As i reviewed recently, the capabilities of the tools in our pocket are becoming so powerful that were having to rethink how we leverage these tools and, as that happens, were going to need a new array of resources to leverage that capability and thats. What im talking about today, particularly the geometrical pocket tripod pro and basically, what were talking about, is a tripod for your smartphone that will fit in your wallet, and i believe this has a lot of potential. I know virtually nothing about it and so im ready to unbox it and see if it will meet my need and if it looks like it, has the potential to help others in this growing area of doing videography and cinematography, with the tool that youre carrying around With you in your pocket every day, are you ready lets get started now? Let me show you some of the other products that ive been using to do cinematography videography with my iphone. The first is the joby gorillapod ive been using this now for a couple of years, and i really like it. I find it useful because its very adaptable, you can wrap these legs around posts and trees and tabletops and whatever to give you a stable shot, and i really like it. You can get a smartphone adapter here that attaches to it, so ive been using that for a while, and i really like it its one of those products that ive got ta have and if im doing a shoot or shooting some video even for a family event, Ill easily pack, this away in my suitcase or bag or backpack, and im able to capture some footage in a very adaptable platform.

One of the problems is: this is how big it is, and i cant carry this around with me most of the time, and so i want something that has a lot more availability here is a cheap amazon product that is a selfie stick that can extend and Has a tripod on it. I had high hopes for this, but after using it for a while, i just decided that i dont have to have this. Its not lived up to my expectations. Manfrotto does make one that i do like its kind of a plain, jane solution and then ive gotten just a generic smartphone adapter that ive added to it, and that comes in handy in certain situations. But it doesnt have the flexibility that the joby gorillapod does. But you can see that its a bit smaller than the gorillapod Music ive also got this metal unit. That has a lot of flexibility because you can mount it to a tripod head or you can set it on a flat surface and you have a lot of flexibility. You can tighten these hex screws here, so you have as much tension as you want, and it gives quite a bit of flexibility like particularly if im doing it, some shooting, where i need to position the phone just at a certain tilt angle. At a certain vantage point, it gives me the ability to create a wide variety of angles and to maintain those in a very stable manner, and so thats come in handy.

If you guys have an interest in any of these and want me to do a review. Let me know in the comments section below and finally, ive got this unit here. This is a zion gimbal and ive added onto it, a beast grip, tripod and all together. This gives me a lot of flexibility. It gives me the stability of a gimbal so that i can shoot on the move and provide very stable footage. The tripod here works great ive, looked at a variety of tripods to go on the bottom of this, and beastgrip has just an exceptional tripod that i really like, and if you want me to do a review of that also, let me know so. This provides a lot of flexibility because i can both use the gimbal feature of it, but there are times that im shooting a gimbal, and then i want to be able to set it on the floor, ground a table or whatever. And then this rig gives me that ability and when im holding it, this can act as a second grip, and so it gives me a lot of flexibility theres. A lot of these on the market ive been using these for many years and im really pleased with this solution. So if you are interested in any of those, let me know ill be glad to do reviews of them. One of the challenges is the portability of each of these solutions is fairly limited compared to what im looking at here today.

This pocket tripod pro, and my hope is that this will actually fit in my wallet and for those of you who havent seen. I did a review recently of the dango products, m1 maverick wallet, and i have been carrying this now for over a week, and i have to say i absolutely love this wallet. I had concerns that it might be too stiff. It might be uncomfortable to wear something that has an aluminum frame, but it hasnt been a problem at all. I havent even noticed this in my pocket, and so this started me thinking what if i could fit a tripod that would hold my smartphone fit it in my wallet so that i had it with me everywhere i go, and so that led me to this product Here and im excited to give it a try. Are you ready? So i really dont know much about this product. I found it on social media. Being advertised here is a geometrical fit card that helps. You determine the thickness of your smartphone to determine. Evidently, it comes with a series of adapters so that you can fit whichever adapter onto this unit. That fits your phone and case so ill have to experiment and see if mine does fit, and it looks like this opens here and here and looks like this. Is the actual unit itself see if i can get it out here wow? This is surprisingly light Music and i probably should read the instructions but im a guy, so out of principle im not going to do that.

I am thinking from the looks of it that there are pivot points here, Music and a pivot point here. I think the way this works is this way, and then this folds up here – and so the idea here is that put this here, so you can see it so this can sit on a surface and these appear to rotate. So i guess i need to use this gauge to determine the thickness and based on that Music. I think i need a 12 Music or possibly a 12.5 12 to 12.5. Okay, they just twist right out there we go im going to put the 12 and a half 12.5 centimeters in here like so now. I have to say this is plastic and when i saw it advertised it looked like it might be metal, and so i was hoping for metal because it would provide better durability, longevity, but its possible that this is going to meet my needs. Just fine. I mean, after all, it simply needs to be able to hold the weight of the phone in a stable manner. So so the basic idea here is that this should be able to hold the phone in place at any angle. That is needed to be able to capture video um in general. My first impressions are that it takes a bit of work to get these adjusted im guessing that they may wear in with time. The tolerances are really tight, and so i would expect it to pretty fluidly be able to adjust, but thats, not what im experiencing its a little tougher than i would have thought so in theory.

I could set this up on a table and to be able to shoot video or photos in front of it. My initial impressions are that its workable. I think it has good potential. The packaging is good. The fact that youve got multiple adapters comes in handy. If you upgrade your phone or upgrade your case, you have multiple adapters to be able to fit it onto whatever phone and case you have now. This product is early to market. I see a lot of innovation in this. The ability to fit a tool like this in your wallet to take up the size of a couple of credit cards is very innovative, and i love it when someone is thinking ahead of the game and looking at ways to solve problems that maybe the industry hasnt. Even fully realized exists, yet the rigidity of this swivel mechanism here theyve designed us to very tight tolerances and as such, its it doesnt glide smoothly, and i would love to see that happen. I see this as an area where they can improve on. I havent seen anybody else thats trying to fulfill this need and, as such, i think its a very workable solution. Im certainly going to be carrying it with me, putting it to work, seeing what i can do with it. What it might open up to me in terms of creative artistic capabilities that i didnt have without a tool like this, and i suspect, well be seeing an emergence of other products like this on the market.

That will maybe learn some lessons from them and make improvements on it. I even hope that geometrical uh make some improvements over this in their next iteration. I would love to see more smooth, glide ability, if, if you will in this mechanism right here, so i can more easily change the tilt angle, but other than that. I really feel like. This has a lot of potential to meet an emerging need, and i think well begin to see more products like this, where people are realizing. I have such a powerful tool in my pocket that i need other resources to help me leverage that so a tripod is one of those needs. I think you know we could see some microphones. We could see some lighting options that could fit in your pocket. Im excited about the emergence of a new category of resources that are cinematography tools that can fit in your pocket and leverage the capability of our smartphones. I dont know if you know about it, but we have a website at and there we post all of our videos plus additional articles with more information. So, if youre interested in discovering follow ups about this check, the website, because, as i post reviews ill periodically go back and do updates on new discoveries, upsides downsides that i see new thoughts that ive had on the product id love to engage you in the comments Section below, if you have questions about this thoughts, you know of other products that can fulfill the same need id love to find those out and do some comparisons if there are any so share your thoughts, your questions, your comments and ill interact with those, and if I have any updates ill try to share those in the comment section below too hey thanks very much for watching.