So my betterment balecktayos a mid range device on samsung and probably this will be their last samsung mid range device trend to be launched for this year 2021.. Before we fully unbox the a52 s5g, i did notice guys nah lately, no la lona, the past few months. Smartphone industry really is moving fast, jungs smartphone update cycle really is getting shorter, probably the hell for the availability and price. I was able to buy this smartphone salazada. It has two variants, which is 128 gig and 256 gig and meronshang available colors its your usual a series color, which is black, mint, green and, of course, young canelo, purple or lavender, and i was able to buy it for 22 990 pesos again for the gig Variant when it comes to its packaging, theres, really not much to say since pares, no perez, no magneto guys from the previous acd smartphones, by the way, caller black balance, which is also very similar to the a52 and even from the a72 anyway. This is already expected, since they are from the same e series. Family next, of course, is our samsung power, brick, a usb type c keyboard and actually thats, pretty or even, of course, an earphones anyway. Dongle is not really that important, since melon parana magnet on 3.5 millimeter audio jack, thankfully design wise, it is still made of polycarbonate plastic, but still it looks very premium guys, matte and frosty feel again. Meron, thailand, bad interpretation when it comes to smartphones with polycarbonate plastic material, very cheap buying gun and, of course, that plastic feel.

But when a polycarbonate plastic is done right, like the case heres, a samsung, galaxy, e52, s5g or a72 and a525 gina regular, it is surprisingly luxurious and unfinished is on smartphone guys scratches fingerprints or kite nonbangas, unlike young glossy smartphones, counterparty or weight distribution guys and its Not too heavy for a mid range device up to 191.99 189 grams anyway, when it comes to its buttons, walang bag, guys volume, rocker and the power button is on the right. The sim 3 is on top now dual sim and expandable, via micro sd card maritime secondary microphone on top as well and below headphone jack on microphone. Usb type support, atom, canyon, speaker grill. Now, when it comes to its display, to be honest guys, it will be very short. Dont expect that much here since its the same from the previous a52 5g 4g version, it has 6.5 inches of super amoled, full hd plus display with up to 800 nits of peak brightness and a 120 hertz of refresh rate support. So yeah. If you already have the samsung galaxy a52 5g with you guys well, even its touch sampling rate quality wise describe, probably one of the best displays ive, seen sakanyang price segment with punchy and vibrant colors, and you wanted to earth three frustrated guys. It really makes the entire smartphone feel smooth and snappy so mary. What makes the a52s5g unique actually its the performance, the samsung galaxy a52 s5gi powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 7785g chipset adreno, 642l gpu.

So yes, ibasha compared the onset chipset from the regular samsung galaxy. A52. 4G and even the 5g version, but to be honest, samsung, galaxy, a525s, young, competing smartphones, qualcomm, snapdragon, 870 or actually smartphone at this price. Point number qualcomm, snapdragon 888, but then again were talking about this device and young performance very capable when it comes to handling almost anything guys. I did not experience any lag or slow down or even stuttering, so when it comes to its overall performance smoothness, although somehow gamers not enjoying its, not offering 360 hertz of touch sampling rate, which is, i think, should be a norm. The tosahnian price point yes atom. Samsung galaxy a52 s5g only has 240 hertz of touch sampling rate. Now what about its audio quality? Actually, oh, no man guys since the samsung galaxy a52 s5g has stereo speakers. Sorry guys studio speakers smartphone to be honest, although on the other hand the volume levels. Okay. Now another reason that makes the samsung galaxy e52 s5g a great device guys or a great choice. Aka young price segment is young ip67 dust and water resistance. I think no other device is offering this kind of feature sega price point now what makes the ip67 rating different from the ip68 actually guys, almost as good as the ip68 im different slang, i, on 4 500 milliamp hour of battery capacity and, of course, a 25 Watt fast charging capability, but do take note young charging, brick nakasama suboxone is only 15 watt.

So yes, if youre looking for a smartphone guys now again very fast when it comes to that minimum smartphone stack, f3 gt, now, 67 watt of charging speed and you analysis the same price segment yeah. So it took me one hour and 55 minutes by going fully charged a52s 5g, so struggled charging tests, 64 megapixels primary sensor, 1 megapixels ultra wide sensor with the 2 megapixel sensors for depth and the macro lens before we talk about in sample photosnation taken by the Samsung galaxy a 52s 5g continued features, camera application single shot. We can also use the night mode on the ultra wide camera and even on the two times zoom with slow motion tile pro mode. Even a motion photo and yes guys. We can create custom filters as well camera specs 850 to s5g, guys to be honest as compared to the samsung galaxy a525g again, 5g. The photos are very samsung guys. This means guys named aggressive toning and saturation is also a bit boosted. Now, when it comes to the photos of the samsung galaxy a52s 5g, i think its more on the subjective part. There are people, because i guess who are into toned down and oversaturated photos. Now it comes to the software young bloatware in the mirror tile from the e52 s5g is actually mild. I appreciate guys now quality lanyon amount of, of course, applications pre installed from the smartphone itself, but what i really like about this young promise, the samsung guys nah.

Three operating system upgrades and four year, security updates satanic is a samsung galaxy, a52 s5g as compared to once again competitors, a52 phones, naming the split fingerprint sensor and, of course, the face unlock for its biometrics and surprisingly, details a525s. But if you are in the hunt for a smartphone priced at 21 to 23 000 pesos edition, i cant blame you guys at some parts, but again it is always important to have a good balance between price and features and, of course, vice versa. Long term software updates a52 s5g samsung promised that again a great phone, but i dont really suggest it to people the nakabili nano e52, a52, 5g and even the a72 thats.