our dashboard. Go here on the bottom part, then add so allow keywatch pro to access this device location allow. So it is searching for the device – okay, okay, its already it has already located our smartwatch here, the meteor 7cb. So let me lets make it sure that its the exact meteor smart watch – okay, okay, so just move the oil here: okay, okay, so a system, so it is the same 7 cbe, 7c 7cb. So again lets go back system here. Okay, you see the bottom part here that is the exact smartwatch okay tap on it. It is trying to connect, and its already connected is that it well very fast connection.

Okay, im impressed with it. Okay, fast connection of the q watch pro app. Okay, so lets see, as you can see here, the time adjusted. Okay, message, notifications lets turn it on. I know notification access, okay, so lets go search for the keywatch pro turn it on. So qwatch pro will be able to read all the notification notifications, including personal information such as contact names and a text message regular receipt so allow okay lets go back okay, so we have here, so it supports sms, allow and different social apps, as you can see Here: messenger facebook, kakao talk line skype, twitter, wow its a lot of support, app support for the different social apps; okay, so were done with it. So again, smart reminder so lets try to find a device. Okay, it is working press. Ok, so it works unit system, metric time format, whats more here, reboot device device on screen time lets, adjust it to a much longer time here, but okay, so the longest is 10 seconds confirm, go back message: notifications on microminder on okay detection. What else okay lets go here to the watch face, so we have here the dial market. You have a lot of watch face option. Okay, so were going to check it on to check on this feature. We also have a custom watch space on our next video. So this is a war ui for the health function. We also have the heart rate.

Sleep blood oxygen here, so lets check. If it can measure here, lets activate here. Okay, is it possible okay? So it is detecting. Okay, as you can see here, so it works. Okay manually activated in the support app okay, the detection on so you can make it dynamic here or 24 7 monitoring, better format. You also have here take pictures and call alert. Okay, so just allow the permissions okay, so thats it for your smartwatch. The z blaze meet your smartwatch okay, so if you want to know this, the proper way to set it up, okay, to install the support, app just check this video okay check all check. Also, the links below for additional info about the zblaze meet your smartwatch, or you can check also the our other videos for this wearable unboxing and checking all the menus again. This is smartwatch You bring your site forward.